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BC rest

We are all back in BC to rest prior to our summit push.

10 May - James and Anselm to BC

I (Jamie) took a quick trip up to C1 just to get in a little extra acclimatization so the team didn't feel left out. I felt so good that I continued to C2 and slept the night there. James and Anselm, after quite a few nights up high, returned to BC.

Up at C2 everyone seemed to be feeling good, and the sherpas had just established our Camp 3 at 7150?m. Pasang Gombu helped with the rope fixing to C3 and we have provided rope to C4, and will provide oxygen for the summit fixing. There are many teams so we have definitely put in our share.

11 May - Andy, Raphael and David to BC

The morning felt like yet another perfect summit day, but there is still some rope fixing to do. Raphael has a bit of a cough, very similar to what a few of us had earlier in the expedition so I suggested he head down, rather than coughing himself more by going higher. So Andy, David, Raphael and myself returned to BC.

Gina is going to touch Camp 3 today then tomorrow return to BC. The sherpas are having a rest in preparation for the very tough carry to South Col. That is a climb from 6400m to 7900m with loads, and of course they don't use oxygen, and back. They need to make two climbs up there and then we have South Col stocked with tents, oxygen and gas and stoves.

Photos from Anselm

Anslem likes Coke

Anslem, cola connoisseur, seems to have an addiction up here,
as many of us do who swear they never drink the stuff otherwise - Anslem

James in the icefall

James in the icefall - Anselm Murphy

Namgyal above C1

Namgyal above Camp 1 - Anselm Murphy

Everest-Lhotse with the rainbow

There were several ice rainbows around the sun, and this outer one was striking, from here en route to C2 and from BC
- Anselm Murphy

**Note that both Inmarsat's and Thuraya's satellite service are experiencing problems. When their service works, it works, when it doesn't, they don't care.**

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