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Our team result

Here is a recap on our team

The summit team

On 21 May Anselm Murphy, David Cole and Andrew Falgate summitted, together with Jamie McGuinness, Chewang Palden, Jangbu and Pasang Gombu. Namgyal summitted the day prior, while rope fixing.

David Cole

David Cole - self-portrait

Anselm Murphy

Anselm Murphy - Jamie

James O'Leary

Laid back, James really fitted with the team of boys. It is a shame that he reached his limit a little way above camp 3, not being comfortable with - or without - oxygen, or more specifically, the oxygen mask.

James O'Leary

James O'Leary - Jamie

Raphael Gernez

Our French-American, and when it came to food was every bit as complicated as that sounds! Although the ever increasing altitude slowed him, he made it to South Col and then to just above, to ~8000m, a happy result.

Namgyal and Raphael

Namgyal and Raphael - Jamie

Gineth Soto

Although gutsy, Gina tore her breathing muscles early in the expedition and developed a persistent cough, as is common here. Even after shaking her chronic back pain, she could not get over her cough and so made it only to just below camp 3.

Gina Soto 

Gina Soto - Jamie

Andy (Andrew) Falgate

Andy Falgate summitted - Jamie

2008 Project himalaya Everest team photo

Our team L-R: Serke (cook, BC manager), Sonam (new kitchen crew) Dawa (sirdar), Jangbu, Pasang Gombu, Kami, Da'Ongchhu, Tawa (C2 cook), Jamie, Raphael, Nima Tenzi, Andy, Gina, Anselm, James

And on the other side of the chotar: Nawang Geden, David, Pasang Gyelu, Mindu, Tarke, Mingma Lhakpa (kitchen) and Chewang Palden, missing Namgyal

Photo by Gombu with Jamie's camera on a tripod

The expedition

A big thanks to everyone who joined, above. Thanks also for the people who didn't join, but who wanted to book the north side. The south side has additional challenges and I feel most of you made the right decision. See you next year!

Also a huge thanks to the sherpa team, all the loads carried, the meals cooked, and the care taken. The camaraderie. What a team.

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