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C3 on summit push

Here are photos of of C3 and to the South Col

climbing the Yellow Band

C3 to South Col: climbing the Yellow Band, using the fixed ropes,
part of Everest on the left, and Lhotse on the right - Jamie

18-19 May - to C3 and at C3

We climbed to C3 and spent a day there acclimatizing. The reason for the day there was we had not slept there previously, and at 7150m, it was lower than our initial planning, at an altitude where it is easy and normal to sleep without additional oxygen, at least on other mountains.

Approaching C3

Climbing up to C3 with the could drifting in and out - Jamie

Hanging in C3

James, David and Anselm snoring in C3 - Jamie

20 May - to South Col

The climb from C3, 7150m, to South Col, 7900m, is significant, over some relatively steep terrain, but with dual sets of ropes fixed, and old ropes, making the climbing significantly easier. I was horrified by the long lines of climbers though, an indication that many more groups than initially said, were aiming for a 21 May summit.

Resting on the Geneva Spur

Andy and Dave rest on the Geneva Spur. The ledge we are on is wider than it looks, and it looks steeper than it is,
although you certainly don't want to slip - Jamie

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