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To C1 - ladders!

We get (partially) spanked on our first acclimatization trip.
(the "partially" was negotiated by the team)

See also David Cole's updates, link on the left.

23 April - camp 1

Suffice to say that every team member found the first time thru the icefall tough, and took around 8-9 hours. The sherpas, with a load take around 3 hours!

To be fair though all of us are battling either the Khumbu cough (no infection, just gunk production) or a real chest infection, and these definitely slowed us down.

David Cole: I didn't expect the icefall to be so steep - while looking at it from Pumori ABC.

Raphael: do the radios work from down a crevasse?

Anselm: the walk to camp 1 was the hardest thing I have done in my life...

James he lost his voice, so no comment

Jamie: the last part is is only a little up and down.

The only person to fall off a ladder was Jangbu, when a ladder moved on him, and luckily he caught the safety rope with the crook of his arm. Next time he will clip into each safety rope!

climbing the long ladder in the icefall

Five ladders tied together, and someone abseiling down beside.
Normally you climb only on one ladder but getting off this one was easier with a foot on each - Jamie

the ladders have a distinct curve to them

The ladders have rather more curve from here, and have a nice bounce too - Jamie

Typical icefall

Nearer the top it is a bit more up and down, tough when you are tired (spanked) - Jamie

icicles and a crevasse

Everything points down - Jamie

Another ladder tied together

Jamie crossing another ladder with a long drop, two safety clips on, although only holding one; camera in the other hand - Jamie

A deeper, uglier crevasse

Black at the bottom means deep! The ladders really are just tied together with three rungs overlap - Jamie

Andy and raphael at Camp 1 on Everest

Andy in the tent and Raphael doing the dishes outside, at C1 ~6000m - Jamie

Ron drinks a bullet at C1

Ron from Colorado and another expedition drinks the last of Phil Crampon's secret to speed - Jamie

1 May - BC

We are all back in BC recovering, some taking drugs, others other cures. Some of us will head to Dingboche (4400m) or similar to recharge. (And this is where this dispatch was posted from.)

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