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To C2

The spanking continues at C2

See also David Cole's updates, link on the left.

26 April - Raphael to C2

Raphael was feeling good and moved up to C2.

27 April - camp 2

David, Andy and myself climbed up for C1 to C2. They moved so slowly I was worried they were moving backwards! But they did make it up.

We joined Raphael, Anselm and Gina up there, James was the only one missing and he has climbed to C1 prior, had returned to BC and then climbed up to C1 again, almost halving his first time.

Andy crosses a large crevasse

Andy showing good technique in crossing a ladder alone, by pulling the hand rail lines tight - Jamie

Andy and Dave with Everest in the background

Andy and Dave half way between C1 and C2 with Everest, still more than 2500m above, behind - Jamie

Jamie steps across a small but deep crevasse

Jamie stepping across a small crevasse that doesn't have a rope across it (beware in low visibility conditions!) - Jamie

Andy en route to C2 on Everest

Andy resting (again!) on the way to C2 - Jamie

Altitude Junkies C2 dining-kitchen tent

The Altitude Junkies patched kitchen and dining tent at C2 - Jamie
The tent didn't get machine-gunned, honest! And Phil has a tent in better condition in BC, he wants to assure everyone!

Day trip above C2

Dave obliges on our climb above C2 (not on the route, but to the side where we are allowed).
Everest is to the left, Lhotse in the centre - Jamie

Nima, Soman and Chewang at C2 on Everest

Ron from Colorado and another expedition drinks the last of Phil Crampon's secret to speed - Jamie

Tawa adds rocks to the kitchen tent

Tawa, our C2 cook, adds rocks to the kitchen tent - Jamie

5 May - BC

My story below caused some controversy, so I have changed it to remove details after the people involved apologized.

Many of our team did head to Dingboche for some R&R. Jamie did too but got caught up in a rescue (not from our team) and didn't get much rest. It was a sherpa who on a couple of rest days drank too much, alcoholic poisoning leading to some sort of organ failure. He was carried on a ladder with minimal foam padding by sherpas from at least three teams, and smartly too; they would have beaten a normal trekker down. The next morning he was flown to Kathmandu.

Now all the team are back at BC waiting for the BC farce to end, hopefully the Chinese will summit soon!

Posted from Dingboche.

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