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Iņaki - Annapurna

(We are still on Everest - here is the next dispatch)

Our 2006 Shishapangma BC companion dies on Annapurna

"Better to live one day as a tiger than one hundred years as a sheep." - Inaki

24 May - bad news

We had just summited Everest (2008...) but the real news was the dramatic events on Annapurna, Inaki stranded high on Annapurna, the valiant rescue attempts and then finally his death. Very sad.

In 2006 he shared our Shishapangma base camp, and was an entertaining and excellent travel and expedition companion.

Then at the end of the expedition after we and all other expeditions failed on the mountain due to bad snow conditions, he risked a new route on Shishapangma and climbed to the true summit, an amazing feat of mountaineering in extremely windy conditions. He pushed himself to the absolute limit, you can see this written on his face below. I guess on Annapurna he pushed himself to the limit again.

Iņaki says goodbye to Shishapangma - Jamie

We are sorry to say goodbye to you.


photo by Corinne Keller 

Search MountEverest.net for a moving obituary.

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