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First dispatch - Kathmandu

Our climbers arrived on different flights, different days, and so we didn't all meet together in Kathmandu.

Jamie in Kathmandu

Arriving back in Kathmandu after an inspirational trip to the USA and Canada, I packed and sorted over several weeks but no matter how hard I try, I only seem the manage 95% of my expedition packing before everyone arrives, so always a late last night before we leave. I love the social energy of Kathmandu, the concerts, and just meeting friends at New Orleans, but landing in Lukla, the stress just melts away.

The climbers arrive

James O'Leary (Irish) arrived first, with Pat, his father, and they trekked in the Everest region for some acclimatization. At this stage we didn't know if we could climb from Tibet. It was only when James and Pat reached Namche that it was clear we were climbing from the south side. So James stayed in Namche while Pat trekked down to Lukla with Karma. Karma was going to be a climbing sherpa on the north side but is now out of work, with our team size being smaller.

Next, David Cole arrived and immediately headed up to the Everest region for some extra acclimatization, hanging out with the sherpas in Lukla for a couple of nights then up to Namche where he met James in the delightful Moonlight Lodge.

Gineth arrived with a few days in hand, used sorting out communications and then flew to Lukla with Da'Ongchu, again collecting in the Moonlight.

Anselm Murphy, another good Irish name, and Andy Falgate arrived, sorted the last minute shopping and then flew into Lukla with Jamie.

Raphael was the last to arrive, unable to get a flight in earlier, so Namgyal waited back in Kathmandu and they flew out a day later than Jamie and co, to catch them up in Namche.

We will meet the team and sherpas more fully in a later dispatch.

Baudha, or the Bodhanath Stupa - photo by Gineth Soto

A noisy peace on the streets - Gineth Soto

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