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Noshaq Expedition Actual Itinerary

June-July 2000

Mu = Murray Ma = Martin  S = Sam  K=Karl  J = Jamie

24 Jun

25 Jun

26 Jun

27 Jun

28 Jun

29 Jun

30 Jun

1 Jul

2 Jul

3 Jul

4 Jul

5 Jul

6 Jul

7 Jul

8 Jul

9 Jul

10 Jul

11 Jul

12 Jul

13 Jul

14 Jul

15 Jul

16 Jul

17 Jul

18 Jul

19 Jul

20 Jul

21 Jul

22 Jul

23 Jul

24 Jul

25 Jul

26 Jul

27 Jul

28 Jul

29 Jul

30 Jul

Briefing with Ministry of Tourism

drove Chitral

Chitral organising


drive Shagron (2760m) 3035m

Sherniak (3285m) 3560m

Shoghor Biasun (3785m) 4060m

Istor-O Nal BC (4265m) 4540m

MuSK Istor-O Nal BC/MaJ Babu camp (4465m) 4740m

MuMaSKJ Babu camp-JMa Porters loads to ABC

MuMaSKJ Babu camp-MaMuSK loads to ABC

MaJ ABC 4975m / MuSK Babu Camp

SMaMuJ ABC icefall opened

JMu Scree rope fixed / MuMaJKS ABC

JMa tents to near C1/MuSK loads up rope/decision

rest/discuss ABC 4975m

C Half bivvy (5020m) 5295m

MaJMu C1 (5570m) 5845m / SK C1.6

MaJMu C1 (5570m) (5720m)/ SK C Half

MaJMu C1 (5570m) (5720m)/ SK ABC

MaJMu C1 (5720m) - C2 carry/ SK Babu camp

MaJMu C1 rest (5720m) / SK Babu camp

MaJMu C2 (6300m) 6425m /K out/ S ABC

MaJMu C2 (6300m) 6425m / S ABC

Earthquake 4am MaJMu C2 route no go/ S ABC

MaJMu Camp Half / S ABC

MaJMuS ABC clearing fixed rope

MaJMuS ABC cleared glacier

Everyone to Babu Camp

Babu Camp Load carry from ABC-cleared

Babu Camp Packing loads

Babu Camp - Ali down to get porters

Babu Camp - porters arrived in the evening

Sherniak with porters

trekked out drove Chitral



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