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Despite everything we descend safely.

21 May - getting down

Everest gets down safely, no injuries. More details on the following page.

Hillary step

Andy looking down the Hillary Step - Jamie

Everest South Summit

Looking to the South Summit of Everest, Lhotse and Chamalang (?) in the background - Jamie

Hillary step ropes

Many ropes on the Hillary Step - Jamie

22 May - South Col down

We start clearing South Col of one tent and our used oxygen bottles. Raphael is coming up today for his summit attempt.

Pasang Gombu assists Peak Freaks

Pasang Gombu leads the way in the rescue of Sultan of the Peak freaks team - Jamie

24 May - BC

We are all back safe in BC - no more ice fall! The sherpa team managed to clear all our gear from C2 down to BC in one HUGE effort. This of course included what we had already bought down from C3 and South Col. At BC Namgyal tried to lift Pasang Gombu's backpack and broke the haul strap!

Pansang Gombu and the sherpas clear the mountain in one hit

Pasang Gombu leads the way with a huge and heavy load - David Cole

25 May - down

Most of the team will head out of BC and take three-four days down to Lukla. Jamie and most of the sherpas are staying at BC to pack and to wait for Marty and Tim.

And lastly, thanks for all the text messages!

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