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OLD Project Himalaya

Our old website is still partly accessible :)

Want to check out our Previous treks from 2010 back, or our old photo galleries and diaries, you still can.

We have also preserved many web pages and you can access them from the links in the Previous treks pages...

The links above, Our treks, Expeditions, Contact us and About us lead to the current pages though, avoid clicking on them to browse the past.


Joel, our friend and business partner, died while leading a cycle trek in 2010.
See the condolences, memories and tributes.

Where Joel died and other memories - by Jamie The one year send off Puja for Joel - by Jamie 2010 Joel's Consecration Picasa slideshow - by Jamie

Older photo galleries and Diaries

Once upon a time our pre 2010 photo galleries were cutting edge..

Also pre-2008 we have around 40 trip diaries.


the Gumbaranjon, Zanskar

One my fav photos, the Gumbaranjon on the left, trekking in Ladakh - Jamie

Our first website

Way back in 1997 I uploaded our first Project Himalaya website, well ahead of the curve.

I don't guarantee modern browsers will display it though.

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