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Our 2010 previous treks and expeditions

Here is a list of treks and expeditions we have previously advertised.
We have archived our treks pre 2010 here in our 2010 design...

See Our treks for current treks.

* means these wonderful people have trekked multiple times with us.
+ means summitted the expedition peak.

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2010 Christmas

Joel's Chorten Consecration

We consecrate Joel's chorten just above Pangboche.

Team: Ali, Kim, Jamie, Luke, Richard K and Shosh

Sadly we said goodbye to Joel in the Everest region. Kim has a photo gallery of the consecration.


Where Joel died and other memories - by Jamie The one year send off Puja for Joel - by Jamie 2010 Joel's Consecration Picasa slideshow - by Jamie

Wild Everest: Arun Valley to Gokyo Lakes - Nepal

Early Everest expeditions pioneered this incredible trek through the lush, traditional hill villages of the Arun Salpa valley, crossing high ridges separated by glacial rivers to reach the alpine Solo Khumbu. From Lukla in Everest region we journey to the turquoise Gokyo Lakes, staying in cozy Sherpa lodges en route. Join us for Christmas & New Year!

10 Dec-5 Jan, 27 days -- expedition style & teahouse trekking -- Kim & Lhakpa -- US$3080 -- cancelled for the above

2010 Autumn

We trek Nepal's most special remote places during peak season then head to the Everest region once most trekkers have left - but the weather is still perfect.

+ Aussie Island Peak Expedition - private

Classic Everest trek with Kala Pattar, Everest BC, Island Peak (Imja Tse) - tick. Add in camping by the Kongma La lakes for an awesome sunset-sunrise, and extra time to acclimatize, we hope it is the trip of a lifetime!

12 Nov-3 Dec, 22 days -- teahouse trekking-expedition climb -- +Luke Smithwick -- closed
Team: +Andy Calder, +Dan W, +Stuart J, +Tom and +Ray and +Henry Dawson, +Dave P and +James L (Jessica trekked independently in the end)

"Bloody awesome!" was the basic comment from the team, and everybody summitted, an impressive record. As was the amount of beer drunk!

2010 Australian Island Peak team

L-R: Andy, Henry, Ray (in front), Dan, Tom, Stu and Dave (James missing) - photo by Luke

Everest High Passes Trek - Nepal

The best, virtually all, of the Everest region; we cross the Cho La & Renjo La passes (with a Kongma La option), explore the spectacular Gokyo lakes region, climb Gokyo Ri and Kala Pattar, visit Everest Base Camp, the Chukhung & Thame valleys, relaxing in cozy Sherpa lodges en route.

7 Nov-1 Dec, 25 days -- teahouse trekking -- Kim Bannister -- US$2580 -- full
Team: Anne H**, David H**, John B, TJ K, Tom K, Susan B, Thomas P, Elena S, Lana H, Martin O, Fung T, Laurie C, Paul B & Nicky C
Crew: Kim & Lhakpa (guides), Junar, Suresh & Yamo (sherpas), Kaila (yakman) & Double Trouble (porters)

Annapurna Peaks & Villages Trek *introductory

A classic tea-house (lodge) trek through the terraced valleys and traditional villages of Nepal's middle-hills, with spectacular panoramas of the Annapurnas and near-by snow-peaks from Poon Hill (among many spots), all in two weeks.

7-20 Nov, 14 days -- tea-house trekking -- Kiran Giri -- $1440
With Chitwan Wildlife & Raft Extension: 7-24 Nov, 18 days -- US$1880
Team: Hayley
Crew: Kiran (guide) & Maile (porter)

Inner Dolpo & Shey Phoksumdo Lake Trek - Nepal

Inner Dolpo, a mythical region of yaks, high plateaus, snow-peaks, high passes and villagers living a traditional 'Tibetan' life, is one of our favorite destinations in the Himalaya, a remote, challenging and incredibly scenic Himalayan trek. Join us for our third year of exploration with Thinle!

1-31 Oct, 31 days -- expedition-style -- Kim & Lhakpa -- US$4780
Changed to Mustang Exploratory: Rein G***, Susi S****, Raquel***, Denio*** & Bob C
Crew: Kim & Lhakpa (guides), Junar (cook), Suresh & Kiran (sherpas)

L-R: Rein, Denio, Raquel, Bob, Lhakpa, Susi & Kiran - Photo by Kim

+ GHT Mustang and Saribung Wild

We start with Upper Mustang to fabled Lo Manthang, the last functioning walled city in the world, then climb Saribung, a straightforward 6328m peak, and cross a glaciated pass to the Nar-Phu Valley with some exploring in between. And add on around Manaslu at the end, if you like for a real GHT experience!

18 Sept-21 Oct, 34 days -- expedition style -- +Jamie McGuinness -- US$3950
Team: +Paul Murrill***, +Matthias Loeu (and Richard B and Jon as guests)
Manaslu end option: 18 Sept-1 Nov, 45 days -- US$4980
Team: +Celesta****, +Lee Ann IS (and Shoshana for Manaslu only)
Crew: +Bali (sirdar), Birey, Pasang Gyelu (cook), Wangchu, Kaji, Pasang Meme, Iteram ...

The best. Wow, the most amazing trek, trekkers and logistics - thanks to everyone involved!

And everyone summitted the 6328m Saribung too! Here are some random thoughts.

Lee Ann's sharp wit delighted us, eg about a few bloody bits on a rock after we witnessed with slight horror a trail side yak castration, "Those are his brains." And she should know, her husband is a vet.

Celesta entertained us with comments easily misconstrued - or does she have a Freudian tongue? And even with 42 days trekking she didn't get the perfect night shot so might have to return?

Matt showed the girls that Jamie is not quite the most sexist, insensitive, immature male on the planet. But seriously, this was an ambitious first trek, well done!

I am not quite sure what the crew thought; Shosh got us all groaning , moaning and ooh-ing, in dining tent orgies of stretching and massage, and after working out the hard way that flipflops and cow dung don't mix, enjoyed the expedition-style trek.

And appreciative Paul, Saribung was his first Himalayan peak after beginning to trek here over 30 years ago. At at 71 years old, a tough trekker. As for the rest of the team... Never mind that Paul (71) was the fittest of us all, it was further humbling to realize the barefoot 80 year old man with one good eye did beat us on the 100m? (vertical) descent and ascent from Singlha to Laprak. If we had taken less photo breaks we might - might - have been able to keep up!

2010 GHT best shots Picasa slideshow by Jamie


2010 GHT Saribung to Phu Picasa slideshow by Jamie


2010 GHT Manaslu Circuit Sama and down Picasa slideshow by Jamie
2010 GHT Upper Mustang Picasa slideshow by Jamie


2010 GHT Phu to Kang La Picasa slideshow by Jamie


2010 GHT Barpak and Gorkha trek end Picasa slideshow by Jamie
2010 GHT Luri Gompa Picasa slideshow by Jamie


2010 GHT Manaslu Circuit Tilje and Larkya La Picasa slideshow by Jamie


2010 GHT Night Shots Picasa slide show by Jamie

2010 Northern Summer

We LOVE Ladakh and Zanskar - share our passion for it.

We offer condolences to everyone who lost friends, family and property in the Leh cloudburst event.
Our two teams trekking at the time were all OK, and our crew's friends and family, also all OK.

Classic Zanskar Traverse

The stunning classic Zanskar trek with our "bear valley" variation that avoids roads, and Phuktal Gompa, with a perfect mix of village and free camping.

 3-28 Sept, 26 days -- expedition style -- Leh start-Delhi end -- Luke Smithwick -- US$2780
Team: Paul H, Kit Sin*** and Paul (Nguyen) Thai

Check out Paul's fabulous photos!

Mystical Markha Valley & the Nomads of Kharnak

Ladakh's jewel and beyond; a stunning trek under the soaring Zanskar range combining village and nomadic life. Traditional villages, crumbling fortresses, ancient Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and the green Markha river valley lead us over high passes to the high Tibetan & Ladakhi nomadic pasture lands; incredible scenery and wildlife throughout.

21 Aug-10 Sept, 21 days -- expedition-style -- Kim & Lhakpa -- US$2980
Team: Mimi St-J (& the Nomads group)
Crew: Kim & Lhakpa (guides), Junar (cook), Yamo (asst cook), Kiran & Suresh (sherpas), Sherap, Sampel & Hari Dhel (horsemen)

L-R: Lhakpa & Mimi - Photo by Kim

Nomads, Lakes & High Passes of the Changthang

One of the best remote treks in the Himalaya, simply spectacular; turquoise salt-lakes, river walks and plains, backed by soaring peaks, with yak-hair nomadic tents peppered throughout. We follow old caravan routes over high passes, fording rivers and setting up camp near the nomads after trekking through the magical Markha Valley (see above).

21 Aug-19 Sept, 30 days -- expedition-style -- Kim & Lhakpa -- US$3480
Team: Jim W**, Irving H**, Roz D**, Leslie S, Alfredo***, Angelo, Eliza, Christine M, Toni Q & almost Jenelle**
Crew: Kim & Lhakpa (guides), Junar (cook), Yamo (asst cook), Kiran & Suresh (sherpas), Sherap, Sampel & Hari Dhel (horsemen)

Nomads group L-R: Leslie, Roz, Christine, Alfredo, Toni, Eliza, Angelo, Kim, Jim, Suresh & Jim - Photo by Lhakpa

Zanskar Traverse Wild L-R: Marieke, Junar, Annie, Joe (front), Olivier (back), Sally, Lhakpa, Jeff, Ross (front), Dennis (back), Mariem (front), Adam (back), Kati & Summer - Photo by Kim

Stok Kangri Ascent & Markha Valley

A wonderful introduction to the Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom of Ladakh and Himalayan trekking and climbing, with time to enjoy the rightly renowned beauty of the Markha valley en route to a non-technical ascent of Stok Kangri.

25 July-15 Aug, 22 days -- expedition style -- Luke Smithwick -- US$2850
Team: Jane and Glenn Fisher, Kerstin J, Fred M**, Leo L**, Kim and Brody W, Sachiyo A and Dora G**

See Glenn's photo gallery of the trek-climb. Taking over from Joel is a tall order but despite that horrible flash flood that killed many people in Leh, and unusual snow and conditions on the peak, some of the team still summitted. Overall it was perhaps a more diverse group that we are used to.

Kailash and Guge - private

We explore and photograph for Explore Himalaya.

25 July-15 Aug, 22 days -- local style -- Jamie
Team: Miri***, Pasang as driver-pseudo-guide

The original plan was to document and explore the route from Chengdu to Lhasa but permits were not available due to road works and a massive mudslide. Instead Miri (thanks!) and myself trekked and travelled to Kailash to work out why nobody simply uses a local Ali tour operator, and rather sends guides and drivers from Lhasa/Zhangmu. It was an exercise in misadventures but a fab trip all the same. Trekking in July-August is wet!

2010 Kailash Kora by Jamie


2010 Kailash-Manasarovar by Jamie


Zanskar Traverse Wild *exploratory

Real adventure, the 'best of' past years of exploration. Wild routes through spectacular canyons and sparkling river valleys, crossing many high Himalayan passes, lead us to the traditional villages and Tibetan Buddhist gompas of mythical Ladakh and Zanskar.

18 July-16 Aug, 30 days -- expedition-style -- Kim & Lhakpa - -- US$3480
Team: Jeff B****, Kati K**, Sally L**, Dennis B**, Marieke D, Adam H, Olivier D*, Summer T, Annie & Joe K, Ross & Mariem
Crew: Kim & Lhakpa (guides), Junar (cook), Yamo (asst cook), Kiran & Suresh (sherpas), Sherap, Sampel & Hari Dhel (horsemen)

L-R: Driver, Ang Chuk, Jigmet, Suresh (back), Yam (middle), Kiran (front), Ross (back), Tashi (front), Adam (back), Marieke (back),
Kati (front), Lhakpa (back), Hari Dhel (back), Sherap (middle), Sampal (back), Sally (front), Summer (back),
Jeff (back), Mariem (front), Junar (front), Dennis (back), Olivier (middle), Joe (front) & Annie (back) - Photo by Kim

The Great Himalayan Traverse 2010 - Ladakh and Spiti

From the high domains of the nomads of Ladakh to the lush forests of the Kinnaur valley, this trek is a stunning kaleidoscope of landscapes and peoples as we journey across both the Great Himalayan Barrier and the Pir Panjal range.

27 June-18 July, 22 days -- expedition style -- Lobsang with help from Alison -- US$2950
Team: Richard Keidan*****, Micah**, Rachel and Daniel
Crew: Lobsang, Tenpa ...

Sadly, this is the first trek without Joel.

2010 Nepal and India Spring

***Very sadly Joel Schone died of a heart attack during the bike trip.***
*** Remember him ***

The Great Himalayan Bicycle Adventure

An incredible adventure on two wheels that follows demanding roads through mythical Himalayan kingdoms to the crossroads of High Asia, Ladakh. Ours is a journey in space as we bike over seven passes, and into the past as we ride through an ancient land.

27 May-25 June, 30 days -- jeep supported & off road expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$3250
Team: Dave Donaldson****, Peter Sih**, Murray Winks

Thanks very much to Dave, Peter and Murray for all the work and assistance in dealing with the death of Joel, a sad and challenging time. And also a big thanks to Alison.

Where Joel died and other memories - by Jamie The one year send off Puja for Joel - by Jamie 2010 Joel's Consecration Picasa slideshow - by Jamie

Western Mongolia Treks *exploratory

Mongolia is a Tibetan Buddhist region steeped in legend, a fabled land of golden steppes, Gengis Khan, nomads, reindeer, camels and yurts. We trek in both the Altai Mountains with the Kazakh nomads and in the sublime Khovsgol Lake region, perhaps meeting the Tsaatan reindeer people en route.

30 May-27 June, 29 days -- expedition style -- Kim Bannister -- US$4380
Team: Warwick***, Vickie, Hester***, Joseph**, Irena**, & Elana
Crew: Kim (guide) & Mongolian team

L-R: Driver 1 & 2, Irena, Cook, Local Guide, Driver, Guide (ha), Warwick, Vickie, Hester, Elana & Joseph - Photo by Kim

Kanchenjunga Base Camp - North Sikkim

Magnificent! Newly opened North Sikkim is the setting for a spring trek to the rarely seen north east face of Kanchenjunga, in a glorious mountain setting approached through pristine forest of rhododendron and blue pine, discovered on our ground breaking 2009 trek.

16 April-4 May, 19 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Tega -- US$2950
Team: Craig Deidrick**, Bob Carney****, Lou Dunlop*****, Duncan Payne, Alison Tucker*******, Heidi and Mike with Aidan and Gillian

GHT: High Manaslu, Tilicho Pass & Remote Mustang - central Nepal

Join Kim's first Great Himalaya Trail trek! Starting with the spectacular Manaslu trek (see below), we cross the high Tilicho Pass to reach Mustang, finally exploring remote routes along the Kali Gandaki river gorge to search for the last nomads of Mustang and hidden Tibetan Buddhist caves (see below).

4 April-21 May, 48 days -- expedition-style -- Kim & Lhakpa -- US$4980
Team: Catherine P**, Pip D** & Marian D** (Pictured with Andrea who had to leave the trek early ...)
Crew: Kim & Lhakpa (guides), Junar (cook), Yamo (asst cook), Kiran & Suresh (sherpas)

L-R: Catherine, Andrea, Mirian and Pip

High Route Around Manaslu - Nepal

Manaslu, 'Mountain of the Spirit', is a remote trek of incredible ethnic and scenic diversity. Lush rice paddies, sparkling river valleys and the traditional villages of Nepal's sub-tropical middle hills lead to remote Tibetan villages, high Himalayan passes and breathtaking vistas of Manaslu and other Himalayan peaks.

Standard Annapurnas finish: 4-28 April, 25 days -- expedition-style -- Kim & Lhakpa -- US$2980
Tilicho Lake & Kathmandu finish: 4 April-3 May, 30 days -- $3580
Team: Rob (Kim's brother) & Candice, Shelley & Buddy (classic) & Reese, Barry, Viv & Andrea (with GHT girls & Graham N for Tilicho Pass)
Crew: Kim & Lhakpa (guides), Junar (cook), Yamo (asst cook), Kiran, Suresh & Amer (sherpas), Maile (head porter) & Tamang/Rai porters


L-R: Suresh, Kiran, Barry, Pip, Shelley (above), Candice, Rob, Catherine (below), Marian (middle), Barry (above), Reese (below), Viv (above) - by Kim

The Last Nomads of Mustang - Nepal *exploratory

Forbidden Mustang is a Tibetan Buddhist region of traditional villages and gompas, fantastically-sculpted canyons and Himalayan peaks soaring up from the Kali Gandaki River gorge. We explore the remote corners of Mustang searching for hidden cave-gompas and the last nomads of the Kingdom of Lo. The best Mustang itinerary, by far ...

28 April-21 May, 24 days -- expedition-style -- Kim Bannister -- US$3780
Team: Graham***, Pam, Caroline, Erin, Rita, Tina, John, Dora**, Thomas (& GHT girls)
Crew: Kim & Lhakpa (guides), Junar (cook), Yamo (asst cook), Suresh & Kiran (sherpas) & local horsemen (also pictured with saddu on pilgrimage to Lo)

L-R (front): Catherine, Lhakpa, Pip, Thomas, Tina, Yam, Dora
L-R (back): John, Graham, Saddu, Suresh, Caroline, Rita, Erin & Pam - Photo by Kim

Classic Everest

The legendary Jiri route from the middle hills to the base of Everest, taking time to enjoy and the very best viewpoints in the mythical land of the Sherpas.

6 Mar-2 April, 28 days -- teahouse trekking -- Joel Schone & Lhakpa Nuru -- US$2950
Team: Claire Taylor

Joel went ahead on this classic trek to the Khumbu despite several trekkers pulling out.

2010 Spring Expeditions

+ 2010 Everest Expedition - Tibet - PH

We return with a small team for a full support, guide assisted expedition. We understand and know the north side, have our very own weather forecasting guru and a reliable and strong sherpa team. Follow us!

Tibet: 8 Apr-6 June, 60 days -- all mountain services -- Jamie McGuinness -- US$29,950
Team: +Barry C**, Fernando Davalos, +Eric K, (Bruce G)
Team BC: Melissa
Crew PH team: Dayula, +Nima Griman, +Pasang Kaji
Joint crew: Kami, Dawa Gelje, and the Tibetans Dorje, Karsang, Norbu 1, Norbu 2 and Rinchen
Crew other team: Pasang Gelu 1, Pasang Gelu 2, Nawang Geden, Pemba Kitar, Karma, Bali and Tawa
Lhakpa Ri crew: Dayula and Dawa Gelje

Eric and Barry summitted and overall the expedition went well. See the Expedition summary that also covers our other two Everest expeditions.

+ 2010 Mountain Trip Everest - Nepal - MT

You want the best expedition on the south side? Mountain Trip...

Team: +Scott Woolums, +Bill Allen, +5 clients
Climbing crew: +Pasang Gombu, +Tarke, +Da'Oangchu, Mindu, +Sange, +Temba, +Chotar, +Pem Chhiri, +Da'Kusang, +Sonam Tsering, +Pasang Tendi
Crew: Dawa Gelje, Sarki, Mingma Lhakpa, Da'Pasang, Da'Finjo, Karma Ongdi, +Karma Geljen

100% success! Lucky, yes, in part, but ultimately everyone who was capable of summiting with high flow oxygen, did, which involves substantial logistics. A BIG congratulations, Scott and everyone. See Scott's 2010 dispatches (despite the 2009 tag).

+ Aconcagua 8000m Preparation Expedition

Can't get to Nepal for a prep expedition? We bring it closer to the Americas... We talk over the big mountains, gear, strategies, everything, on the superior Plaza Argentina route and as a double bonus we traverse the mountain!

7-27 Feb, 21 days -- all trekking and mountain services -- + Jamie McGuinness -- US$3650+~$325
Team: Ken Lofhelm, +Malcolm Nicolson and +"Good Times" Tom Kowpak

Lets face it, half the reason to climb Aconcagua is to experience the city of Mendoza which Nat Geo rates it as one of the 10 best cities to visit... We did, and also climbed the mountain. See the detailed Aconcagua debrief and see Jamie's Picasa slide show.

2010 Aconcagua Picasa slideshow by Jamie
the Aconcagua team

The 2010 Aconcagua team in Penitentes, L-R: Ken, Malcolm, Tom and Jamie - Jamie

2009-10 Christmas treks

Escape to a place free of incessant Christmas tunes!

Chadar Zanskar - India

The summer way into Zanskar crosses many passes, in winter the locals simply walk the frozen Zanskar River... And we follow into the Kingdom of Zangla.

13-28 Feb, 16 day -- expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$2850
Team: Ben, Keli and Chris

Ice walk; The Chadar Expedition - India

Perhaps the most challenging and exciting trek on our planet - once again we take to the frozen Zanskar river on the route taken by centuries of traders.

1-21 Jan, 21 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$3350
Team: Kevin, Lisa and Liz

Ladakh Winter *exploratory - India

Brrrrr -40! We go winter trekking and exploring, perhaps around Tso Moriri, pulling a sled across the ice. If there is plenty of snow, perhaps we ski in Zanskar instead; itinerary decision only in December.

21 Dec-15 Jan -- light expedition style -- Jamie McGuinness
Team-crew: Klara H*** and Jamie
Team 2: Depi, Jamie and 3 friends with Rinchen x7 taking care of us

In the end I chickened out of accepting other trekkers on this trip because we will adapt what we do entirely to the conditions there, and I am only half sure what to expect in this regard, especially how cold it will be - yes, it will be cold, but will it be very, VERY cold?!

Chadar 1

I am always tempted by side valleys, especially when we expect snow leopards however all the prints were heading out of the valley. Additionally the ice on the stream was weak, each of us breaking through a few times so we wisely returned to the Chadar where the ice was much thicker. Thicker but still with problematic patches so we trekked around half the Chadar, sleeping in caves, before turning around. Our Tso Moriri plans were thwarted by a work emergency so Klara returned early.

Chadar 2

As luck would have it Depi was coming up and generously invited me to join his curious team; definitely entertaining but also some serious conditions. Our return was delayed by an impassable Chadar that just as suddenly turned good, but not all of the team made that window.

All in all I loved the Chadar but it is definitely a risky, crazy, wild cave-camping adventure that every serious trekker should contemplate - but only with exactly the right gear. Tso Moriri will have to wait for a year.

Thanks again, Klara and Depi!

A Kanchenjunga Christmas - Sikkim, India

Book early for this wonderful combination of Himalayan panoramas and Raj era Luxury, the demanding Goecha La trek and its spectacular views of Kanchenjunga. Post trek we celebrate New Year at our favorite Himalayan hotel, the Windamere in Darjeeling. All with the best of Himalayan and history guides, Joel and Tega.

19 Dec-1 Jan, 14 days -- expedition-style -- Joel & Tega -- US$2050
Team: Matt, Vin and Debbie

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