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C2 on summit push

We are on our summit push

**some new photos**

16 May - to C2

We climbed thru the icefall, hopefully for the last time up. James, Anselm and Dave left very early, but still got hammered by the sun between C1 and C2, as did Gina with Da'Oangchu.

Myself and Andy left as it got light. Poor Andy, we had just sat down for a quick rest three-quarters of the way up to C1 and a Japanese group caught us up. The leader mentioned that the woman with them was 69 years old. Andy was mortified at the thought of me writing he was passed by a 69 year old woman so we set off and managed to pass them when they stopped for a rest. We don't know for sure if she beat us (Well, Andy) up to C2...

Andy in the icefall

Andy crosses a short ladder between C1 and C2 - Jamie

17 May - C2

We are relaxing at C2, it is such a pleasant climate outside, even though it is a little cloudy. Our multiple weather forecasts are also more positive for our summit attempt, which is gratifying. The Japanese lady headed down this morning, so Andy doesn't have her to worry about. We give him some stick, but he really is part of the team, and gives as good as he gets.

The sherpas left C2 for South Col at around 2am and the first arrived around 7am! Jangbu was back to C2 well before lunch, and carried 4 oxygen up, not a light load. That is 6400m to 7900m and back. Think about that!

So the sherpa team has made two load carries to South Col, and now we have all the oxygen and tents, gas and stoves in place ready. Everything looking good.

Our sherpa team are in great condition and even with Namgyal being assigned to fix ropes from South Col to the South Summit on the 20th, we still have an excess of climbing sherpas ready for the summit.

But there was some bad news today. Raphael was climbing up to C1 and aggravated an old knee injury and so returned to BC. He wont be able to summit with us, but we are hoping he might be able to come up later. Lets see.

Jamie writing a dispatch at C2

Jamie writes a dispatch in the kitchen at C2, and will check the weather one last time;
Nima Dendi also works for Explore Himalaya and is sirdar for Tim Rippel's Peak Freaks expedition - James

Dawa at C2

Dawa isn't cold - talking with BC - Jamie

 And lastly, thanks for all the text messages - keep them coming!

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