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Our Puja

We show respect for the mountain

20 Apr - full moon puja

The moon rises behind the ice fall, first lighting up Pumori then eventually BC. Luckily our ceremony was during the day, not the night. As usual Dawa officiated and Jangbu from another camp also read with Dawa and all the sherpas worked together to make it fun.


Jangbu, perhaps thinking about the prayer flags, Nima Tenzi behind - Jamie

Jangbu, Nima Dendi's brother

Jangbu (yes, same name as above) who helped read the texts. He first trekked with me to Mera Peak in 1998. Now he has climbed Everest three times and his brother, Nima Dendi, also on that trekking peak trip, is the Peak Freaks sirdar - Jamie

putting the flag pole up

Pasang Gombu further secures the chotar (prayer flag pole) - Jamie

throwing tsampa at our Everest puja

Throwing tsampa in the air at the end of our puja (the ice fall in the background) - Jamie

2008 Project himalaya Everest team photo

Our team L-R: Serke (cook, BC manager), Sonam (new kitchen crew) Dawa (sirdar), Jangbu, Pasang Gombu, Kami, Da'Ongchhu, Tawa (C2 cook), Jamie, Raphael, Nima Tenzi, Andy, Gina, Anselm, James

And on the other side of the chotar: Nawang Geden, David, Pasang Gyelu, Mindu, Tarke, Mingma Lhakpa (kitchen) and Chewang Palden, missing Namgyal

Photo by Gombu with Jamie's camera on a tripod

Gina doesn't like whiskey

Gina loves whiskey! This was part of the ceremony, note Mindu waiting to pour again in her glasses - Jamie

Sherap Jangbu

From Khumjung, Sherap is sirdar for a Danish team of two attempting a Seven Summits speed record, so the sherpa team is ahead preparing everything for them. Unfortunately they failed on Denali early in the season, so they arrived in Kathmandu earlier than originally planned, and are getting fit trekking in from Jiri. They will arrive in BC soon.

Sherap has climbed ten (or 11?) of the 14x 8000m mountains and sometimes works for Explore Himalaya, I have met him in the mountains many times, one time we made radio contact from high on Shishapangma to Sherap on Manaslu using hand-held radios.

Sherap Jangbu

Sherap Jangbu drinks three caps of whiskey, looked on by Jangbu, Namgyal with the camera and Mindu pouring - Jamie

Serke and Sherap Jangbu

Serke with puja offerings, Sherap Jangbu enjoying them - Jamie

kitchen crew

Nawang Geden, Nima Tenzi, Mingma Lhakpa and Sonam prepare lunch after the puja - Jamie
Serke is cook and base camp manager as usual, and has now started baking fresh bread and superb apple pie.

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