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R&R and punishment

We relocate to Dingboche and back

See also David Cole's updates, link on the left.

4-5-6 May - Dingboche

Some of the team headed down to catch some slightly thicker air. A couple of nights down lower really seems to make a difference, but too long a time down there can leave you feeling like you need to reacclimatize. Hence our two night affair down there. James, preferring rest, stayed up here.

This time definitely made a difference to Gina's cough and her over-exerted breathing muscles. She is feeling much better.

7 May - Jamie's apology

There was a flurry of mail (we don't have email except in Dingboche and Namche, remember) saying that even our Namche and Dingboche updates were out of date... Well, I have to blame Microsoft, and a bit of software called Microsoft Expressions Web that had me fooled into thinking it was updating everything. The issue is fixed, but I still have to bear with this (legal and paid for!) piece of junk code until the end of the expedition. Apologies in advance for further hiccups.

7 May - team to C1

With James professing keenness to go to Camp 1 for a night and then Camp 2, somehow the thought of suffering infected the others, with the result that David, James, Anselm, Andy and Raphael are at C1. James, Anselm and David put in good times, Andy and Raphael were slower but still OK, perhaps some training still needed - or better snacking, there are many possible causes and it is my job to work on them.

And why am I not supporting the team up there? I do have the slightly lame excuse of being messed around by the rescue on my time off. Today has been a bit of a catch up day, and also plenty of networking, an increasingly important part of climbing Everest. Also I do know that even if I sit around for days at a time, something not normally recommended, I can pull it out and perform.

Also I do have a secret weapon, two if you look carefully:

Dermatone espresso

The latest from Dermatone - Jamie

Namgyal Sherpa, Explore Himalaya

Namgyal, taken during the Puja - Jamie

7 May - BC

While heading down was a nice quick break, returning, I realized I missed our sherpa team, and was struck at just what a good team we have. They had mostly taken a break too, but here straight back into it leveling tent spots, which involves plenty of moving rocks, and just generally looking after camp. Gina's tent spot is now absolutely flat, to help her back, what thoughtfulness. And my tent was so tidy, I wasn't sure it was mine. And the camaraderie, they joke and kid around but show respect for everyone, and are just easy-going and pleasant to be around. Never a word in anger, and always polite.

The best backup for a climbing team.

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