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Our 2006 treks and expeditions

Here is a list of treks and expeditions we have previously advertised.
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It may appear that we spend our entire lives trekking. You would be almost right!

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* means these wonderful people have trekked multiple times with us.
+ means summitted the expedition peak, see our Expedition history for more details.

2006 Autumn expeditions

- Shishapangma Expedition 8027m - PH

Our 2005 expedition was very successful with 6 out of 8 members up to the Central summit, and our Cho Oyu plus Shishapangma team also succeeding on both peaks. This season we want to climb the central summit and also some of us get to the main summit. Last year we were very close, this year we will succeed! Shishapangma is a straightforward mountain, with an exciting semi-technical summit day.

Lhasa start: 30 Aug-15 Oct, 47 days -- Guide manager: Jamie McGuinness -- US$10,500 + $600 safety deposit
Team: Clive Jones*, Walter S, Hans Hurvig.
Sherpas: Dawa Gelje and Namgyal. Kitchen: Sarki, Dorje and Da'Nuru.
Safety: no injuries

Read the dispatches and see the photos. We didn't summit due to avalanche danger on summit day.

Shishapangma BC-ABC services

We provide support you can trust with backup built it.

2 Sept-15 Oct, 44 days -- ask for details
Team 1: +Iņaki Ochoa de Olza, Corinne Keller**, Bob Jen.
Team 2: Mark Hose*.

Read the dispatches and see the photos. Iņaki climbed the Main summit by a new route in difficult conditions, making it his 11th 8000m summit, only three more to go. It was quite a climbing feat by any standards, and all the more so because he climbed in atrocious conditions.

2006 Fall India and Nepal treks

Everest High Passes Trek - Nepal

The best - virtually all - of the Everest region; we cross the Cho La and the Renjo La, explore the spectacular Gokyo lakes region, climb Gokyo Ri and Kala Pattar, visit Everest Base Camp, Chukhung, and more, relaxing in cozy Sherpa lodges en route.

24 Nov-18 Dec, 25 days -- teahouse trekking -- leader: Kim Bannister -- US$2350
Team: Bill C, John C and Pik C***.

Kanchenjunga Sikkim

A kaleidoscope of images in this late autumn journey to this Himalayan kingdom; and a high point with stunning views of the Kanchenjunga massif.

19 Nov-2 Dec, 14 days -- expedition style -- leader: Joel -- $1980
Team: Alison Tucker****

Within 24 hours of a pre-dawn arrival at Delhi with our Nanda Devi group, Alison and I were flying the length of the Himalaya to Sikkim, the tiny Himalayan kingdom sandwiched between Nepal and Bhutan. Despite a previous visit 20 years ago, nothing prepared me for the forested beauty of the hillsides, even through the pouring rain as we slogged up muddy trails, and nothing prepared us for the sheer ethereal beauty of the peaks, shyly greeting us through low mist and cloud at first, then in full, stunning, awe inspiring beauty as we took a torch lit 3 am start for the Goecha La and sat and marveled at the huge south face of Kanchenjunga. Sikkim is incredible, with the loveliest middle hills, well maintained trails and a strict campsite policy that keeps the upper pastures that lead to the high places pristine as all sacred places should be. Along with our other recent Indian delight, Nanda Devi, a place to return to soon.

Thanks to our new friends in Sikkim, Bikash, Purna, Sagar, Bhim, Sanjay and the team, and all the many Gods living on the Sikkimese heights, for being so good to Alison and I.

L to R: Purna, Sagar, Bim, Bahadur, Sanjay, and Alison

Nanda Devi Pilgrimage

The high pastures and peaks on the approaches to the 7000m plus sister peaks of Nanda Devi east and Nanda Devi are unspoilt wonders in this untouched corner of the Indian Himalaya. Details to come.

31 Oct-19 Nov, 20 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- $1980
Team: Alison Tucker***, Dennis Brooks, Kit Sin

Our Indian autumn started with Alison from the UK, Dennis from the USA and Kit from Malaysia heading for the lakeside resort of Nanital, then on to Munsiari where Lobsang and Tenpa greeted us with dinner. Our fifth outing along the old trade route to Tibet was blessed with superb weather as we forded the Lwanl Gad, and made our way along exposed trails to a true sanctuary in the hills, Nanda Devi East Base camp, beautiful wide pastures in autumn colours to complement the massed snow and rock above. Then on to the Pachu valley for more views and delightful camps, and time to explore the old flagstone lanes of Milam, Martoli and Pachu.

So many thanks to our great Nanda team, Gopal, "Bill Murray", the 70 year old horseman, Big Agnes, Nosh from Australia, who was backpacking the PH itinerary (not Gosh, Alison!!) Jody the Scot, and Dennis and Kit, tyro trekkers who coped with humour with their first trek; and of course Lobsang, Tenpa, and Alison.

Kanchen Gola Wild *exploratory

Jamie's 6th 42 day exploratory trek in the region!! We visit the north base camp, the show-stealing Jannu BC and attempt a complex of 6000m peaks, lastly we take the most remote high route over from Kanchenjunga to Makalu.

17 Oct-27 Nov, 42 days -- expedition style -- leader: Jamie McGuinness -- US$2950 -- trip full
Team: Clive C** and Catherine P**, Falko* and Mieke*, Paul Murrill*. (Simona twisted her ankle just prior).

"Once in a lifetime experience." Pick a rural house in remote Nepal and stay the night, observe the life just as it is, chang and all; Meike and Falko wanted to and we did. And had plenty of other once-in-a-lifetime experiences, including seeing a Yellow-throated Marten loping along and being the first? trekking group to make the Umbak La, Border Post 78 (as we were with three other passes in the region).

The weather wasn't kind and so we couldn't make Topke Gola (so still one 'Gola' to go), but we did make Thudam again and take that extreme high route again, and follow the Arun out. The crew, porters and and sherpas and kitchen were total superstars, nothing ran out and even bed tea was not a minute early or late, ever. I can't say enough to praise the hard work put in.

Our Kanchen Gola Exploratory trek team at the end

Kanchenjunga Double Magic

Huge rewards for those intrepid enough; unsullied culture and scenery to rival the Everest region. A classic trek, classic expedition style from the middle hills to the base camps where avalanches rumble and glaciers groan on the world's #3.

17 Oct-13 Nov -- expedition style -- leaders: Jamie McGuinness and Namgyal Sherpa -- US$2650
Team: Glen K* and Jane M. Sirdar: Gomba.

Remote Nar Phu

Just off the Annapurna Circuit we trek back in time and discover these 'hidden valleys' of high peaks and passes, glaciers, remote villages, narrow canyons, lovely forests, amazing rock formations, yaks, gompas and unique Himalayan cultures.

30 Oct-21 Nov, 23 days -- expedition-style & teahouse trekking -- leader: Kim Bannister -- US$2480
Team: Markus**, Christine** combined with the trips below.

A great journey with a wonderful group of people; Markus and Christine joined our Manaslu group at Dharapani the day before Richard headed back down valley to Kathmandu. We headed up the remote Nar Phu valley to Phu, where we camped in the middle of the village, to experience the real Phu culture, and the Phu dust and dirt which coated our dining tent, tents and every single thing.

Nar was as amazing as ever, a kaleidoscope of colors, village activities, Buddhist pujas, local Nar inhabitants, yaks, goats and prayer flags; we had a great time exploring the village. The 5400m Kang La was a challenge, but rewarding once at the top; the mountain panoramas looking back towards Manaslu and over to the Annapurna range were incredible. One more time over the Thorung La, and the trek came to a close in lower Mustang, over a few cold beers. Thanks to all of you for such a great trek!

Manaslu High - Nepal

Trek into a tableau of ancient Tibet, nestled under snow-peaks at the border of Tibet. We start with the high Manaslu route to the Nubri Valley, cross the Larkya La and finish with some tea-house trekking in the lower Annapurna.

15 Oct-8 Nov, 25 days -- expedition style & teahouse trekking -- leader: Kim Bannister -- US$2880
Team: Richard K**; combined with the trek above and below.

What a team these four made; Richard bear-hugging everyone in the dining tent and 'loving' the staff, Marianne naming (and re-naming) the porters, day after day, Ornella passing out gourmet chocolate throughout the trip and dancing with the boys and Geoff naming the 60s and 70s tunes flawlessly (and carrying on the 'loving' when Richard left). It was a pleasure each evening to enter the dining tent! We had a snowy crossing of the Lharkya La, as seen above, and a slippery descent, but besides this day the weather was nearly flawless. The Gurung villages along the high route were incredible, as were the ascents and descents, and the campsites spectacular. The Tibetan villages higher up were wonderful; we were lucky enough to sit in on a house-hold puja at a 'trulku's' house in Samdo, a real Tibetan experience. A daytrip up the Chen La to the border of Tibet was our first 5000 meter pass, and a step back into time as we traveled with several yak caravans loaded with wood, headed over the border into Tibet. Thanks to Geoff, Marianne, Ornella & Richard (as well as our staff) for a perfect trek, for bonding so wonderfully with our staff, for being great company and for becoming good friends ...

Manaslu High & Nar Phu - Nepal

Trek into a tableau of ancient Tibet, nestled under snow-peaks at the border of Tibet. We start with the high Manaslu route to the Nubri Valley, cross the Larkya La and climb to the remote villages of Nar & Phu at the farthest reaches of Manang district. Two more 5300m passes later, we emerge into lower Mustang via the Annapurna route.

15 Oct-20 Nov, 37 days -- expedition style & teahouse trekking -- leader: Kim Bannister -- $3680
Team: Ornella C**, Geoff and Marianne; combined with the two trips above.

Ornella said: "It was a pleasure trekking with you, Lhakpa and the rest of the crew. You've all made it very special and very memorable. We had a wonderful team and everyone got along beautifully. Thank you for taking the time to give us background info/history on the different villages, villagers/cultures, religions, mountains, carpet patterns, jewelry, food ... You gave so much of yourself throughout the trek. I can't tell you how much I appreciated it all."

??, Geoff, Kim and Ornella - photo by ?

Everest Gokyo Trail

A delightful autumn journey to thde land of the Sherpas; beautiful walking to the turquoise Gokyo lakes, the Renjo La pass - and a fascinating culture that still endures.

11-29 Oct, 19 days -- teahouse trekking -- Leader: Joel Schone -- $1780
Team: Joe and Brenna Stein

2006 India Summer

Lost Worlds of the Jumlam

The Jumlam or ‘middle way’ is an incredibly scenic trek traversing from the Indus valley to the ancient kingdom of Zangla via a network of stunning, precipitous gorges, canyons and remote passes. Wild.

10 Sept-1 Oct, 22 days -- expedition-style -- leader: Joel and/or Kim -- US$2280
Team: Cathy, Dale, Betsey, Samuel, Terry, Martin & Bob.

The Jumlam is always deceptively tough, and this year was no exception - tummy bugs took their toll, and we slowed to a stop before our first pass to recover - then, as ever, the sun shone and we all enjoyed this incredible exploration of this special set of valleys. A true autumn delight.

Ancient Trails of Ladakh

The very best of Ladakh; starting with a visit to Alchi Gompa, we complete a circuit of the spectacular valleys, remote villages, Buddhist gompas and dramatic, high passes of Ladakh, trekking all the way to Lamayuru Gompa.

12 Aug-8 Sept, 28 days -- expedition-style -- leaders: Joel and/or Kim -- US$2680
Team: Lou, Ger, Daireen, Erin, David, Jeff, Carsten, Andrea & Martin

Old friends and new...all joining in the perfect Project-Himalaya mix on this superb trek of remote valleys and beautiful monasteries - it really does not get any better. Lou, Ger & Daireen all did parts of the trip, and Lou and Kim had quite an adventure going back.

See Carsten Nebel's travelogue, Ancient Trails and Passes, from Ladakh to Zanskar.

Kang Yatze Expedition

We begin with the Markha Valley then head off around Nimaling to explore and acclimatize to build up for the ascent of Kang Yatze. This is a stunning 6400m peak, and a relatively straightforward climb using fixed ropes in a couple of places.

23 July-15 Aug, 24 days -- expedition style -- leader: Jamie McGuinness -- US$2680
Team: Robert Wedum, Martin Davis*, Raewyn Moss*, Miriam** and shorter trek: Netti, Nicole and Anna.

Believe in global warming. Heat, rain, thunderstorms, hail and more rain; the wettest July and August in memory in the region. Yet we trekked thru with amazing timing, setting up camp just before the afternoon thunderstorm, wading rivers as their were at their raging lowest. Timing was everything with the hills too; we were peppered with afternoon hail a few times. Climbing was out as we just stayed at the safest camps and bided our time. Even with 9 days for climbing-exploring the weather outlasted us. But despite all the bad weather we had rum evenings and a good time.

L-R: Jamie, Thinleys (assistant guide), Netti, Nicole, Martin, Raewyn*
Nedup (guide), Miriam* and Anna. (Missing Robert).
Three of the women joined for the trek.

The tough team at the end, Prem (kitchen hand), top left and our cook, Rahul, bottom right, and Robert with the grey beard.

Markha Valley Beyond - Ladakh

The Markha valley, one of the great treks of the Himalaya, paired with the nomadic region of Kharnak. This trek has evolved from years of experience in this region of whitewashed villages, forts and gompas. Fits with Caravan.

8-24 July, 17 days -- expedition-style -- Joel Schone -- US$1980
Team: David, Carol, Lauren, Rory, Ann, Adam, Regula, Sarah, Tom & Duncan

A false start for us as Joel returned from a fast visit to the USA to have all of us offloaded from our Leh flight because of the heat wave in Leh...but next day we were on our way - it just happened our luggage made it the day we left for the trek after coming overland...and that stilton in my (Joel's) bag was ripe...after a boisterous group to start our season, this was a mellow, quiet, and appreciative group. Carol made a lot of it on horseback, the weather was amazing, and Lauren got her luggage back eventually!

L-R: Joel, Carol, Lauren, Regula, Duncan, Tom, Ann, Adam and Sarah and Rory
- team photo by David Koelle

Nomads & Caravans of the Changthang - Ladakh

A timeless journey through the nomadic grazing regions of the Changthang, we trek along wide valleys, past ancient forts and over high passes to the turquoise Lake Tso Moriri and on to Lake Thadsang Karu.

8 July-6 Aug, 30 days -- expedition-style -- Kim Bannister -- US$2680


Hemis Festival Extension - Ladakh

The Hemis festival is one of the highlights of the Tibetan Buddhist world, a colorful lama dance held once a year to usher in an auspicious new year. For those with extra time, don't miss it! Book early; hotels and flights fill quickly.

4-7 July, 4 days extra before Caravans or Markha Valley trek -- Kim and Joel -- US$180

Zanskar Spring - Ladakh & Zanskar

Our adventurous Spring trek traversing the remote Kingdom of Zanskar, crossing nine high passes. Ancient trade routes through remote valleys where bears, ibex and blue sheep roam make this trek a truly Himalayan journey.

3 June-2 July, 30 days -- expedition-style -- leaders: Joel (& Kim) -- US$2680
Team: Richard, Steve, Alex, Bob, Trish, Katy, Tom, Sarah, Liana, Marianna, John, Jerry and Jane

An incredibly diverse team from 23 to 70...Brits, Russians, Aussies and Americans with no less then three doctors. The dining tent was a buzz of laughter every night, and we got through atrocious weather early on to hit the Zanskar heat after Padum - an enjoyable and memorable group to kick off the season. Burning an image of my (Joel's) board shorts brought the bad weather to an end!

2006 Nepal, Tibet and Sikkim Spring

Saga Dawa Kailash & Guge Kingdom - Tibet

The breath-taking kora of Mount Kailash is the ultimate pilgrimage for Tibetans and Hindus alike. Add a spectacular jeep journey to the ancient Guge Kingdom in far-west Tibet, the Saga Dawa festival, Tibetan nomads, Buddhist lamas and extra days in Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse and Kathmandu for the journey of a lifetime!

24 May-21 June, 29 days -- expedition-style -- organizer: Kim Bannister -- leaders: local -- US$3180


Nanda Devi Pilgrimage - India

Remote, mythical, and at 7816m Nanda Devi is the highest peak in the Indian Himalaya. Approached on the old trade route to Tibet, this trek, seventy years after it was first climbed, is a wonderful combination of green lush valleys, high pastures and passes in the shadow of the peak. Not the closed inner sanctuary, but the next best thing! And a great way to beat the troubles in Nepal.

29 Apr-19 May, 21 days -- expedition style -- leader: Joel Schone -- US$1880
Team: Tom, Lauren, Paul and Cliff with Kim Bannister.

We traveled and trekked to the eastern side of the Nanda Devi sanctuary; wonderful days trekking, stunning campsites, and the best mountain views; another great group...

From left among the crew, Tom, Paul, Lobsang, Lauren and Cliff; front row Kim

Everest ABC Trek 6400m - Tibet

We touch Everest on the highest trek in the world! See below.

20 Apr-10 May, 21 days -- expedition-style -- organizer-leader: Joe Pilaar
Team: Maria K, Linnea C, Eric C and David S. Cook: Megh. Sherpas: Pura Gelu, Jamie Mcg.

Together with the trip below.

Everest North Col 7000m - Tibet

We push the highest trek with a day climbing 7000m high to the North Col on the expedition fixed ropes. Operated by CHE (Canadian Himalayan Expeditions) and run by director of CHE, Joe Pilaar (a good friend).

20 Apr-13 May, 24 days -- expedition-style -- organizer-leader: + Joe Pilaar
Team: + Erica F, Jerry C***, + Troy Smereka, + Bruce F and Rick C ( + reached North Col).

A good trip was had by all. Eric C had a few adventures and knows, like our Everest summiteers, what it is like to suck on oxygen, his raging chest infection needed the strong treatment, but all ended well. Four of the team topped out on North Col and everyone had a real expedition experience.

CHE's Everest ABC and North Col climb:
Erica climbs the second ladder (actually 4 tied together) just before the second group of North Col tents

PH Everest Expedition: Dawa (centre) and a happy team on top of Everest
L-R: Chewang Palden, Pasang Gomba, Kami Dorje, behind standing Anne Parmenter, Dawa Gelje, Mindu Tsheri, Tarke,
five out of the eight sherpas that summitted

Panasonic Toughbook Everest Peace Project expedition: Mica tops out on Everest! Six members and five sherpas topped out.

+ 2006 Everest Expedition - Tibet - PH w DCXP

This year our service will be guided with full support, comprehensive and reliable with rescue planned for, plenty of oxygen, email and many other services too. We begin with a trek on the south side of Everest then head to Tibet 'late', but can still summit as early as 13 May - or as late as 6 June.

3 Apr-10 June, 69 days -- full support -- Guide-manager: +Scott Woolums with assistance from +Jamie -- US$22,000 -- expedition full
Team: +Fredrik Strang (hoping for 7 summits on 7 continents in 7 months), Marnie Pearsall, +Laurie Bagley, Mike Rapoport
Mike Kodas, +Anne Parmenter, Bill Driggs, Iņigo de Pineda**, +Chris Klinke***, Kevin Moore, Hugo Searle** and +Johan F.
ABC support: Carolyn Moreau.
Sherpas: +Dawa Gelje, +Tarke, +Pasang Gomba, +Pasang Gelu, +Chewang Palden, +Kami Dorje, +Mindu and +Nim Chiri;
not allowed to summit but capable: Nima Tenzi, Pura Gyelu, Pemba Chiri and Pemba Gomba. Pasang Dorje returned early sick with a stomach ulcer
Kitchen crew: Temba, Sarki, Norbu, Tsering Dorje, Da'Nuru, Namgya, Da'Chungda.
Safety: no injuries on our team. It was a bad year for many other expeditions with nine deaths and many, many cases of frostbite on the north side.

What an expedition - we had a great team of people, see our expedition dispatches. Our expedition had no injuries while there were nine deaths on the North Side. Our sherpa team helped with rescues but otherwise steered clear of trouble.

+ 2006 Everest Peace Expedition - EH and independent

Spreading peace and religious tolerance around the world, sponsored by Panasonic Toughbooks and others. Yes, this will be a high profile expedition! Jamie is the climbing director, and the Atheist climber. We have a Palestinian climber, Ali Bushnaq and two Israelis, Dudu and Mica. Gautam, the Hindu on the team, hopes to become the first Indian to complete the seven summits.

4 Apr-10 June, 68 days -- Leader: Lance Trumbull -- Climbing leader: + Jamie McGuinness
Team: Gautam Patil, Ali Bushnaq, +David "Dudu" Yifrah (2nd Israeli to summit), +Mica Yaniv (3rd Israeli to summit), +Tonya Riggs, +Selebelo Selamolela (2nd black African to summit), +Brad Clement and +Namgyal Sherpa.
Sherpas: +Dawa G, +Da'Yula, +Lhakpa, Da'Wangchu, Pur Tenji, Sange, Nuri Jangbu (returned early) and +Namgyal above.
Crew: Merman, Tawa, Dorje, Norbu, Norbu, Karsang and Nawang Tseri.
Safety: Selebelo received some frostbite. I (Jamie) should not have let him climb, so my mistake. However he did summit, the 2nd black African to summit Everest. Micha also got frostbitten toes, but his own fault as in Kathmandu I clearly told him that his boots were not warm enough.

See the Everest Peace Project website. Also see Jamie's dispatches relating to both expeditions, and great summit photos.

**The DVD is out and it is inspiring, amazingly professional and a great tale - worth watching! See the EPP site.

Nanda Devi Pilgrimage - India

Remote, mythical, and at 7816m Nanda Devi is the highest peak in the Indian Himalaya. Approached on the old trade route to Tibet, this trek, seventy years after it was first climbed, is a wonderful combination of green lush valleys, high pastures and passes in the shadow of the peak. Not the closed inner sanctuary, but the next best thing!

8-28 Apr, 21 days -- expedition style -- Joel Schone -- US$1880
Team: Steve** and Lois**.

We took an incredible middle hills route to the southern wall of the Nanda Devi sanctuary; incredible spring hailstorms, beautiful forests, and too many high points to describe.

Steve, Lois and Joel at Zero Point with Nanda Kot behind

Classic Khumbu

Experience the Sherpa high country and the incredible mountains during the expedition season. This is the warm up trek for our Everest Expedition, mainly for friends of the expedition team members.

3-21 Apr, 19 days -- teahouse trekking -- leader: Scott Woolums -- US$1980 -- trek full
Team Nancy Driscoll, Jack Moore and the 12 Everest expedition members

Remote Nar Phu

Just off the Annapurna Circuit we trek back in time and discover these 'hidden valleys' of high peaks and passes, glaciers, remote villages, narrow canyons, lovely forests, amazing rock formations, yaks, gompas and unique Himalayan cultures.

3-25 Apr, 23 days -- expedition-style -- leader: Wanda Vivequin -- US$1950

Everest High Passes Trek - Nepal

The best - virtually all - of the Everest region; we cross the Cho La and the Renjo La, explore the spectacular Gokyo lakes region, climb Gokyo Ri and Kala Pattar, visit Everest Base Camp, Chukhung, and more, relaxing in cozy Sherpa lodges en route.

26 Mar-19 Apr, 25 days -- teahouse trekking -- leader: Kim Bannister -- US$2280
Team: to come

Hidden Himalaya - Sikkim - India

This trek is a perfect introduction to this wonderful Buddhist kingdom, it's monasteries, and one of the classic Himalayan treks, to the Goecha La (pass) at just on 5000m, for the views of Kanchenjunga.

18 Mar-1Apr, 15 days -- expedition style -- leader: Joel -- $1980

Cancelled due to commitments to an aging family.

2006 Chadar expeditions

Colours and Palaces of the Desert - our Rajasthan Extension

Rajasthan as spring starts warming it up - ancient fortress cities, desert sunsets, and a two day camel safari.

27 Feb-8 Mar, 10 days -- Joel Schone -- US$800

Cancelled due to commitments to an aging family.

Ladakh Winter Panorama - India

Want to see Ladakh in winter but not up for an expedition? Then join our winter holiday in Leh; the ancient monasteries of the Indus valley, two days on the Chadar ice and a beautiful medium altitude trek staying with Ladakhi families.

15-28 Feb, 14 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$1980

Cancelled due to commitments to an aging family.

Chadar Trade Route Expedition - India

This trek has everything you could want of a winter expedition, with challenging days trekking, the beautiful gorges and monasteries of Zanskar, and time built in to ensure you get the full taste of this ancient kingdom in wintertime.

20 Jan-14 Feb, 26 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$2880

Cancelled due to commitments to an aging family.

Chadar Expedition - India

The winter trek along the Zanskar is an adrenaline packed ride, and one of the great adventures of the world. Join us to trek this demanding route into a remote Himalayan kingdom in winter as the frost smoke wreathes the Indus valley.

30 Dec-15 Jan, 17 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$2450
Team: Denio and Raquel, and Laurence

We had snow, too warm temperatures (take your gloves off at lunch), hard freezing, and sunny skies, which Chadar veterans will tell you could be a mite tricky. It was, but we were the first, local or foreign, group to penetrate the gorges this year, which rewarded us with stunning views.

We got through because we had the best porters and crew, and a GREAT team of people; it was really a shared experience, from knee deep ice water to rock climbing seminars. And a great deal of shared laughter in the evening. Thank you, and come back soon.

Top: Joel; middle: Denio and Stanzin; bottom: Raquel, Norbu and Laurence

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