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Finishing up

Back down and leaving BC

24 May - BC packing

A day of resting and packing, and a cake and mild celebrations, everyone was still tired. Apparently there was a bit of a party in Kathmandu to make up for our mild BC effort.

David Cole with the summit cake

David Cole holds the Mount Everest summit cake (Anslem and Gina behind) - Jamie

A slice of success

Jamie's slice of success - Jamie

25 May - team leaves BC

Raphael and Gina left separately with Mindu; Anselm, David and Andy with Namgyal left in an even more leisurely fashion.

Parting group

Raphael and Gina (and James) had already left BC - Jamie by self-timer

L-R: Nawang Geden, Tarke, Sarki, Tawa, David, Jangbu, Anselm, Nima Tenzi, Pasang Gyelu, Chewang (front), Pasang Gombu, Sonam, Jamie, Andy, Namgyal, Dawa and Lhakpa

Raphael Gernez

Raphael, the beard almost hiding a smile - Jamie

27 May - Jamie leaves BC

Marty and Giannina are staying on, Marty wants to try a speed ascent.

Previously Tim, with Marty, could not quite reach South Col, but at least Tim had a real expedition experience. He headed down the next day.

I headed to Lobuche and then over the Cho La to Gokyo, the long way back to Lukla.

Thanks everyone!

Marty and team

Marty Schmidt with Tim and Giannina shared our BC - how did they get on?

5 June - Marty back in Kathmandu

See the Our team result page for how Marty got on.

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