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Our previous treks and expeditions 2000-2001

Here is a list of treks and expeditions we have previously advertised and ran.
The links may lead to updated versions of the info pages.
It may appear that we spend our entire lives trekking. You would be almost right!

* means these wonderful people have trekked multiple times with us.

2001 Fall

Christmas High Khumbu & Island Peak 6173m

Experience the Sherpa high country and the incredible mountains, by visiting Gokyo Lakes, Everest BC and climbing Island Peak. We allow three extra trekking days over all other companies for weather hiccups and so that you can acclimatize properly. If you come this far you want to get there! Bonus Christmas turkey in Kathmandu. All other foreign companies use tents. We can't work out why, when the teahouses are so good...

Dates: 30 Nov - 26 Dec, 27 days. Services: teahouse trekking and light expedition style. Leaders: Jamie, Joel & Kim. Cost: US$1980.
Team members: Jan, Stephen, Roman and Urs.

Obviously this was combined with the trip below, and so was the fun. Ironically the 'climbers' had more problems than the trekkers. Urs couldn't sleep, Stephen headed down from Gokyo to recover and then met us later in Lobuche, and Roman soldiered on with a horrible cold. Jan flew the team colours though by summitting Island Peak with me.

Hillary Khumbu

Don't fancy the climb (above)? Join for just the trek then, and when the climbers head off to Island Peak, you head down the valley with Joel. And this gets you home in time for a family Christmas.

Dates: 30 Nov - 22 Dec, 23 days. Services: teahouse trekking. Leaders: Jamie, Joel & Kim (with the above trip). Cost: US$1780.
Team members: Aoife, Rory, Sheila, Akhilesh.

Great trip, great people, great fun. Here are Sheila's pictures.

Kanchenjunga Magic & Tengkoma climb 6215m

Yep, we have become the Kanchenjunga experts, and this will be the 9th trip there we have managed here. Huge rewards for those intrepid enough; an ancient culture and scenery to rival the Everest region. A classic trek, classic expedition style from the middle hills to the north base camp where avalanches rumble and glaciers groan on the world's #3. But wait, as if that isn't enough, we also have an optional climb of Tengkoma, a straightforward peak.

Dates: 15 Oct-11 Nov, 28 days. Service: expedition style. Leaders: Jamie & Joel (and we aren't gay!). Cost: US$2120.

No bookings. Nothing to do with the World Trade Center, instead two people converted to the longer Kanchenjunga Wild trip below...

Who says nobody will book a 42 day trip?

Kanchenjunga Wild - *exploratory

High and Wild, Wild, Wild! The region offers the best high altitude exploration anywhere in Nepal - no bull, just yaks - and many peaks begging for bagging and then there's that west valley. This will be our 'third time lucky' trip, the first two were great but suffered unseasonal snow.

Dates: 15 Oct -25 Nov, 42 days. Services: Mixed expedition and light expedition style. Leaders: Jamie and Joel. Cost: US$2680.
Team members: Wendy, Wanda, Robin and Kirstine. Sirdar: Ram Kaji.

Here is an article by Wanda and her photos. We didn't suffer unseasonal snow, in fact conditions were virtually perfect, but the health of our trekkers wasn't. Due to no fault of their own, unusually a few people found altitude didn't particularly agree with them. So after Lobsang and I had climbed a 6000m peak, then a bunch of us climbed Tengkoma, and Wanda and I saw a snow leopard, we headed out to Taplejung early and completely changed the itinerary. We are probably the most adaptable trekking company... We trekked out the wonderful middle hills route to Tumlingtar, a route that will soon have a road along it.

a party afterwards at our house


Arun Treks & Expeditions USA Cho Oyu 8201m

A private group partly sponsored and writing for National Geographic Adventure magazine. The article appeared in the Oct-Nov 2002 issue, a story of Mike getting to know his sister - or rather not really getting to know her.

Dates: Sept-early Oct. Manager: Jamie McGuinness. Crew: P Pasang.
Team members: Diana* and Ben*, Mike and Beth.

We tried, and tried, but the continuous high winds conspired against us (and AAI, Adventure Consultants, Mark and Kathy's team etc). So after eight nights at Camp 2 or so we descended for the best ABC party ever, read the article...

2001 Indian summer

Wow, We had the best, most fun treks you can imagine and great weather too. The crew were TOTAL superstars: Lobsang as guide-sirdar, Temba as cook, Tsarap and Punchok as ponymen and general help. THANKS everyone!

Zanskar traverse - India

A private departure.

Leaders: Joel and Lobsang. Team members: John, Malc*, Sharon, Allie, Bella and Guy.

Joel writes: Yes, I wonder why we got so little communication pre-trek?

Well... Malc was told at 30 he would never walk again, he has titanium and teflon hips... John (Sharon and Allie's dad) is 74 with a metal pin in one leg and toe. Small matters like Allie being a chain smoker, Steve being unable to stop dancing after 2 bottles of rum, pale though before Bella having a phobia about heights. It took Lobsang and I a couple of days to stop her going downhill on her bottom... But the trek a stunning success! Shame you (Jamie, who ran in fright to Cho Oyu) could not make it, a great group and a lot of laughter! Sharon, an accomplished artist, has a huge drawing of me in a dress on the tent as a spice girl (Old Spice!!).

Sharon says (slightly abbreviated):

Hi there - just a quick one to say thanks for everything - it was fantastic (apart from the fact you made us endure Bob and Alice on the way back and that you made me drink 19 litres of army rum and then clear up my own sick afterwards...) - got a few nice pictures of Sharap, Lobsang and Old Spice.

It is a bit of nightmare in London currently - Blair seems to be acting out some kind of action man role, think I would rather be unpeeling snotty kids off my tent - or drinking rum in Purne...

We have obviously recovered from the trip as there have been a few tentative conversations about where to go next and definite converts to Ladakh.

love, Sharon

Stok Kangri 6151m Ladakh

You admire the Stok range across the valley from Leh, it is also a straightforward climb. A perfect scramble for your first 6000m peak.

Dates: 29 Jul-1 Aug. Service: light expedition style. Leader: Jamie McGuinness. Cost: split.
Team members: Cara and Suzy.

Trust Indian Airlines, 'strong stomach*' Cara and 'tooting' Suzy were #1-2 on the waiting list but still didn't get out of Leh, so we went climbing until the next available Jet Airways flight. They had already proved themselves great red wine drinkers in Kathmandu, but could we carry all our gear for the trek and climb? No problem. Light is right, so three in a two person fly, only half a litre of fuel, no problem either.

The walk into Base Camp is stunning, real Ladakh but with low grey cloud for the two days in, we were worried. Summit day dawned fine and we climbed quickly, summitting after 5 1/2 hours to spectacular views. The second highlight was the insane 'Russian Bankers' card game amid the jokes and 'rag on Jamie' days...

Cara's more detailed diary.

Ladakh Himalayan Caravan 6666 - India *exploratory

Across the main Indian Himalayan chain lies the enchanting moonscape of Ladakh. Share tea with Tibetan nomads in the captivatingly beautiful mountain desert-scapes. Rugged colourful rock contrast with the azure rivers and green village oases. Monasteries cling to rock faces and Buddhist chortens dot the immense landscape. In contrast to Zanskar our wild route is virtually unknown and untouched, seven (!) 5000m passes but is a true classic. For the not so superstitious we attempt peak 6666m near Tso Moriri (the superstitious or non-climbers are welcome too).

Dates: 23 Jul-30 Aug, 39 days. Service: expedition-style. Leaders: Joel and Jamie. Cost: US$1980/1350.
Team members: Retta, Beau**, Catherine**, Don**, Angela and Edwin. Guests: Rinchen and Caroline.

Man, what a classic! The company, trek, crew - everything... Who is going to write about it - Retta?

It was one of the most memorable trips, a memory of 'Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end...'

Perhaps Retta's memories were a little different - see lower down for the Indian Curry Rhapsody...

And Edwin has a more mature diary.

Festivals and passes of Ladakh - India

The Hemis festival is a stunning mix of colour and culture, and to add to the unique experience we trek a pleasant route seldom attempted.

STUNNING! "Perfect for scene-ophiles", as John said. Another was "right out of National Geographic". And then there was the company, Kim and Lucas joined us fresh from the Zanskar Research trek, John was the basis of the trip and our word-ophile, and Joel and Jamie lazed around while Lobsang and Tenpa more than competently took care of every detail. Rupshu the dog and devil incarnate was another star. Did we say relax? Yep, we travelled in the best Central Asian style. Although our 'yurt' was square, carpets and cushions, green tea and a Chinese card game added to the pleasures. What a great trek!

In India, where a river can be a goddess, a laundry and a toilet all at once, nothing is obvious. Sentiments of John.

Dates: 27 June-19 July. Service: expedition style, Delhi to Delhi. Leader: Joel & Jamie. Cost: US$1980/1350.
Team members: John, Lucas Smithwick**, Kim Bannister** and Rupshu the dog

There are some pictures in the Ladakh 2001 gallery

One of the most memorable trips, partly because of such good people

Ladakh Zanskar Traverse research - India

Yes, Joel has been there before, but he couldn't resist a quick visit with friends.

Dates: 27 June-19 July. Service: expedition style. Leader: Joel Schone. Cost: cheap.
Team members: Lucas Smithwick*, Kim Bannister*, Lara, Dave and Lisa

There are some pictures in the Ladakh 2001 gallery

Kim writes:

I have just finished an incredible 3 week trek thru Zanskar and Ladakh with Lara, Dave, Joel, and 2 others, Lisa from Switzerland and Lucas from South Carolina - and a sirdar (Tibetan trekking guide), Lobsang, a great Tibetan cook, Tenpa, and 2 ponymen (Sherap and Punchok) with their 10 horses! A great group of people, including the crew... We crossed 9 passes and trekked in and out of numerous valleys, ending up a 5 hour jeep trip from Leh, the capital of Ladakh.

Ladakh & Zanskar are incredibly beautiful ... different from almost anywhere else on earth ... it's in a state of constant flux, you feel ... mountains of scree falling down to blue & brown rivers ... the rocks are amazing shades of blues, greens, yellows, golds, reds, and browns, but all subtle. the peaks are jagged and arid though many ranges are snowcapped. (we crossed the Himalaya and traversed the Zanskar range). We passed thru lots of Zanskari & Ladakhi villages, some of which are quite remote, and all of which are very traditional, beautiful people and architecture. Lots and lots of very sketchy trails, the most terrifying of which crossed a 2 foot wide trail of dry, loose sand over a 1000 foot cliff - no joke! I'm quickly overcoming my fear of scary trails!

I've spent the last week in Leh exploring the monasteries and 2 days at an incredible monastic festival ... lots of photos.

Leaving tomorrow for yet another 2 week trek in Ladakh - but a different area, going with Joel and Jamie.

From the back left: Dave, Lobsang, Lara, Kim, Lucas. Sitting Joel and Lisa.

*substitute sphincter for a truer picture.

Spring 2001

Langtang exploring *exploratory

Off the cuff trip for some of the Kanchenjunga people who couldn't get enough, and that is after 42 days!

Dates: May. Service: expedition style. Leader: Joel Schone. Cost: cheap.
Team member: Eric** (Dave was called back to work suddenly)

Cho Oyu Expedition 8201m - Tibet

Wanna climb something HIGH but as straightforward as BIG mountains get? Cho Oyu is the sixth highest mountain on the planet. Our Spring climb is a fully supported and guide-assisted effort. If you pay this much money you want the best shot you can get... All staff have worked/summitted on the mountain previously.

Dates: 15 Apr - 29 May. Service: guide-assisted. Guide-manager: +Jamie McGuinness. Senior climbing sherpa: +P Pasang. Cost: $8500.
Team members: Bill M, +Bill L, Betsy, Bengt, Hugo S (nearly summitted) and +Steve L.

Success in challenging conditions! And no injuries. See the account... and some pictures.

Kanchenjunga Magic & Tengkoma climb 6215m

Huge rewards for those intrepid enough; an ancient culture and scenery to rival the Everest region. A classic trek, classic expedition style from the middle hills to the north base camp where avalanches rumble and glaciers groan on the world's #3. But wait, as if that isn't enough, we also have an optional climb of Tengkoma, a straightforward climb.

Dates: 26 Mar-22 Apr, 28 days. Service: expedition style. Leader: Joel Schone. Cost: US$2120. Status: full.
Team members: Rein*, Carsten**, John, Cynthia and Lucy. Sirdar: Ram Kaji.

See below...

Kanchenjunga NSW *exploratory

Is it co-incidence that the trip is 42 days or is there a deeper meaning? Yep, meaning enough time for the north and south base camps and the west. West? We explore west to the base of the 'Chewbacca La' (for Starwars fans), a valley begging for exploration.

Dates: 26 Mar-6 May, 42 days. Services: Mixed expedition and light expedition style.
Leaders: Joel & Dave E Haun. Cost: US$2680. Status: full.
Team members: Emma, Dave**, Eric*, Nicole* and Bonnie. Sirdar: Ram Kaji.

Although most people enjoyed the trek, and several have trekked with us again, I still have regrets - we could have done better with this very diverse group. It didn't help that Dave was sick for the first part of the trek or that the weather was shite - no Tengkoma summit. But they did see snow leopard prints and have many enjoyable evenings. Note that Jamie went to Cho Oyu on short notice.

Autumn 2000

Tengboche Christmas

A guaranteed white Christmas, and a never to be forgotten Christmas dinner. The trekking won't be hard, just fun. And it even suits UK teach hols - surprising that!

Catherine says: This is a quick note to say thank you very much for looking after us over the last three weeks. I had a brilliant time. (Although I was told that I behaved 'disgracefully' on the last night!) ['flirtatiously', Jamie would have said!]

I cannot believe that I am back [in the UK]. Its cold, wet and dreary here and I'm stone cold sober. [She is returning, and did...]

Catherine and Jason also wrote a wonderful poem.

Dates: 15 Dec - 1 Jan. Service: teahouse trekking. Leader: Joel Schone. Cost: cheap
Friends and relatives: Jason Schone* (Joel's brother), Catherine*.

High Khumbu & Island Peak 6173m

Experience the Sherpa high country and the incredible mountains, by climbing Island Peak. We allow three extra trekking days over all other companies for weather hiccups and so that you can acclimatize properly. If you come this far you want to get there! Sure, we climb Kala Pattar, and there's time enough for Everest Base Camp but first we explore the delightful Gokyo Valley, yep this trek has it all and we are the most experienced operators - Jamie has been to the region 20 times!

See Joel and Jamie's diary, with bits from Martin...

There are a few people on this trip who will be sorry if they don't come trekking with us again. You are WANTED!

Dates: 27 Nov - 21 Dec, 25 days. Services: teahouse trekking and light expedition style. Leader: Jamie McGuinness. Cost: US$1950.
Team members: Frank, Rosie, Martin, Ivan, Ken Hummel*, Terry, Robert (and Nigel* and Wendy for the climb).

Classic Manaslu High *GHT

Imagine the Annapurna Circuit before it became popular - adventurous and even a little tough, that's the circuit of Manaslu. Beginning in picturesque Gurung villages we trek up to Tibetan settlements near the border then, with glaciers groaning nearby, cross the 5115m Larkya La. This trek around the 8th highest peak on the planet is a true classic, and naturally we sneak five extra days for exploring. We do the region justice, after all, you are not likely to be returning. A 6000m peak included too...

When will Jon and Lizzie return? Jon's sense of humour and equimanity were well appreciated. We had a few adventures, the toilet tent was stolen despite Jamie sleeping outside less than 10 metres away! We didn't make it up the Nubri Valley, but had one of the best day's trekking finding out why groups don't take the obvious shortcut on the map. There is no campsite with water for about 12 hours walking. Dana and Dagmar slept on the trail (but with tent and food) while the rest of us made it - just. The panoramas were incredible though. And the keen all summitted Chulu Far East 6060m.

Tom's diary

Dates: 25 Oct - 25 Nov, 32 days. Services: Expedition style. Leader: Jamie McGuinness. Cost: US$2260.
Team members: Tom, Dana**, Dagmar, Carsten*, Tracey, Jon and Lizzie

Tibet side Everest Base Camp

This was a private group that Explore Himalaya thought expert assistance would be productive. Jamie to the rescue!

One of the more cultured members made this comment about the rabble:

'if they can't fight it, fu*ck it or feast on it, its not worth doing.'

Just as accurately though would be:

'if they can't climb it, traverse it or fly it, its not worth doing.'

We had a fun and productive trip and by special trickery nobody got altitude sickness on this 5 day return dash to Rongbuk (highest sleeping altitude, 4700m).

Kanchenjunga Magic & Tengkoma climb 6215m

Huge rewards for those intrepid enough; an ancient culture and scenery to rival the Everest region. A classic trek, classic expedition style from the middle hills to the north base camp where avalanches rumble and glaciers groan on the world's #3. But wait, as if that isn't enough, we also have an optional climb of Tengkoma, a straightforward climb.

Dates: 30 Oct - 26 Nov 2000, 28 days. Service: expedition style. Leader: Joel Schone. Cost: US$2360.
Team members: Bob P, Bob R*, Clem and Wes. Sirdar: Ram Kaji. Climbing guide: Dawa Gyalgen.

'Move with the rhythm of the mountain. if you move too fast, the mountain will slow you down.' Bob Peltier

Joel: Amazed to be going back to East Nepal a year later, and I was blown away again by the awesome walk in. After last year's 11 trekkers, I was pleased to have four, who were already friends, and remained so, and welcomed me without reservation in to the fold. Further, they proved to be the unfussiest group in Himalayan trekking history, Dal Bhaat being the most popular choice of meal. By request we took the same crew from the Langtang, where I had perfected their breakfasts (Spanish omelette, pancakes, porridge, fried spam, Starbucks coffee...and myself, orange tang on cornflakes, try it!) and despite Wes's food fantasies we stayed well fed. Bob R would have appropriate readings for the good of our trekking souls each night, and Bob P some of his own. Clem kept us entertained not just by getting lost but with stories of his weird dog (sorry Clem) and Wes kept me creased up with stories of growing up in what sounded like lake Woebegon, his 'explosive' childhood. Anything to stop Bob R getting musical! The best of company.

This is meant to be about trekking... and trekking is actually, at least with us, is more a social then a physical thing. We followed the itinerary and Dawa, our Everest super-climber, to Tengkoma high camp, put in by the best team of porters in Nepal, and Dawa strung our prayer flags and in the early hours solemnly invoked a blessing (puja) as the sun picked out our peak above us. Wes listened out on the radio as Dawa took a new route up a snow free gully of unstable rock to the shoulder, then it was up the rocks, really feeling the altitude to the dome of Tengkoma. Less snow than last year meant we could take a snow route on the final ridge (Bob R and Dawa going with crampons), Clem and I the rock route. A year on and a year older, I knocked an hour off last years time! Dawa put up a cairn - for next years prayer flags - and then the long downhill, arriving in the dark to warm congrats from Bob P, and next morning, the luxury of radioing down our breakfast requests. Then the laughing, dancing porters who hugged hug us with delight after our summit.

The walk out? Memories of long days, aching limbs, through the lovely Rai and Limbu villages, smiling faces peering from windows, and loving a place so much that I wanted everybody I ever knew and cared for to share it with me. It really was that good.

Kanchenjunga Double Magic

The temptation is just too much, we visit both the south and then the north base camps of the massive Kanchenjunga, and even the show-stealing Jannu base camp. Unsullied culture, deep forests and those huge open alpine valleys, quite simply Nepal at its best. A private trip.

Team: Trish** and Laurie

Langtang Experience

With quick access from Kathmandu, this trek is a superb introduction to trekking in Nepal. The walk up the Langtang Valley roughly follows the river through pleasant forests and occasional villages before reaching the open alpine country encircled by massive snowy peaks and glaciers. A 5000m/16400ft viewpoint provides a stunning panorama, and all possible in 10 days. Private trip.

Team: (I have to look up!)

Shishapangma 8012m

Although we had plenty of expeditions on Cho Oyu and Shishapangma (successful and without injury), none required a western-managed service so Jamie climbed Shishapangma unsupported and alone. He summitted the central summit on 29 Sept.

See the diary and there is also a quick day by day itinerary

Summer 2000

Ladakh Himalayan Caravan - India *GHT

Across the main Indian Himalayan chain lies the enchanting moonscape of Ladakh. Tibetan culture and captivatingly beautiful mountain desert-scapes. Rugged colourful rock contrast with the azure rivers and green village oases. Monasteries cling to rock faces and Buddhist chortens dot the immense landscape. Our special route is virtually unknown and untouched - another classic - how do we do it?! Joel researched it in 1999 and lead this trip.

It was a classic trek by all accounts but with a few challenges, that Joel rose to. One member, who will want to remain nameless, was a particularly picky eater and found that he didn't like rice, dal or chapattis - the staple food, and after the chocolate was gone, virtually collapsed. Joel to the rescue, sitting beside him, he asked if the member had a ballpoint pen, and got a predictably indelicate response "why the $#@% do you need a pen when I am dying here?" "So that I can give you an enema," and continued "the kero funnel (cleaned) would be good for the larger particles of dal", and there was an immediate amazing transformation, he wanted to eat and drink, did, and survived! Luckily also they managed to resupply with a variety of food a few days later.

Although it was designed to complement the British teaching vacations, the only teacher was Joel. But he was a life saver in more ways than with a biro, there was snow, chest deep river crossings and challenge on the 5700m pass. They stayed above 4500m for nearly 4 weeks. Lovely gorges, lush grasslands, high desert, and butter tea with the nomads. Culture, clear skies, and of course Lobsang's great cooking!

Joel's diary is in the Trip diaries section

Dates: 23 Jul - 28 Aug. Service: basic expedition-style, meet and end in Delhi. Leader: Joel Schone. Cost: US$1580.
Team members: Don*, Max*, Casey and Beau*

Noshaq Expedition 7492m - Pakistan

Afghanistan's highest mountain, but ours was one of the first serious attempts from the Pakistan side.

Dates: late June-mid Aug. organized by Martin and Karl, I simply joined the trip.
Team members: Jamie, Jamie A*, Murray, Karl, Martin** and Sam**

We didn't summit. The account is is the Trip diaries section and there's a day by day itinerary too.

Spring 2000

"Real" Mera Peak 6648m

Private, short notice expedition...

Dates: May-early June. Team of guides: Jamie, Duncan Chessell and wingnut (Steve).

Yep, we have been there, seen the real thing, and it is scary, that is one mother of an ice fall, so dangerous we gave up. Then there is the upper section of the mountain... This peak is probably the most difficult peak of the 'limited bureaucracy' peaks. We will be back!

One would expect that on a trek with two trek leaders and a mountain guide who all guide in Nepal that the trek-climb would be well organized. Perhaps there were a lack of Indians, whatever, we had no water purification, a fact that worried no one, we drank from streams and rivers without effect, and mostly the water was delicious.

Then Jamie walked out solo towards Hille... Often it is simply a case of asking locals where the clean water is. 'We drink from the river' said the people of a few shacks by the Sabbaya Khola near Tumlingtar, a heavily populated area. So down at the river just as I was filling my water bag a boy ran up yelling 'No, that is dirty water, that is where we go to toilet.' Oh. 'I will get clean water for you', and he waded out three metres and drew the water from there...

So you think the Arun Valley is hot in winter?

Resolving to beat the heat, the alarm woke me at 5am but it was dumping with rain so I rolled over and only got away at 6am. Fifteen minutes later my singlet was wet, my arms and legs listening, it must have been 28-30 degrees already, even before the sun came up. Having swam in some of the kholas that flowed into the Arun, I imagined that it would be warm. How wrong! The muddy river, at least to my sweat-soaked body, was spine-tinglingly cold and it was only with the bravest of dives total immersion happened, but once in, I lounged around and on the trail I was cool and sweat-free for a good half hour.

Langtang trek

See below...

Dates: Early May. Service: Expedition Style.

Another private trek for the sponsors of Team wildsports.com.au and an associated group outdoor shop managers. Again it was a great trek and everyone enjoyed there region. Again Rajendra was an excellent sirdar. Jamie and myself (ie two Jamie's) set out to climb Yala Peak but inclement weather meant we abandoned the attempt. The last night party antics will be remembered for a long time, much longer than some people will wish.

The trek was organized thru Langtang Ri Trekking with Rajendra as sirdar, who was excellent.

Langtang trek & Naya Kang climb 5820m

The Langtang region's highest - and only - 'trekking' peak! From the summit, there is a classic panorama including Shishapangma 8013m, Langtang Lirung and the sensational Jugal Himal. To the south the middle hills roll to the Indian plains. It may not be 6000m but it sure feels like it, and the same goes for the trek in. It may not be the Everest region, and not as high, but it sure looks like it! Himalayan trekking and climbing as real as it gets.

Dates: Late Apr. Service: Expedition Style.

The Raid Gauloises is one of the premier adventure races of the world and the Raid 2000 was a Himalayan traverse began in Shegar, Tibet and finished in Janakpur, Nepal. I accompanied the Australian Team Wildsports.com.au on an acclimatization trek to Langtang as troubleshooter, but other than getting 500kgs of gear thru customs without hassle or cost, there was little trouble to shoot.

What a team, and what fun. Pete, the team physio, and myself at the last minute managed to climb Naya Kanga. Also the trek was organized thru Langtang Ri Trekking with Rajendra as sirdar. Oh, and that last dinner, we will talk about it for the rest of our lives. (and as I read that again in 2009, yes, if we meet anyone from that trip, that dinner - or more the pancakes do come up again!)

Khumbu Exploring - Everest region

Experience the Sherpa high country and the incredible mountains. We go exploring with Jamie as he updates his guide book "Trekking in the Everest region". We'll throw in a peak or two as well.

Dates: 21 March. Service: Teahouse trekking/light expedition style. Cost: cheap

Freedom! Gokyo, Lobuche (met lots of friends heading up to supply Everest expeditions or climb it) and Chukhung. Climbed a previously unmentioned 5800m viewpoint and generally had an incredible trek.


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