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David's pix

Random mountain shots

David Cole

A masked David Cole and James ascending the ice fall for the first time, around half way thru their marathon 9 hour ascent
Pumori in the background - David Cole

Tawa crosses the changing ladder

Tawa crossing late April; compare the length of the ladder with below - David Cole

The tricky ladder

Crossing the same crevasse early May, and now four shaky ladders long - David Cole
(Andy says it is a bowel-cleaning length)

David's twin ladders shot

These ladders are a bottle-neck, no abseil down - David Cole

David climbs that ladder

David's happy ending above the ladders - David Cole

James cooking at C1

James minding the pot at C1 - David Cole

Clinbing the Lhotse Face to C3

The two dots are James and Anselm starting out on the Lhotse Face - David Cole

Our C2 dining

Enjoying our "new" dining tent at C2, and it is the sherpa sleeping tent too
L-R: James, Pasang Gyelu, Raphael, Tarke, Andy (hidden), Mindu and Anselm, and a mountain in the windows - David Cole

Our C2 kitchen

The C2 kitchen has developed with a little sherpa rock lifting;
We are having breakfast before heading back to BC (pancakes on the stove)
Andy looking his usual cheery self early in the morning
L-R: Soman Chiri, Namgyal, Jamie, Andy and David - Pasang Gombu

Compare this shot with the C2 kitchen shot when Tawa was moving rocks, the last photo on the page.

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