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"Artists that paint in code"

**This page is a historic page frozen in time - see Our treks for the current website**

So Ben Saunders quoted and mentioned his "weird hobby" - mine too.

My brother, an IT geek, says that the design etc is nice, but what is truly impressive is there isn't a team of 4 fulltime staff behind it, only Jamie working part time - thanks, Andy!


Minimalist, fast loading to navigate instantly. Photos are higher quality since many people are on broadband. Site is bearable in 800x600, perfect in 1024x768 and great in 1280xXXX with history bar etc.

Top picture design

Entirely mine, try changing the width of your browser window, rest of the design is mine also.

No XHTML and still using tables

Mike Meyers mentioned that HTML4 and laying out with tables were enough for his needs - mine too. It is impossible to make my layout cleanly and working in all (any!) browsers with DIV tags alone (two wasted days). I set the DOC type from A List Apart.


Mezzoblue's css crib sheet and Apple started me on clean coding, Macromedia's standard templates in DreamWeaver showed me how to keep the style sheet to a minimum. There is still a little font sizing to do here.

Color schemes

See the Color Schemer Online V2. I still have some implementation to do here!


Macromedia's HomeSite is my seriously powerful FAST site wide "search and replace" tool, better than any other solution.

Everyday work

I hate to admit it to serious webheads but I use Microsoft's Expression Web, good for spelling but no much else.


Adobe Lightroom makes looking thru 20,000 photos easy, and then I work with them in Adobe Photoshop.


More than 300 pages, well over 1000 photos and around 160MB. Over 2000 unique visitors a day and more than 500 a week visit more than once. Not bad for a wonderful but obscure, small trekking outfit.

Jamie McGuinness

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