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Our 2009 previous treks and expeditions

Here is a list of treks and expeditions we have previously advertised.
The links may lead to updated versions of the info pages.
It may appear that we spend our entire lives trekking. You would be almost right!
We care about each and every trek all the same.

See Our treks for current treks.

* means these wonderful people have trekked multiple times with us.
+ means summitted the expedition peak.

2009 Christmas treks

A Kanchenjunga Christmas - Sikkim, India

Book early for this wonderful combination of Himalayan panoramas and Raj era Luxury, the demanding Goecha La trek and its spectacular views of Kanchenjunga. Post trek we celebrate New Year at our favorite Himalayan hotel, the Windamere in Darjeeling. All with the best of Himalayan and history guides, Joel and Tega.

19 Dec-1 Jan, 14 days -- expedition-style -- Joel & Tega -- US$2050
Team: Matt, Vin and Debbie

Arun Valley & Gokyo Lakes *Christmas-New Year

Early Everest expeditions pioneered this route through the lush, traditional hill villages of the Arun Salpa valley. Culturally diverse, with stunning alpine scenery, it's a fantastic hill trek, and little known. Higher up in the Sherpa Khumbu region, we journey to the high, turquoise Gokyo Lakes, staying with friends in Sherpa lodges. Join us for Xmas & New Year's Eve!

5 Dec-2 Jan, 29 days -- expedition style & teahouse trekking -- Kim & Lhakpa -- US$2980
Team: Ron & Charlie, Tony & Reinhard
Crew: Kim & Ang Nuru (guides), Junar (cook), Maila (kitchen helper) Suresh (sherpa), Kaila (head porter/yakman) & porters ...

L-R: Charlie, Tony, Suresh, Junar, Ang Nuru, Maila, Kaila, Porters, Reinhard (second to last), Ron - Photo by Kim

2009 Autumn

Arunachal Pradesh *Exploratory - India

Finally! A classic exploratory trek of India's unknown northeast, the 'land of the dawn-lit mountains', on a trek that takes in the most beautiful peaks and valleys - and 9 passes!

1-21 Nov, 21 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Basant -- US$2950
Team: Raewyn***, Pik Chun******, Ornella****, John Soos***, Alan Kerr**, Susan McInnes****

Everest High Passes Trek - Nepal

The best, virtually all, of the Everest region; we cross the Cho La & Renjo La passes (with a Kongma La option), explore the spectacular Gokyo lakes region, climb Gokyo Ri and Kala Pattar, visit Everest Base Camp, the Chukhung & Thame valleys, relaxing in cozy Sherpa lodges en route.

5-29 Nov, 25 days -- teahouse trekking -- Kim Bannister -- US$2580
Team: Kati, Nives, Tom N**, Michael, Mark, Philippe, Laurel & Hank

- Tukuche 8000m Preparation Expedition

We head to a convenient and straightforward ~7000m peak to discuss and develop skills for climbing 8000m peaks and Everest.

26 Oct-28 Nov, 34 days -- all trekking and mountain services included -- US$5750
Additional prep option: 24-27 Oct, 3 mornings actual training -- Nepal mountain guide -- US$250
Team: Daniel N, Barry C
Crew: Dawa Gelje, Da'Yula, Pasang,
Summit: no
Safety: no injuries

Well, this trip definitely did not go to plan and my sincere apologies for this. First Phil Crampton was unable to lead it and so two people dropped out. Once up in the mountains the weather didn't cooperate either, with around a metre of snow falling. Despite this the crew (and team) didn't bail, instead stuck it out but summitting was not possible.

GHT (Kanchen Gola) Wild *Exploratory - Nepal

The 7th (!) and probably last 42 day Kanchenjunga special; we trek the Milke Danda to Topke Gola and then go Great Himalaya Trail exploring to Makalu and Mera Peak and then via our sherpa crew's villages. Wild!

19 Oct-29 Nov, 42 days -- expedition style -- Jamie McGuinness -- US$2950 -- Mera Peak climb option US$3500 -- full
Team: Celesta Fong****, Richard Keidan***?, Chris K, Ben*** & Diana***, Paul Murrill**, Carolyn G* and Bengt E*
Crew: Pasang (from Tori Bari), Tawa, Namgyal, Phurba Wangchu (Dawa's brother), Karma, Nawang Geden, ?? and ??

Wow, what a trek but tougher than anyone expected, including me. Essentially the trek was in three parts, an exploration along the Milke Danda-Jaljale to Topke Gola and Thudam, the two remotest villages in Eastern Nepal, then exploratory trail breaking on the direct route from the Arun river to Makalu Base Camp, then after Mera Peak instead of a quick exit, more exploration down to Lamidanda airport via four of the villages our sherpa team originate from.

It was another classic pioneering trek and the first section was our first time up the Milke Danda Jaljale ridge between Kanchenjunga and Makalu, and still barely trekked. Inauspiciously, I started the trek a few days too early over Dashain (In those days, the government only decided the dates of Dasain at Nepal New Year, ie 14 April, for an October trek, I had guessed slightly wrong) and so we could either wait a couple of days in the hills until our strong Trisuli porters were available or find local porters - which Namgyal did. We kitted them out with warm jacket and pants, socks, sleeping tents etc for the cold but after a couple of days we were alpine and they decided to run away early in the morning. Namgyal was horrified and ran after them, threatening them with the police for taking the jacket and pants and persuaded them to return. Phew!

We continued along for a couple of days and this is where our three local guides, separate from the porters, told us they hadn't been further along the ridge than this. We assured them the route later lead down and they could get back home along the Arun River. The porters were also antsy, and Namgyal worked out that the local guide-porters had told them that the world ended here and we would all trek off to our deaths (seriously!), so no wonder they were grumbling. Luckily, Namgyal and I were able to persuade everyone we knew the trail ahead and how they would get home, and how much money they would be returning with, and we continued on our merry way.

More to come.

Carolyn has a (large) public Flickr photo collection.

I have four albums on Flickr:

2009 GHT1 Milke Danda

2009 GHT2 to Makalu

2009 GHT3 Sherpani-Mera

2009 GHT4 Bung-Kurima

Kanchenjunga - Green Lake *Exploratory - Sikkim

On Joel's second autumn exploration, a journey to another Himalayan frontier, North Sikkim and the beautiful trek along the Zemu glacier on the classic expedition route to Green lake and its breathtaking mountain panoramas.

17 Oct-2 Nov, 17 days-- expedition style -- Joel & Tega -- US$2850
Team: Debbie and Richard Dunn, Rob and Marge B, Steve**** and Lois****, Rosie and Danny, Anne Henley, Richard and Juergen

Mustang Saribung private expedition - EH

Experience Mustang before the road is finished, and explore-climb a 6300m peak, and as a bonus finish in Nar-Phu.

5 Oct-7 Nov, 35 days -- expedition-style -- private group of previous trekkers
Team: Clive C**** & Catherine P****, Meike** & Falko**, Mary Adams**, Kees Terhell***, Jen
Crew: Bali (sirdar), Pasang Gyelu (cook) ...

Clive says:

The Saribung trip went well and everyone had a good time. I had the added interest of reconciling views and perceptions of the trekkers on the one hand and crew on the other. In the end we only lost 2-days waiting to fly to Jomsom, which was no problem.

Bali did a really good job. Initially he seemed a little up tight and somewhat over-protective but he relaxed once we got moving and we proved not to be totally incompetent! Rest of the crew and cook were also good.

The circuit is a nice combination of culture, history, very varied scenery and very easy climbing - so I can see why it has become popular. Despite a number of groups ahead and behind us we did not overlap and so had things to ourselves, which was nice.

The Saribung team

L-R: Meike, Falko, Kees, Jen, Catherine, Clive and Mary - Jamie

Nanda Devi Pilgrimage - India

A classic autumn trek on trails devoid of trekkers, to the base of Nanda Devi, a name of myth and magic for both locals and trekkers. We spend time in the old trading towns of the Johar valley before ascending on demanding trails to Nanda Devi East Base camp, an incredible mountain retreat where we camp in beautiful pastures surrounded by glittering Himalayan peaks with only herds of blue sheep and ibex - and the occasional snow leopard - for company.

27 Sep-17 Oct, 21 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$2450
Team: Glenn*** K and Jane**, Phil Preston and Jill Rosenberg

Thinle's Inner Dolpo & Shey Phoksumdo Trek - Nepal *Exploratory

We can't get enough of Dolpo's spectacular scenery and remote Tibetan villages, so are running another exploratory trek through upper Dolpo, aided by Thinle of 'Himalaya' fame. This year we explore Panzang, leaving via the high passes route to Mustang.

26 Sept-26 Oct, 31 days -- expedition-style -- Kim & Lhakpa -- US$4580
Team: Mike S***, Jeff S***, Larry, Robin, Anna H**, Leo, Jeanie, Marie-Rose, Roz, Susan M**, Lucy & Mei Ling (Susan not pictured)

by Kim

Nanda Devi Pilgrimage - India

A classic autumn trek on trails devoid of trekkers, to the base of Nanda Devi, a name of myth and magic for both locals and trekkers. We spend time in the old trading towns of the Johar valley before ascending on demanding trails to Nanda Devi East Base camp, an incredible mountain retreat where we camp in beautiful pastures surrounded by glittering Himalayan peaks with only herds of blue sheep and ibex - and the occasional snow leopard - for company.

7-27 Sept, 21 days -- expedition style -- Lobsang -- US$2250
Team  Alan Nelson**

+ Monsoon Tukuche Climbing Camp - EH

We have the base camp and permits, you climb how you want.

10 Sept-13 Oct, 34 days -- all trekking and mountain services included -- local guide -- US$5000
Team: +Janne and +Anne-Mari H, Ian Rutherford
Climbing crew: Dawa Gelje, Da'Yula
Kitchen: Kami
Summit: 24 Sept; the north-west summit, not the true summit, but an achievement all the same, given the conditions and the speed they climbed from sea level

An all star crew, even Kami, the cook, has climbed Everest!

+ Manaslu Expedition 8163m - Nepal

Manaslu again after our 2008 success! The mountain is only marginally more technical than Cho Oyu but has less reliable weather and other conditions. This is a full guide-assisted expedition with Phil Crampton as guide-manager (bonus, it is $3000 cheaper than Cho Oyu, and free of political troubles too).

30 Aug-23 Oct, 55 days -- all mountain services included -- Phil Crampton -- US$10,500
BC support for small teams: 30 Aug-23 Oct, 55 days -- BC services -- US$ please ask
Team: Brendan Savage, Steve Faluotico, Paul Ilacqua, +Margaret Watroba
Climbing crew: +Pasang Gombu, Tarke, Mindu
Kitchen: Sarki, Da'Pasang, Sherku
BC support: +Samuli Mansikka
Summit: yes
Safety: no injuries

See the Manaslu dispatches.

L-R: Da'Pasang, Phil Crampton (rear), Phurba Sarki, Da'Pasang II, Samuli Mansikka, Tarke, Paul Ilacqua, Mindu, Steve Faluotico (back), Margaret Watroba, Sherku, Nima Dendi, Pasang Gombu, Phurwa, Brenden Savage - photo by Jamie

L-R rear: Samuli M, Paul I, Phil Crampon
Front: Margaret W, Brenden S, Steve F - photo by Jamie

2009 Indian Summer

Our Zanskar and Ladakh summer treks are some of the best there are!

Across The Great Himalayan Divide and Jumlam - India

The tranquil Lahaul Miyar valley with its alpine campsites leads us to the savage beauty of the Miyar Glacier then the snowfields and spectacular panoramas of the Kang La (pass) - from where we descend to the more human beauty of our favorite kingdom in the sky, Zanskar in autumn and a traverse of its wildest domain, the Jumlam. An unforgettable and truly Himalayan passage.

25 Aug-18 Sep, 25 days -- lightweight expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$2950
Team: Jason, Sean, Abbey, Sarah and Justin

Wild Canyons & Remote Villages of Ladakh *Exploratory

Real adventure, the 'best of' past years of exploration, we trek wild routes through spectacular canyons and hidden valleys lead us to the most remote villages of mythical Ladakh and Zanskar. Sparkling rivers and high Himalayan passes lead us to Tibetan nomadic settlements, tucked away below majestic snow peaks.

15 Aug-14 Sept, 31 days -- expedition-style -- Kim & Lhakpa -- US$3480
Team: Warwick**, Robert D, Celesta**

Kiran, Lhakpa Dorje, Robert, Warwick and Celesta - Kim

Stok Kangri Ascent & Markha Valley

A wonderful introduction to the Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom of Ladakh and Himalayan trekking and climbing, with time to enjoy the rightly renowned beauty of the Markha valley en route to a non technical ascent of Stok Kangri.

27 July-15 Aug, 20 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$2550 -- full
Team: Olya and Yuri; Chuck, Chip, Jess, Joe and Katie; Mirko, Martin, Kit Sin***

Zanskar Custom *exploratory

We traverse Zanskar and more!

12 July-13 Aug, 33 days -- expedition style -- Jamie McGuinness
Team: Daniel and Hema
Crew: Stanzin (Tenzing; guide and general help), Urgen (Kumar; cook), Nandu Lal and 5 horses, Tsering Thinle and 3 horses

It was a relaxing, unwinding trek with a competent crew, thanks team! And thanks, Daniel and Hema, for enjoying its low key approach.

Our ambitious route with two minor variations worked well, partly because we got lucky with the weather. This was mostly perfect and delightfully mild, and so many nights where we slowly watched it get dark, and those stars, and nights sleeping out. Yep, the river crossings from the Baralacha La to Chandra Tal are real, as a horse boy found out the hard way (he was not with us, but "helping" all the same). Ladakh-Zanskar are just the best and I will explore more next year!

Nomads, Lakes & High Passes of the Changthang - Ladakh

'One of the best treks on the planet' (so says Kim); the turquoise salt-lakes and high plateaus, backed by the Himalaya range, with yak-hair nomadic tents peppered throughout, are simply spectacular. We follow old caravan routes over high passes, fording rivers and setting up camp on the high Tibetan plateau after trekking through the magical Markha Valley (see above).

11 July-10 Aug, 31 days -- expedition-style -- Kim & Lhakpa -- US$3480
Team: John T, Kat, Sally, Mayu & Helen (& Markha group)

** Kim!

Mystical Markha Valley & the Nomads of Kharnak - Ladakh

Ladakh's jewel and beyond; a stunning trek under the soaring Himalaya & Zanskar ranges combining village and nomadic life. Traditional Markha villages, crumbling fortresses, ancient Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and the green Markha river valley lead us over high passes to the high Tibetan & Ladakhi nomadic pasture lands; incredible scenery and lots of wildlife throughout.

11-31 July, 21 days -- expedition-style -- Kim & Lhakpa -- US$2980
Team: Peter H***, Dennis (& Nomads group)

** Kim

Zanskar Traverse - A Summer Journey

As the passes that guard this mythical mountain kingdom shed their winter snow, we cross it by a route that combines challenging trekking on remote trails with time to explore the villages and monasteries in the most beautiful season.

26 June-27 July, 32 days--expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$2950
Team: Robyn

Nomads, Lakes & High Passes of the Changthang - Ladakh

'One of the best treks on the planet' (so says Kim); the turquoise salt-lakes and high plateaus, backed by the Himalaya range, with yak-hair nomadic tents peppered throughout, are simply spectacular. We follow old caravan routes over high passes, fording rivers and setting up camp on the high Tibetan plateau after trekking through the magical Markha Valley (see above).

1 June-1 July, 31 days -- expedition-style -- Kim & Lhakpa -- US$3480
Team: Andreas & Mark H, Graham N**

See Andreas H's web diary...

*Kim !

The Great Himalayan Traverse - Ladakh and Spiti

From the high domains of the nomads of Ladakh to the lush forests of the Parvati valley, this trek is a stunning kaleidoscope of landscapes and peoples as we journey across both the Great Himalayan Barrier and the Pir Panjal range.

31 May-24 June, 25 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$2950
Team: Denio** and Raquel**, Lucy**, Leigh**, Alison T********, Bill Rowntree

2009 Pakistan

K2 Concordia trek - Pakistan

Those mountains! And an insight into this country always in the news. The trek is tough but rewarding with an expedition feel as we accompany our Gasherbrum I & II expedition.

6 June-1 July, 26 days -- expedition-style -- Phil Crampton-Gordon Ferguson -- US$2980
Team: Anna Gatta**, Bob Carney***, Cassidy B
Trekking crew (with assistance from the expedition crew): Salman Ali (Trekking Guide) Ghullam Mahdi (Trekking Cook)

2009 K2-Concordia trek team

The trek team* and a few climbers, L-R: Bob Carney*, Ian Cartwright, Serap Jangbu Sherpa, Tarke Sherpa, Phil Crampton, Pasang Gumba Sherpa, Gorgan Wildberger, Major Kiani,
Front row: Arian Lemal, Gordon Ferguson, Mark Horrell, Anna Gatta*, Philippe Gatta, Cassidy Briggs* - photo by Arian Lemal

2009 Gasherbrum Expedition team

L-R: Michael Odell, Arian Lemal, Ian Cartwright, Phil Crampton, Tarke, Mark Horrell, Sherap, Ashad Karim (head cook),
Temba, Shezad Alam, Gorgan, Ehshan Ullbaig (kitchen assistant, with the fingers), Pasang Lama

Bottom row: Philippe Pasang Gomba, Gordon

- Gasherbrum II (and I) Expedition 8035m - Pakistan

We go to GII and also a back up plan on GI; if conditions are bad on GII then they are likely better on GI.
Please ask about our BC-C1 support option.

GII: 6 June-30 July, 55 days -- Phil Crampton -- US$9950
GI-GII: 6 June-13 Aug and 16 June-23 Aug, 69 days -- Phil Crampton -- US$11,950
Team: Mark D, Mark Horrell, Michael O, Ian C, Arian Lemal, Gordon Ferguson***
Crew: Tarke, Pasang Gombu, Temba, Pasang Lama (yes, that is an all-star crew!)
BC-C1 support: Gorgan W (fresh from Cho Oyu)
G1-Broad Peak support: Philippe Gatta**, Sherap Jangbu (climbing #12 and #13...)
Pakistan kitchen crew: Ashed Karim (Head Cook), Ehshan Ullbaig (Assistant Cook), Shezad Alam (Kitchen Assistant), Zakir Hussain (Kitchen Assistant)

See the G2-G1 dispatches page for links and more details.

2009 Spring Expeditions

Tibet expeditions faced uncertainty, Nepal worked though.

+ 2009 Everest Expedition - Nepal - PH-AJ

Guide-assisted with full support, surprising flexibility, the best weather forecasts, spare oxygen, email and plenty of other services. Above all we are dedicated to safety and success.

Nepal: 9 Apr-5 June, ~58 days -- +Phil Crampton -- US$35,000
Team: Joe Bonner, Valerie Parkinson**, +Pam Westgate, Ian Rogers**
Support crew: Sarki (cook), Dawa Gelje (logistics), Tawa (ABC cook), Pasang Tendi, Da'Pasang, Mingma Lhakpa, +Pasang
Sherpa crew: Pasang Gombu, Tarke, Mindu, +Chewang Palden
Summit: 19 May 2009 Phil Crampton; 21 May Pam Westgate & Chewang Palden
Safety: We could have done better; Valerie has some frostbit on her downhill foot from summit day.
[Joe was evacuated with blood clots in a leg, Pam was evacuated with a possible bleeding ulcer that wasn't and returned to summit]

See the Project Himalaya dispatches link page and also see Phil's dispatches.

+ Everest expedition support

Enjoy quality BC and ABC support with backup built in. This option is only available for teams with previous 8000m experience.

Nepal: 9 Apr-5 June, ~58 days -- Manager: Phil Crampton, Sarki and Dawa Gelje
BC-ABC support: Mike Farris**
Team support: +Scott Woolums guiding +Brian and +Johnny Strang
Crew: +Namgyal (assistant guide), +Temba, Nawang Geden, Pasang Gyelu, +Da'Oangchu, +Jangbu
[Safety: Mike Farris had an epic, watch for the book!]
[Safety: Scott Woolums once again proved is one of the best Everest guides, no dramas and everyone summitted]

Shishapangma Expedition support - Tibet

This is a small expedition for independent climbers, ie BC-ABC support only, although good sherpas are available.

Apr-May, 45 days -- BC-ABC support -- US$ please ask
Team: Andrew Lock, Hector Ponce de Leon, Mark Hose
Crew: Kami, Nima Tenzi

Cancelled by Andrew. Initially we planned entry on 9 April and when this was pushed out to 11 April with some uncertainty, and unsure signals from Tibet, Andrew and Hector bailed. As it happened in the end a couple of expeditions entered Tibet on 14 April.

Lhakpa Ri 7045m - Tibet

In the shadow of Everest we climb high!

9-31 May, 23 days -- expedition-style -- US$4950
Crew: Sange (climbing sherpa), Kami (cook and climbing sherpa)

Around Dhaulagiri - Nepal

A private trek with Klara to visit friends at Dhaulagiri BC.

7-22 Apr -- light expedition style -- Jamie
Team: Klara Holubova** and Jamie

This trek was tough and dangerous, needing ropes, and this 4th time around this circuit reinforces my opinion that this is the toughest and most dangerous of "standard" treks.

At Dhaulagiri BC

L-R: David Fojtik, Pavela, Tunc Findik, Mehdi Etemadfar and Klara with the only flowers at Dhaulagiri BC - Jamie

David and Pavela are friends of Klara's from the Czech Republic, and together they trekked the Annapurna Circuit before this. I climbed Broad Peak with Mehdi in 2004 and I am sure we will see Tunc around. Also a big thanks to the Indian Army team, the Colonel, Major and Captain, and Da'Yula for their hospitality at BC.

Jamie writes: I flew to Jomsom and met Klara. Marpha retains its old charm, and the reputation for good food still applies. Hidden Valley's reputation as a tough, dangerous place is also intact, with Pavela and David rebuffed by snow before getting into Hidden Valley so to join their Dhaulagiri expedition the two kitchen crew with them suggested around the other way, ie trek up from Beni. We joined them rather than trying to battle the snow.

We jeeped in the rain to Ghasa and stayed the night in the better lodge and then caught the bus from there to Beni. We were motioned just to hop on the bus, pay on it rather than a ticket from the counter, the reason being they charged us double and still wasted our time, at Beni the driver was kind enough to drop us across town where we could catch the bus to Darbang though. So we continued, despite threatening skies. Buying umbrellas here seemed to stave off the actual rain though. We dossed in Bima Khara in the one pseudo-lodge there, the mother moving her kids out to sleep on the floor (on mattresses though) while we slept in their beds. The dal bhaat was superb and their hospitality much appreciated, and typical of the trek we were later to find.

We took the shortcut on lesser-used trails to the last real village, Boghara, missing the scenic main route through Takum.

More sometime...

Unfortunately Mehdi, above, died while climbing Dhaulagiri. I won't get to meet this friend in the mountains any more.

North Col 7010m - Tibet

In the shadow of Everest we climb high! (and have a Nepal backup plan).

26 Apr-22 May, 27 days -- expedition-style -- US$8850
Nepal icefall Camp 2 backup: 26 Apr-22 May, 27 days -- US$5980

This was always uncertain due to Tibet being closed during March. In the end we suggested the two people who wanted to come with us, go with Jagged Globe instead.

2009 Spring treks

Remote Limi & Saga Dawa Kailash Trek - Humla, Nepal & Tibet

Mystical Humla & the Nyinba Valley in far-western Nepal hosts the most colorful Saga Dawa festival in the Tibetan Buddhist world. We trek the remote Limi Valley route to the Tibet border, cleans our sins with the spectacular Kailash Kora trek, visit Tirthapuri and the ruins of ancient Kyunglung (Zhangzhung Kingdom) and drive along the Himalayan range to reach exotic Lhasa.

1 June-1 July, 31 days -- expedition-style -- Kim Bannister -- US$4680
Cancelled and substituted with Nomads, Lakes & High Passes (see above)

What nightmare with China-Tibet issues and unclear visa rules, then finally Simikot airport is being upgraded and flights there are restricted only to a couple of days a week. All this just put too much uncertainty and so the trip was cancelled and people already booked were either refunded or the chose another trek.

Mustang - Beyond Lo Manthang - Nepal

Formerly the Kingdom of Lo, Mustang is a remote, borderland Tibetan region of medieval villages, ancient cave hermitages, Buddhist monasteries, arid, high desert, wild rock formations, canyons, fossils and soaring snow-peaks. Our 'off-the-map' journey through this majestic Himalayan kingdom is a other-worldly experience, a spectacular trek from first to last day.

3-23 May, 21 days -- expedition-style -- Kim Bannister -- US$3580
Team: Mesa, Linda & Juri

*** Kim

Kanchenjunga Adventure - Nepal

From the middle hills to delightful Olangchung Gola then over the scenic Nango La to the highs of Kanchenjunga base camp; a switch from Sikkim to Nepal.

9 April-3 May, 25 days -- expedition style -- Joel Schone -- US$2850

High Route Around Manaslu - Nepal

The absolute best of Nepal and Tibet, a trek of amazing ethnic and scenic diversity, still relatively un-trekked; the lush rice paddies and traditional villages of Nepal's middle hills lead to purely Tibetan villages, high Himalayan passes, spectacular snow-peak panoramas and wonderful campsites. Remote trekking, and one of Nepal's best kept secrets ...

2-25 April, 24 days -- expedition-style and teahouse -- Kim Bannister -- US$2980
Team: Jennelle**, Justin, Uta, Erik & Kari***, Spencer & Don


Kanchenjunga Trek - Sikkim, India

A flight the length of the Himalaya to the ancient Buddhist kingdom of Sikkim, and the classic trek to the Goecha La (pass) with its unrivalled views of Kanchenjunga - add to this a night in the Raj era Windamere in Darjeeling and you have the perfect Himalayan interlude.

24 Mar-7 Apr, 15 days -- expedition-style -- Joel Schone -- US$2250

Everest Spring High Passes Trek - Nepal

The best, virtually all, of the Everest region; we cross the Cho La & Renjo La passes (with a Kongma La option), explore the spectacular Gokyo lakes region, climb Gokyo Ri and Kala Pattar, visit Everest Base Camp, the Chukhung & Thame valleys, relaxing in cozy Sherpa lodges en route.

1-25 March, 25 days -- teahouse trekking -- Kim Bannister -- US$2580
Team: Jackie S, Russ R, Katie & Shanda**

2009 Winter

+ Aconcagua Expedition - PH

Project Himalaya runs their first Aconcagua Expedition in preparation for an 8000m Preparation expedition...

7-27 Feb, 21 days -- all trekking and mountain services -- +Jamie McGuinness -- US$3650+~$325
Team: +Klara Holubova*

Success! See the Aconcagua galleries on this site and also see Jamie's Picasa Gallery.

Ice walk; The Chadar Expedition - India

The most challenging and exciting trek on our planet - once again we take to the frozen Zanskar river on the route taken by centuries of traders.

16 Jan-10 Feb, 26 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$3650
Team: Piotr*, Hauke, Manish**, Jerry and Ali*******

The 2009 Chadar team

The Chadar team minus Manish. From left Ali, Jerry, Hauke and Piotr - photo by Joel

A wonderful start to the year as the Chadar and Zanskar threw everything at us that it had, from delays flying up, to bad weather that saw us waiting at Neraks for sun so that snow would clear from the gorge walls - we got the sun, and Joel got the avalanche (see diary soon) but we pushed on into the central Zanskar plateau and had some truly glorious days - a heartfelt thank you to a superb, mature team that took it all in their stride.

Jerry wrote:

"Glad to hear you escaped from the hospital. Is the pin meant to be permanent? Did it go in during that one trip to the operating room or did they take you back again? I still feel badly that I did not encourage you to allow the porter- orthopedic surgeon to put you on the torture rack and try to fix it. Can't remember if you guys were going to Goa; keep the sand out of the wound!

It is four AM here and still experiencing the joys of jet lag, only today I must return to work. I have been struggling to keep my India frame of mind intact by moving in slow motion and doing nothing other than slowly unpacking, studying the variety of dirt that is attached to my gear and drinking tea with the chai masala powder. I never could duplicate at home what I always had in India until now; I should have bought pounds of the stuff. Thanks for a superb trip. There obviously is no one else out there with your experience and contacts to make such a difficult undertaking so enjoyable and be such a great travelling companion."

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