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Trip diaries

These are pre-2008

Here is a collection of our trekking-travel stories; short, long, serious, funny...
If you are contemplating travelling with us, here is a bit of an insight.
In the digital camera age we slowed on the diaries and have more photo galleries.

Jamie and Joel in the old days



8000m expeditions

2008 Everest Expedition dispatches

We try the Nepal side of the mountain for a change - successfully.

2007 Shishapangma Expedition dispatches

Wonderful team but the winds stopped us.

2007 Gasherbrum II Expedition dispatches

A dangerous season so we don't summit.

2007 Everest Expedition dispatches

More success from Tibet.

2006 Shishapangma expedition dispatches

The first time we have turned around due to avalanche danger.

Kevin's notes from Everest - 2006

But where do you go to the toilet, scissorhands and commies!

2006 Everest expedition dispatches

Two teams and lots of success.

Shishapangma expedition dispatches - 2005

A really successful expedition, fun too.

2005 Everest expedition dispatches


Cho Oyu Expedition dispatches - Fall 2004

News from the expedition as it happened, with plenty of photos.

Broad Peak - Pakistan 2004

Jamie becomes the first Kiwi to climb Broad Peak!

Cho Oyu Expedition dispatches - Spring 2004

News from the expedition as it happened, with plenty of photos.

2003 Everest Expedition

Jamie summits; great pictures in the Photo gallery...

Adventure Magazine-Arun Treks Cho Oyu Expedition 2001

The $50,000 party - we tried!

Jamie's Cho Oyu Spring 2001 summary

Success! and more than anyone else on the mountain...

Jamie's Shishapangma Expedition - Sept 2000

Big peak (8012m), real diary, 13,000 words...

Shishapangma itinerary - Sept 2000

From Kathmandu to Kathmandu, camps, altitudes...

Controversy on Cho Oyu - fall 99

Jamie summitted. Some people were less than happy about this. Why?

Ladakh & Zanskar, India

(e) Carsten's Ladakh to Zanskar travelogue and photos

Wonderful photos, history and even Google Earth maps.

Kim's Himalayan memories of 2005

Trekking across Ladakh, Manaslu and Nar-Phu and Everest with wonderful people.

Joel's memories of Ladakh 2003

A summary with Joel's usual writing flair.

Kim's India memories of 2003

Her first full season leading, wonderful.

Malc's Return - 2003

Where else can you climb a 6000m peak - with a titanium hip?

(e) Carsten's Ladakh Tso Moriri diary 2002

Great photos with a diary of a particularly cold trek.

The tale of Singge - 2003

A Zanskar child once without hope. What to do?

Joel's Kinnaur Explorer bike trip diary 2003

Explorations are not always as smooth at silk!

Joel's Chaddar diary 2002

Trekking the frozen river of Zanskar (Ladakh).

Peter & Susan's Zanskar Spring diary 2002

A snowy spring, but a great adventure all the same.

Joel's Ladakh diary 2001

The memories, especially of Zanskar

Edwin's Caravan 6666 Ladakh to Spiti Diary - 2001

A peaceful appreciation of trekking in Ladakh.

Cara and Suzy's adventures Kathmandu to Ladakh - 2001

And did they get up Stok Kangri? Yes, with yours truly...

Lobsang's wild tales - 2000

Our Ladakhi guide's odder adventures.

Himalayan Caravan - Summer 2000 

Joel's quick diary with pics.

A holiday in Kargil - 1999

The trek was great - but who needs to go trekking for the most beautiful scenery on the planet? And did we get shelled in Kargil?

(e) Zanskar Traverse - Carsten Nebel - 1998

Carsten and friends go independently.

Khumbu - Everest

Lowell's appreciation of the Xmas Everest trek - 2005

What a nice team of trekkers.

Riding the Russian Beast - Dec 2004

Jamie escapes again on an Mi-17 helicopter.

Jason and Catherine's appreciation poem for Joel - 2000

..it was too much Sherpa rum...

Ivan's Island Peak - Dec 2000

Richly descriptive - move over Krakauer...

And it was a high, funny Khumbu - Dec 2000

Did you suffer 'Chang-Stokes' breathing? we did...

Indian Himalaya

(e) Carsten's North Sikkim Traverse

Adventures, a yeti scared the porters...

Bob's Nanda Devi diary - 2005

Bob and Joel go exploring looking for Traill's Pass.

North Sikkim New Year

Joel and Tega explore an exciting new trekking region.

Around Manaslu and Nar-Phu

2006 Wanda's Cloud Dwellers article

Visiting Nar Phu again, Wanda's story might make you cry.

Kim's Himalayan memories of 2005

Trekking across Ladakh, Manaslu and Nar-Phu and Everest with wonderful people.

Bob R's Manaslu diary 2004

Eloquent and appreciative, as Bob always is!

Clint's Manaslu traders research sojourn - 2004

A 50ft tape worm, lice, Clint lives rough for a few months.

Manaslu Magic 2003

Surely one of the best treks in Nepal by Joel, with an additional article about the Maoists met en route.

Carsten's Manaslu diary - Fall 2000

Great pictures and comprehensive.

Tom's Manaslu Diary - Fall 2000

Brief (self-censored?) account of our fab Manaslu trek.


(e) Carsten's 2008 Dolpo

Oh, what a good trek that was; photos, maps and a diary.

Kangchenjunga (Nepal)

Rachel's Kanchenjunga Double Magic - 2005

Mellow and appreciative.

Megan's Kanchenjunga Double Magic 2005

Meagan finds trekking challenging but loved it.

Natasha's Kanchen Gola diary 2005

Short and sweet; an appreciation of how fast even a 42 day trek goes!

(e) Carsten's Kanchen Gola diary 2003

Great text and photos, thanks Carsten!

Wanda's Kangchenjunga Diary - Fall 2001

This is an article that was published in Himal magazine.

(e) Carsten's Kangchenjunga Diary - Spring 2001

Was the weather perfect, were the people along perfect? Nope, but Carsten still appreciated it.

Bob's Kangchenjunga diary - Fall 2000

Eloquent and appreciative, a masterpiece, 28,000 words.

Joel's Kangchenjunga Wild treks & climbs - Fall 1999

We had fun, we made it up Tengkoma 6215m!

Jamie's Kangchenjunga Wild - Fall 1999

Short and sweet. This was an article published in the Himalayan Explorers Club's newsletter.

Dana's Kangchenjunga Diary - Fall 99

Dana Alford gets his own back at Joel. Detailed and inspirational, 20,000 words.


The Great Himalaya Trail continues

Robin completes the rest of the Nepal section.

The Great Himalaya Trail begins...

Robin and Bob trek wet from Kanchenjunga to the Everest region.


2007 Gasherbrum II Expedition dispatches

A dangerous season so we don't summit.

Broad Peak 2004 - Pakistan

Jamie becomes the first Kiwi to climb Broad Peak!

Noshaq 7492m Expedition account - 2000 & 2006

I tried from Pakistan and failed; they tried from Afghanistan and succeeded! Here is a detailed itinerary.

Murmaster's Noshaq diary - 2000


Carsten's trek diaries

(e) Carsten's trek diaries and photo galleries

Carsten has consolidated them all into his own website.
They cover Ladakh to Zanskar 2006, Tso Moriri 2002, Kanchenjunga 2001, Manaslu 2000, Dolpo to Mustang 1999 and 2008, the Zanskar traverse in 1998 and more.


Around Dhaulagiri

(e) Dead Men Walking - a reality check for porters - 1999

A heart-rending, balanced Times article on Dr Tom Deitz's high-altitude-medicine site about a porter dying and the result, the forming of the International Porter Protection Group, which Jamie has been a representative of, and supports.

Appalled Around Dhaulagiri - 1996

We found dead porters: this trek is too dangerous for many trekking co's to operate.


Peter learns the hard way

Disaster on Aconcagua, but so horribly funny.

The Great Himalaya Trail begins... - 2008

Robin and Bob trek wet from Kanchenjunga to the Everest region.

Leaving Limi - adventures unexpected

Toby treks back to Simikot after a (planned) early departure from Wanda's trek.

Bhutan thoughts - 2007

"Sterile, structured and boring," Ben and Diana found

Robin's Mustang trek - 2006

With lucky timing they enjoy a festival.

Robin's Gosainkund adventure - 2006

The team have a surprisingly tough shorter trek.

Robin's Unknown Ganesh trek - 2006

A pleasant loop rather than a traverse.

Kim's Himalayan memories of 2005

Trekking across Ladakh, Manaslu and Nar-Phu and Everest with wonderful people.

Kim's Himalayan memories of 2003

Bhutan, Langtang, Kailash, Nar-Phu and the Khumbu, phew!

Something Hidden - 2003

Joel's thoughts on why he treks - a classic.

Our wild times newsletter 2002

It was a great year...

Our Merriment and Happiness newsletter 2001

Yep, 2000 was a FUN year's trekking...

Joel's Makalu Diary - 1999

More fun but we didn't get anywhere...

Cath's trek diary - 1999

A surprising tale about a dodgy guide, but the ending brought a tear to my eye! By Cath.

Kailash the hard way - 1998

Excerpts from hitching in Tibet...

Pisang, Chulu West, Chulu Far East - 1997

A bunch of us attempt some peaks. Although there were some riotous times, success eluded us...

Avalanches (from a distance) - 1995

Jamie writes about seeing avalanches.

Judy's day in Kathmandu

A surprise mountain flight for Jess and lunch...

Trekking can be fun - 1994 

A beginners comment.

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