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Comms and BC

Quotable quotes and other silliness.

Communicating with us

We have random email (ie when Inmarsat decides to give us service) at BC with the address everest-at-project-himalaya.com - replace the -at- with @...

Jamie is on his usual email - and thanks for all the support!

When on the mountain you can send us free text messages (ie SMS) thru Thuraya's website https://sms.thuraya.com and input the number 21273393. Although it says no more than 160 characters, send no more than 120. You can send multiple messages. Jamie carries the phone, mostly.

The full telephone number is 0088 216 2127 3393, but be aware that calling a satellite phone is normally VERY expensive, $5-13 per minute.

11 May - BC Y-fronts discussion

Our educational Cosmopolitan magazine (thanks, Altitude Junkies and the NASA girls) mentioned Y-fronts and a number of people (well, Raphael and Giannina) admitted to not knowing what they were. Unfortunately only one of our team, Anselm, admitted to wearing a pair, but wasn't game enough to give us a Y demonstration.

12 May - This weather

Today was meant to be a big day, the sherpas at C2 were going to carry to South Col. The emphasis is on big, a climb from 6400m to 7900m and back, but at 2am it was gusty, foggy and blowing lots of snow, not suitable conditions for crossing the Lhotse Face.

Neither were conditions any good at BC, where Dawa and Tawa woke up at 2am for a load carry to C2. They bailed.

The rest of us were under no such conditions and Jamie's rousing at 9am was not appreciated. Except that the Spanish omelet really was rather nice (and authentic - thanks, Sarki!). We discussed the latest conditions and have made plans, we will stay low for at least a few days. Raphael headed to Dingboche for a couple of nights to clear a cough and possible sinus infection; he didn't descend the last time most of us did.

Everest BC veg sales

The veg salesman also has whiskey stashed under these greens in the black plastic bags - David Cole

Nima and the fresh veg

What sort of herbs are these? Or is it grass for yaks? Nima Tenzi and Tawa with the hero haircut - David Cole

13 May - caught out

The forecasts were bad for today, yet the day dawned perfectly and many sherpas carried loads to C3 and to South Col, getting in a last load carry before the weather potentially turns.

As insurance Namgyal and Mindu stayed at C2 and so were able to get a load carry in, but it would have been really nice to get 8 loads to South Col rather than a few loads to C3. Now we have to gamble with the weather. It is looking rather uncertain, so as usual it will be an "interesting" and probably a late season for us...

We are all back at BC and will probably head down valley for a day or two. We are not heading up on the mountain for at least 4-5 days. So don't worry!

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