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Currently we are scattered, our sherpas are scattered, our baggage is scattered but everything is coming together!

8 Apr - Andy writes

Hello and welcome to the Project Himalaya 2008 Everest Expedition. We are a small but perfectly formed team that has become somewhat strung out along the trail due to the change of plans caused by shenanigans on the North side, but plans are coming together which will see us successful on the south side.

Today saw Jamie, Anselm and myself fly into Lukla (after a very early breakfast) and trek to Phakding from where I (Andy) am writing this. Of the other team members, James O'Leary has been trekking in the region for some time, and he and David Cole are waiting for us in Namche with Gineth Soto, whilst Raphael will fly into Lukla tomorrow and catch up with us in a day or so.

It has certainly been good to get out into the calm of the hills after the chaos of Kathmandu, and after a second breakfast in Lukla we stepped out onto the trail amongst heavily laden porters, yaks and other trekking groups.

Leaving Lukla there was a police checkpoint ahead (unseen by myself and Anselm), but it was a nice day and the scenery was spectacular, so Jamie confidently ushered us around the back of this so we didn’t have to curtail our enjoyment by indulging ourselves in too many Nepali formalities.

This is a popular region for trekking and the quality of sustenance and accommodation available to western groups is excellent. That being the case, and this being the first day, we duly stopped for a break after an hour and a half. It really being too early for lunch, we confined ourselves to a packet of biscuits and a cup of tea, before setting out again.

A short time later we arrived at our lodging, just in time for lunch. There have been a number of rash promises made so far by the expedition members (such as not drinking beer or milk coffee), and these have been met with mixed success – not too sharp for day one but maybe we will get better!

So a successful first day, off to Namche tomorrow. Time for dinner...

- Jamie

Dzopkio (yak-Tibetan bull cross-breed) on a busy trail - Jamie

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