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To Base Camp

We trek from Dingboche to BC over several days.

Above Andy treks back to Dingboche with Island Peak in the background - Jamie.

15 Apr - day hike

Andy, Raphael, Anselm and myself trekked over the ridge to Pheriche for a little exercise.

MAndy Falgate

Andy at the stupa above Dingboche - the region is ever spectacular - Jamie

lodge cooking

The team cook our lunch in Pheriche - Jamie

16 Apr - To Thuklha and to Chukhung

Some of the team took the normal route to Thuklha and then the next day to Lobuche, Raphael, Anselm and Jamie instead trekked up to Chukhung so that we could take the adventurous way over to Lobuche

17 April - Over the Kongma La 5535m

What a beautiful, clear morning for our pass crossing. Enjoy the pictures below, we certainly enjoyed the pass crossing.

Anselm admires the Khumbu view

Anselm head up the first part of the Kongma La - Jamie using a partial fisheye effect

Raphael on the Kongma La

Raphael dares the rock and Anselm is nearly there - the panorama from the Kongma La - Jamie

Lobuche lodges 

The roofs of the Lobuche lodges are lower center, stunningly set with Lobuche peak above and the moraine-covered Khumbu Glacier below - Jamie

18 April - separating

Andy and Anselm moved up to Gorak Shep, 5150m, while Raphael and Gina felt better staying at Lobuche another night. Since town was rather full, Jamie slept outside for some peace in a valley near by.

Jamie McGuinness

Jamie in front of Nuptse (not Everest!) - by a Japanese photographer with Jamie's camera

19 Apr - all at BC

Finally we are all at BC, the team together. we have found our strays, James and David, who arrived a couple of days earlier. The brutal games of "Last Card" begin, with David "no mercy" Cole being judge and jury, but not always winner.

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