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Our 2007 treks and expeditions

Here is a list of treks and expeditions we have previously advertised.
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It may appear that we spend our entire lives trekking. You would be almost right!

See Our treks for current treks.

* means these wonderful people have trekked multiple times with us.
+ means summitted the expedition peak.

2007 Autumn treks

We use the best trekking season to go exploring off the beaten track while the teahouse trekking routes are packed.

Everest Sherpa Christmas Trek - Nepal

Christmas in the Everest region under blue December skies. We explore Namche's weekly market, head up the Gokyo valley to Gokyo's turquoise lakes, trek to the Renjo La, visit Tengboche Gompa and explore the traditional Sherpa villages of the Khumbu. Stay a few extra days for New Year's Eve in Kathmandu if you can!

8-28 Dec, 21 days -- teahouse trekking -- Kim Bannister -- US$2180
Team: Steve, Rob & Laurence

Sikkim Kanchenjunga - India

As winter starts to frost the high pastures of Sikkim, we make a short but wildly beautiful trek from the middle hills to the high glaciers under the 8586m Kanchenjunga, the 'Five treasures of the Great Snows', and journey home via the Raj era Windamere Hotel in Darjeeling.

24 Nov-8 Dec, 15 days -- expedition-style -- Joel Schone -- US$2250
Team: John **, Steve*** & Lois***, Shaggy, Karen, Tony

Tony, Steve, Karen, Shaggy, Lois and John - by Joel

We arrived at the Windamere in time for lunch after a snowy, stunning trek and sat down to lunch after baths in our incredible rooms.
As the waiter served John Soos soup he politely enquired, "How was your expedition, sir?"
To which John replied, before our Goan fish curry lunch, "Hell."

Windamere Hotel, Darjeeling

As the glow of Kanchenjunga
fades with the passing of each year

When the whistle of the Toy Train
Dies at last upon my ear

In My heart I still shall cherish
dear old Windamere

- Jan Morris 1996

Cocktails at 7, dinner at 8.

- Joel

What can I say...it never ceases to amaze me just what wonderful trekkers join us, and after an incredible year, what a team to finish with. From the stunning views of the Himalaya from our flight up, to the meal on the road to Gangtok, the tongba session in our hotel, to the stunning weather, and of course the wonderful warm welcome in the classic Windamere Hotel in Darjeeling. The team dealt with tummy bugs and ice cold evenings, sleeping bag bartering, and some tough days, with humour, and dare I say it, a pure joy in their surroundings... thank you.

Everest High Passes Trek - Nepal

The best - virtually all - of the Everest region; we cross the Cho La and the Renjo La, explore the spectacular Gokyo lakes region, climb Gokyo Ri and Kala Pattar, visit Everest Base Camp, Chukhung, and more, relaxing in cozy Sherpa lodges en route.

10 Nov-4 Dec, 25 days -- teahouse trekking -- Kim Bannister -- US$2350
Team: Ann**, Susi**, Julie, Jeremy, Christine & Markus***, Tom, Peter, Jo & Irena (not pictured)

***I've included two shots of the group here because this is the first time we have made it over TWO 5000 meter passes in the past two years! Of course, this was mostly due to Jeremy & Tom's offerings of San Miguel beer to the Gods at each high point (Kala Pattar, Gokyo Ri, Everest Base Camp). I thought they might prefer Lhasa beer, but apparently not. Good going, guys. And at only 200 Rs per can, a bargain.

What an amazing group joined for the November High Passes trek, with many returning trekkers, and what totally perfect weather. Not a DAY of cloudy weather the entire trek, and everyone was relatively healthy, very strong, climbed everything in sight (Markus & Christine even climbed Island Peak and joined us again in Gorak Shep, just a day behind us!) and enjoyed every day to it's fullest. Once again, I felt like I had the best job in the world!

En route back down the Renjo La through the Thame valley we passed many Tibetans with their yak caravans traveling as the have for centuries, a wonderful sight. Susi had to stay on after the Kharta Valley trek (the Kangshung Face of Everest in Tibet) to see what the Everest region across the border was like. We lost Jo & Irena Vlach to our other Nepali guide, Kiran, as they were feeling a bit under the weather early on in the trek, but they ended up having an equally good trek without us, although we DID miss their company. And we picked up Beth, a volunteer doctor at the HRA in Pheriche, for the Renjo La (pictured above). Thanks, all!

Abode of the Gods 2: Nanda Devi - India

Nanda Devi - a name of myth and magic for both local people and trekkers - is our destination on this awesome trek that combines classic middle hills hiking with a remote and rarely visited area at the base of this stunningly beautiful peak. The finale, we exit the region over a virtually unknown pass.

29 Oct-19 Nov, 22 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$2150
Combines with Abode of the Gods 1 -- US$3680
Team: Nick & Danielle, Peter S**, Jean, Gaye K (at last!), Romany, Christel, Martin*

Nick, Daniel, Gaye*, Lobsang, Peter, Martin (behind) and Romany - Joel

This autumn that Goddess that lives up there was not in the best of moods, and threw high winds and deep snow at us; along with an official in Munsiari who delayed us a day with some legalese! Our regular team was joined by Punsok and Kunsang, making the journey overland to meet us, and they turned out amazing food in amazing conditions; and despite the cold and snow, most of the team forced their way up towards the base camp, then took more time to view the sacred sisters from the Pachu side.

A great team from six nations and many generations that as always with our groups, helped each other over the tough spots, and thoroughly enjoying it...special mention to Peter for the fish, Nick for his twitching input, Danielle for her cake, Jean for memories of 70's India, Martin for showing all the other men up by being a perfect gent, Christel for never giving up, Romany for reading, and Gaye for the minties!

Christel and Jean - Joel

Manaslu Magic - Nepal

Himalayan veterans often vote the Manaslu Circuit as the best trek in Nepal. No wonder, with picturesque villages from the subtropical to the Tibetan, and those mountains. Manaslu has it all!

21 Oct-10 Nov, 21 days -- expedition-style -- Jamie with Pasang Gombu Sherpa -- US$1980 -- full
Team: Katalin K, Ron S, Debbie M, Craig D, Nick G
Custom team: Jerry C***, Dudley R
Crew: Pasang Gombu, Nima Tenzi, Tawa (cook)

Manaslu Wild *exploratory

A 35 day Jamie special, we explore the remote Tsum valley to the Tibetan border twice and climb Larkya Peak 6010m. Wild!

21 Oct-24 Nov, 35 days -- expedition style -- Jamie McGuinness -- US$2650 -- full
Team: Jeff S***, Bridget H, Mike S**, Larry W*, Bob Carney**, Gerald M, Rick T, Owen C (and Ron S who swapped trips)
Crew: Dawa Gelje (sirdar), Tawa (sherpa), Jangbu (sherpa), Sarki (cook), and kitchen hands: Prem, Kaji, Chhiri, Norbu and Sar

The Manaslu Circuit brought back 2000 memories. This time, however, we did get up to Mu Gompa and explore to the top of the trading pass with Tibet (no border pillar), and discovered there is still more temptation up that valley. Getting out was another matter and the "shortcut" was even more adventurous than I remembered, perhaps my mind forgets nightmares. The trail was laughably thin and steep, rather challenging, thank goodness the grass wasn't wet, but the real surprise was in the forest where it was truly horrible and even included a ladder. We did eventually all arrive at a small camp, tears and a few mercifully small falls later, no real injuries though. You could die or get hurt badly on that trail; even the Tamang porters complained, it was that bad.

The ruggedness and the lack of development were surprises as we continued around the circuit. From Samdo we headed off again and after a snap decision stayed in this delightful valley for five days, bagging a couple of passes (pillars 34 and 35) and "Larkya IV" peak. We always have a mission on the exploratory trips but we weren't expecting one crossing the straightforward Larkya La - it was icy on the other side! This time the porters did laugh, even if two loads did tumble down the moraine (one had the rope in it). Bimthang was beautiful and the descent into the warm country pleasant, although that road to Chame has pushed up to Syangje now, on the opposite side of the river.

The hearts (cards) team fell sick on the last day or two, two of them with flu, and Rick managed to trip over on the road of all places, the mountain views were that good, and Bridget's knees were trying to tell her something, but other than these minor details we had a relaxed and good trek.

The crew were superstars. Sarki and the kitchen's cooking pleased us day after day after day, Jangbu's quiet dedication and Dawa's mild laugh about anything and everything kept us going. Thanks!

The combined Manaslu trips just prior to our separation, Jeff missing due to a migraine.
L-R: Jerry C, Bob C, Dudley, Owen (above), Rick, Craig, Larry, Katalin, Bridget, Mike S, Debbie, Nick and Ron S - photo by Jamie

Abode of the Gods 1: Kinnaur Kailash

We journey via the old summer capital of British India, Shimla, to the remote Himalayan kingdom of Kinnaur on the ancient trade route to Tibet, where we trek around the summer abode of Shiva, Kinnaur Kailash, and on into Garhwal to explore the high pastures and glaciers of the Har Ki Dun valley.

7 Oct-29 Oct, 23 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$1980
Combines well with Abode of the Gods 2
Team: Martin and Sunil

Lobsang, Sunil and Martin - photo by Joel

A real Raj era exploratory as we enjoyed a wonderful day at Shimla before setting out up the Hindustan Tibet highway; not really a group, just the three of us, and Martin and Sunil were born to be explorers; patience, fascination with all around, and appreciation of the stunning beauty of this rarely trekked corner of the Himalaya. Sunil kept us up to date on just what Lobsang was saying to our (brilliant) team of porters from Manali, and lent us much needed help over a permit with the army we actually did not need - we bailed on the Charang pass because of too much snow, but took on the Rupin la on a long and snowy day following the "invisible yak" (see diary to come!) into the Rupin valley; incredible waterfalls and incredible trail!

Finally through that Rupin valley - Martin with his Forest of Dean antennae full on picked up on the oddness, and we went on to a close encounter with a leopard at a hilltop campsite. (and yes, I was scared, and yes, I did move my tent closer to the others!) The two nights we spent at the forest rest house will always be a great memory, then Mussoorie, that Mughal meal (thanks again Sunil) and breakfast at the Imperial!

Kharta Valley & Everest Kangshung Face - Tibet

The secret is out, this least known of the Everest treks is an endless series of stunning panoramas. With yaks carrying the supplies, we trek thru alpine meadows and around captivating lakes to the Everest Kangshung Face Base Camp where we stay for the sunrise. We add Lhasa, Shigatse and Rongbuk for a truly Tibetan journey.

6 Oct-2 Nov, 28 days -- expedition-style -- Kim Bannister -- US$3980 -- closed
Team: Tom, Rick, Kim, Toby & Astra, Susi** (pictured with Nyima, our Tibetan guide, Dorje, or local guide, and Lhakpa, our Sherpa guide)

This was my first trip to the Kharta Valley/Kangshung Face of Everest in Tibet, and like other treks this Autumn, were unbelievably lucky with the weather. In fact, the only day we had clouds during the day was our day-trip to the Kangshung Face BC, but even that was still a spectacular day. The clouds and storms did roll in almost every evening, but it made for perfect sunset shots. People consistently said it would be COLD in the Kharta Valley, and for sure they were proved right. Kharta valley is frigid! But we has some of the most incredible campsites ever, such as at 5000 meters below the Langma La, in the snow by a small lake. The Langma La was perhaps THE most amazing pass crossing I've ever done in the Himalaya; this day in particular being perfect, with an inversion below us which kept it warm on top, in fact the warmest day we had during the trek. We all glissaded down the first 500 meters with only one minor casualty.

Pictured above is the group with our nice but useless Tibetan guide, Nyima ('this is the Himalayan range') and our wonderful local guide/kitchen helper, Dorje, picked up in the first village we passes, over salt-butter tea in his house, who proved to be amazing. We owe much of the success of this trek to him! And our great yak drivers, in a region where they are notoriously difficult.

Our group was great, such fun to be with, good company throughout, good sports when it was cold, everyone helping each other out when something - a virus? - was passed around. Traveling through Tibet with them all was a pleasure, a real vacation for me as well (well, sometimes!). Thanks Tom, Rick, Susi, Astra & Toby!

2007 Fall Expeditions

- Shishapangma - Tibet - PH

We know the mountain and it makes a great alternative to the crowded Cho Oyu in this season. Seriously, in the 2006 Fall season there were 550+ climbers and sherpas on Cho Oyu — think about that! We will be posting dispatches.

1 Sept-16 Oct, 46 days -- includes Lhasa -- Jamie McGuinness -- US$10,500
Partner trek option: BC or ABC option $2750-3150
Team: Janet L, Joe C, Martin D**, Clive J**, Alan Arnette, Francis St P, Joe F, Gordon F
Trekker: Peggy C
Climbing sherpas: Dawa Gyalgen, Da'Yula, Nima Tenzi, Namgyal, Pasang Gombu, Dawa Gyalgen, Nawang Geden and Zangbu
Cooks: Sarki and Tawa
Tibetan kitchen hands: Dorje, Lotto, Karsang, Norbu and Nawang Tseri

Happening: follow our dispatches live from the mountain!

Yuck, unkind weather lasted the whole expedition and so nobody summitted Shishapangma this season (and only a few teams even summitted Cho Oyu). We tried, really tried, but the winds just did not stop. We had a really good and fun expedition all the same.

- Shishapangma Skills Expedition - Tibet - PH

This is our training trip for Everest 2008. Sure, we attempt Shishapangma with good support, and we also discuss everything Everest and get you familiar with everything you need for Everest.

1 Sept-16 Oct, 46 days -- includes Lhasa -- Eric Remza with Namgyal -- US$10,500
Team: Paul A, James N, Anne P, Tristan B, Ursula M
Doctor: Jenny H
Crew: above

Everyone was included in the fun - and the bad winds. Building up to Everest showed some weaknesses (and strengths) with several climbers, but also Shishapangma didn't let us truly test everyone to 8000m, this was a real shame, but unusual as we have summitted on every other previous attempt over the years.

- Shishapangma BC-ABC services

We provide support you can trust with backup built it.

2 Sept-16 Oct, 45 days -- ask for details
Team: Andrew L**, Julie A, Mark Hose**.
(The overland team was: Mark, Andrew, Julie, Tristan, Francis and Paul, and the sherpa crew)

I really feel for Andrew Lock, who is back after several previous attempts on the mountain. As several others have written while sometimes Shishapangma's central summit is considered straightforward (and Andrew has climbed that), there really is only one true summit, the main, and that has challenged the best climbers time and time again.

I also feel for Mark Hose, on his second attempt. Logistics proved tough on his first expedition last year. This time he seemed to have these sorted out, only to be thwarted at the same height by that weather.

2007 Pakistan

- Gasherbrum II Expedition 8035m - Pakistan

Follow us live, see the dispatches...

18 June-11 Aug, 55 days -- Jamie McGuinness -- US$8500
Team: Clive*** and Catherine*** C, Ian Rogers, Kees Terhell*, Tia Tracey, David B, Adrian Hosey and Soren Gudmann

Pakistan treks and expeditions are tough in many ways, from the heat and variable conditions, the early mornings and the occasionally monotonous meals. By Pakistan standards we had a very good crew, both a reliable team of high altitude porters who carried every load I asked, and a kitchen that tried their best, which was certainly good enough. While everyone got on well enough, I could have helped the team gel more. We did have a good expedition, even if conditions were against us. We didn't summit due to unsafe snow conditions on the mountain and regular bad weather coming in. Read the dispatches for more detail.

K2 Concordia trek - Pakistan

Those mountains! A tough but rewarding trek with an expedition feel as we accompany Jamie's Gasherbrum II expedition.

18 June-12 July, 25 days -- expedition-style -- Jamie McGuinness -- US$2480 -- closed
Team: Pete Poston, Pik Chun****, Ornella C***, Raewyn Moss**, Jane B, Terje S and Kay B

Concordia - wow! Jane got rather sick on the way out but the team (especially the Himalayan Roses turned Karakoram roses) really helped out - thank you! . See also the photo galleries: Pakistan Faces and Karakoram Mountains.

The expedition team including crew, 22 July, evening, when it wasn't snowing!
Standing L-R: Clive, Humphrey (climbing independently), Ian, Ashraf, Hameed, Ibrahim, Tia, Jahan Beg, David, Jamie and Merhban
Squatting, L-R: Catherine, Mehdi, Adrian, Soren (front), Kees, Mehdi and Wolam Nabi - photo by Jamie

The K2 Concordia trekkers and the Gasherbrum II expedition members together at the beginning.
L-R top row: Captain Komal (Liaison Officer), Kees Terhell, Jane B, Jamie, Ian R, Adrian H, Catherine C, Clive C, Dave B, Humphrey M, Terje S
Lower: Pete P, Ornella C, Soren G, Tia T, Pik C, Raewyn M, Kay B

2007 Summer India treks

We think our Ladakh and Zanskar treks are the best on offer with well planned itineraries and our star crews.

Ancient Kingdoms of Ladakh & Zanskar *exploratory

Ladakh, the land of high passes, cliff-side monasteries and white-washed villages is the setting for our late-summer trek. Heading into Zanskar and the canyons and spires of 'Bear Valley', we end the journey via an exciting, exploratory route.

26 Aug-22 Sept, 28 days -- expedition-style -- Kim & Lhakpa -- US$2680
Team: Marian (pictured with Lhakpa, below)

One of the most interesting, beautiful treks we've done in ages, ending with the remote village of Shade and a spectacular river and canyon route; Marian, Lhakpa & I made a small but happy group, enjoying the exploring during the day and evenings of rum, books and Sudoku, which we all become addicted to. Marian didn't have quite enough of the Himalayas after three weeks of trekking, so headed off to Bhutan for a biking and trekking adventure!

Jumlam *Exploratory

Our very favourite autumn trek; and this time we do the Jumlam gorges full justice with time to explore all the stunning canyons and passes where snow leopard and ibex roam.

28 Aug-25 Sept, 29 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$2820
Team: Megan & John, Glen**, Ley

L-R, back row: Ley, Megan, John and Glen
Middle row: Norbu, Tenpa, Kunsang, Phunsok, and in front Stanzin and Lobsang

Yes, it says Exploratory with a capital E...we reached Chilling to find that a dispute between local villagers had climaxed in someone axing the cable car cable! Whoops! So Lobsang hopped in a handy raft and we rearranged the trek; over a remote pass into the Markha valley, then on to the Jumlam.

As ever in autumn, the weather before the Zalung Karpo was dodgy, but once in those gorges, really lovely; fresh snow at Ruberang, then warm sunny days all the way; Glen, a man with a new heart (he had a transplant in 1994) turned out to be (like me) a former Air cadet, and Megan, John, and Ley were just the best company on our long days trekking and some of our exploratory walks, one of the funniest people I have ever trekked with (and the only one from Wagga Wagga!).

Lots of great memories again, almost all of laughter, and of course, food - John, Megan & I made the Imperial breakfast buffet from our Leh flight with minutes to spare, and returned that night for dinner to get caught up in India's cricket victory celebrations... Thank you!

Himalayan Circuit *exploratory

A rarely trekked route from the lush green pastures of Lahaul's Chenab valley over the Umasi La into Zanskar; a super lightweight summer delight!

3-27 Aug, 25 days -- lightweight expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$2100
Team: Dave**, Tom***, Leigh, Amy, Dan

David, Dan, Amy, Lobsang, Leigh & Tom, Singge in front (check his story out - you will cry, I promise) - photo by Joel

Well, yes, exploratory... the road to the base of the Umasi La was not just in "bad condition" but not there! Those monsoon rains...so what more could we do but cross the Kang La to Zanskar...a day in Manali had Lobsang summoning Sonam, a Lahauli guide and master of calm, and getting together rope we needed for the pass; we had a spiffy new dining tent from Big Agnes, and off we went!

From the start the Miyar valley proved delight, delight, delight...green pastures, lovely people, the most amazing sunsets (they were so incredible we actually discussed the chances of there having been a nuclear explosion since we left!) and the river of ice leading to the pass - such a glacier!

An early start and the sheer calm professionalism of Lobsang and Sonam took us through crevasse fields in a whiteout, and then we were on that old familiar ground, Zanskar; in Reru we said goodbye to our porters, and hello to our horses...In Phuktal Gompa while playing on a staircase with a monk I took a fall and made my 10 yearly cracked ribs (1996, 1986, 1976, on the dot) which left me in a lot of pain but able to carry on, slowly; we met our boy Singge in Tanze, where he then proceeded to break his arm (turned out to be a very bad sprain) so he joined us for the Phirtse La, to the high plains of Sarchu. Our jeep was there on the other side of the river, with beer, mutton and spinach, but far too dangerous to cross; but the guys got the goods across!

A summer of summers, such memories, Dan of middle east origin was taken for our 'Kashmiri guide'*, Amy was the only one not to turn down the spam, Tom was as always good to trek with, Dave a delightful companion again with memories of a 'certain woman' and his tent aura, and Leigh (already booked for next year) the lone Aussie with her new camera and a poncho that was more hole than poncho. Again many thanks guys, you were the best.

* Like me, he's a Jersey boy - we bonded over Bruce!

Markha Valley & Nomads trek - Ladakh

The classic Markha Valley trek extended to the Kharnak region. The Markha villages with ripening barley fields and crumbling fortresses contrast dramatically with the yak-haired tents of the Kharnak nomads. Fits with Nomads & Caravans.

28 July-13 Aug, 17 days -- expedition-style -- Kim & Lhakpa -- US$2080 -- closed
Team: Jeff, Male**, Minette, Madeleine & Pat (with Jon joining us)

A great group and great trek, with Anne & Stan along for the long-haul (see below); Jeff spent every afternoon chasing blue sheep in the high hills, while the girls did a bit of sun-bathing and pampering at camp. We picked up Jon in Leh, who proved to be wonderful company as well, adding to our lively evenings. Thanks, all! (My camera went swimming during the early sections of the trek (just after this photo, actually - photo Anne Prendergast - so I don't have a real group photo of the Markha Valley trek).

Nomads & Caravans Trek - Ladakh & Changthang

Starting in the Markha Valley (above), we cross remote mountain passes to reach the Changthang plateau and the turquoise lakes where nomads living in yak-hair tents herd their Pashm goats, as they have throughout history. Fits with Markha Valley.

28 July-24 Aug, 28 days -- expedition-style -- Kim & Lhakpa -- US$2680 -- closed
Team: Anne & Stan

I couldn't have asked for better trekkers for this long, tough but sublime trek through the high nomadic regions of Ladakh, perhaps my favorite all-time Ladakh trek. We were treated to herds of stampeding kiang, or wild ass, and had encounter after encounter with various groups of nomads, even doing some bartering of our own. Anne pampered me with acupuncture treatments, and Stan kept us intrigued with stories of exploration in the cold Arctic, and other places I've never been to. A perfect trek, with beautiful campsites, great trekking and wonderful company throughout.

Ladakh, the Land Beyond - Ladakh & Zanskar

Exotic, timeless, spectacular; Ladakh and Zanskar are remnants of old Tibet in the Indian Himalaya. Join us for a wonderful journey through this remote region, trekking along ancient trading routes, over high passes and through colorful villages.

23 June-22 July, 30 days -- expedition-style -- Kim & Lhakpa -- US$2680 -- closed
Team: Jenn & Terry

Terry R says:
"Even after a week here in the States, my heart and mind are still in the Himalayas!!! Thanks so much for all that you did to make our trek the incredible experience that it was. Although I got a bit tired at times, I did so enjoy the experience so much. How blessed I feel to have been able to go on this trip, especially with such a great group as our merry little band. Do greet the crew for me and thank them again and again. I hope all of you are safe and having a blast out there on the trail somewhere..."

Kim says:
It was a summer of small but wonderful groups for Lhakpa & I, starting Jenn & Terry's trek. Jenn was doing research into the situation of the nuns in Zanskar, so we got an in-depth look at the 'chomo gompas' and life in the nunneries. Terry's zany humor and good energy and Jenn's enthusiasm and experience made this trek a real vacation for us. (Pictured above in front of Pishu Nunnery, a rarely visited and very special Zanskari nunnery, with a nun and Lhakpa.

Blondes have more fun; the Viking custom journey

A special custom journey through the Himalaya for two Danish families.

13-30 July, 18 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Stanzin
Team: Per, Arne and families

Watching Michael Palin's "Himalaya", Per Gullestrup of Denmark decided it was time he and his kids (Peter and Tania) and Arne and his kids (Nicolai and Tom) had to trek, and thus, us!

From day one they were a dream team, listening to advice, and glorying in the experience; Arne had a bit of a boot problem so was on horseback for part of the trip, but we had many lovely evenings with music from the sixties for us oldies (and Arne, Woodstock was in 69' and Bad company were NOT there!) and for the young (the kooks, great) and Tenpa's food just got better. They all proved their Viking spirit, not by pillaging the villages, but by swimming every day, rain or shine. The whisky you left enlivened our Jumlam trek, and I have many memories of those blonde bodies sunbathing every day!

Per said: "The trek was truly an experience of a lifetime, I really do not believe it could have gone any better, everything worked out perfectly. Your knowledge of the culture and the area is amazing and very inspiring. Furthermore the respect you show for your employees was gratifying and made everything very harmonious. A heartfelt thanks from all of us!"

Caravan; a Mountain Passage - Ladakh to Spiti

Ten years after they first explored the region, Joel and Lobsang lead a short but stunningly beautiful trek from turquoise Tso Moriri (lake) on the Changthang to the Utah-like valleys of Spiti via the magnificent Parang La.

21 June-14 July, 24 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$2700 -- closed
Team Project-Himalaya; Annie***, Fred M*, Anita & Ali for the start, Max Supporting
Team Asian Insights; Romana, Richard & Alan

Annie, Punsok, Anita, Fred and in front Lobsang - Joel

A diverse group; Annie back again joined the last part of Zanskar Spring then came on to this one, and Ali Tucker just had to get a few more days in the hills before the aviation journal dragged her back (no, these Fuckers were Fokkers!) Then we had an expat team; Richard, GM of the Sheraton in Bangkok his wife Romana, a wandering photographer, their friend Alan, a teacher from Britain living in China, and Fred, a US consular staffer in Bangkok...and just to top it off, Anita, of South Indian origin but living in the States studying planetary science at MIT.

Chaotic? No, we specialize in calm from chaos; they overlapped with Zanskar Spring, with Max looking after them in Delhi and bringing them up to Leh, with much needed cheese supplies. We all had a delightful stay in Alchi, that oasis of beauty, before heading off to acclimatize at Korzok in the Changthang. Then slowly off across the beautiful high plateau. Our spread of generations from 23 to 66 was reflected in our gentle pace and easy days, as we got to know each other - Anita showing her science skills by repairing our milk blender and baffling the crew ("Like Bollywood star, but no speak Hindi", Tenpa said) by the fact she spoke no Asian languages, Romana reporting that the Parang Chu had vanished and that we did not need water shoes, (it had not, we did, but we got over), Annie trying to con everyone into leaving earlier, (unsuccessfully, thanks Alan) and Romana & Richard truly enjoying their days together; Fred with stories of his war zone postings and helping me rack my brains on the John Ford Cavalry film trilogy titles.

We had a rest day again at Lucky Camp, and after some frigid stream crossings took on that long day on the lovely Parang La, with relays of trekkers greeting each other with smiles and chai on arrival at chicken run. And it was not over; Tenpa and Stanzin took the Asian insights team to Kinnaur, and Lobsang arrived from Manali with the porters and gear for Fred, Anita, Annie and I to go on to the Pin Parvati pass. All went smoothly for the jeepers, but Lobsang went down with a chest complaint at the high camp, and, fearing pneumonia, our team decided at the 11th hour to bail and get him to a doctor; typical of the selflessness of our trekking groups. So that sat phone whistled up the faithful Largay (and what a moment when, loaded on an awful tractor and about to leave, this prince of drivers got his jeep to us.. yippee!) And still not over? Four of us loaded into an auto rickshaw turning into our restaurant in Manali, the whole thing started to roll, myself flying out across the road - unhurt; the whole front wheel had come off... later that night we confirmed Lobsang had pneumonia, and I was in a jeep heading up to Leh to greet our next group...

"With over 30 years in the hospitality and hotel business, I know having the right team is all important; you have that team, and their work is a reflection of your leadership."

Richard Chapman, GM, Sheraton Bangkok, thank you speech

"Thanks again for a great trip. You are the "best in class operator" for the Indian Himalaya. Your trips have a high "value quotient". Don't be afraid to raise prices a little. Your trips are worth it. "

Fred Mauren (Fred - She wore a yellow ribbon, Fort Apache, and ???)

Zanskar Spring Traverse

As spring lays its magical hand over the pastures and passes, we set out again in a season and in a style we have made our own. This journey is a wonderful blend of challenging trekking and warm village welcomes, with insights into a culture that we love.

27 May-25 June, 30 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$2400 -- closed
Team: Dave D***, Corrine**, Darrel, Don, Murray, Rachel, Eric, Ali******,Adam & Gemma (for part) Annie**(for part)

Darrel, Ali, Dave D, Longsang, Annie, Corinne, Donald, Murray, Stanzin, Eric and Rachel - Joel

A great kick off to the start of our summer, with Dave and Corrine a welcome return, and as always a smooth trek, the normal early day tummy bugs and colds, and heat exhaustion, Zanskar can be particularly brutal to first timers; but over the Shingo La safely and days in the lovely villages, bear valley, and on to Leh.

Dave and Murray entertained all with their boyhood memories, Donald and Dave provided more tongue in cheek views of married life in Indonesia, and Corinne and Annie lamented the lack of single men...Ali has since had a new hand surgically attached, but her dropping plates of food was guaranteed to buck up a slow evening - Rachel and Eric coped wonderfully with their first immersion in India, and Adam's stories ("my friend was working as a pimp in Sydney...") got more outrageous as the trek progressed and his laugh got more manic. Darrel, our token Canadian, was just all good cheer and was allowed by Dave and Murray to be an honorary Kiwi, although refusing to wear the singlet.

Thanks especially to our Zanskar connection, new summer staff Stanzin & Norbu, who became honorary members of our Manali Mafia. Apologies to Ali for the lack of appropriate rations and Gemma & Adam, we will be thinking of you next February!

2007 Nepal-Tibet Spring

Simikot Saga Dawa Kailash - Nepal and Tibet

The breath-taking kora of Mount Kailash is the ultimate pilgrimage for Tibetans and Hindus alike. Add a wild trek into Tibet from Humla in far west Nepal, the Saga Dawa festival, Tibetan nomads, Buddhist lamas and a jeep safari to Lhasa for the journey of a lifetime!

20 May-16 June, 28 days -- expedition-style -- Kim Bannister -- US$3980 -- closed
Team: Val & David, Jennifer, Helen, Anna, George & Suzanne, Richard & Jim, Donatella & Jose

Tibet is a mythical country, one which I always feel privileged to travel through; I couldn't have been luckier than to share it with this amazing team of trekkers and my wonderful staff, including our Tibetan guide, Loga and our Sherpa guide, Lhakpa. The Humla section was a bit snowy and the pass a challenge for most, but it was all worth it to reach Tibet, the roof of the world where the yaks were certainly roaming the plateaus with the wild nomads of the far west. The excursion to Kyung Lung was incredible and of course the Kailash kora was spectacular, and very meaningful for most. We ended up our lively journey with an extra day in Lhasa, where we explored, shopped and hit the town each evening! Tashi Delek to all my good friends, and hope to see you all again very soon in the Himalaya!

Limi Valley - Nepal

Thought by some to be the fabled Shangri-la, the Limi Valley in Nepal's far west is rated by the few that have visited there as one of the most beautiful places they have ever been. Ask for details.

8-30 May, 23 days -- expedition-style -- Wanda Vivequin -- US$2780 -- closed

Everest High Passes Trek - Nepal

The best - virtually all - of the Everest region; we cross the Cho La and the Renjo La, explore the spectacular Gokyo lakes region, climb Gokyo Ri and Kala Pattar, visit Everest Base Camp, Chukhung, and more, relaxing in cozy Sherpa lodges en route.

21 Apr-15 May, 25 days -- teahouse trekking -- Kim Bannister -- US$2350
Team: Martin, John & Steve

How did these three ever find each other? Karma, I'm sure ... Martin, John & Steve, who had never met before, must have been long lost brothers in a past life; how I fit in I'm not sure! But we all had an amazing trek, even with our various mishaps (such as tuna food poisoning, don't do it before a pass!), and I know they'll be back. Together ...

Kanchenjunga Spring - Sikkim

Rhododendron and Magnolia hillsides enliven our middle hills climb up to the alpine regions with the glittering peaks and crashing glaciers surrounding Kanchenjunga, the "Five Treasures of the Great Snows", and the third highest peak on the planet. Short but very sweet!

21 Apr-5 May, 15 days -- expedition-style -- Joel Schone -- US$1980

Everest ABC Trek 6400m - Tibet

We touch Everest on the highest trek in the world!

15 Apr-6 May, 22 days -- expedition-style -- Jamie McGuinness and Namgyal Sherpa -- US$3360 -- closed
19 Apr-9 May, 21 days -- expedition-style -- local leader + Jamie for part of the trek -- closed
Teams: all booked thru other agents so I won't list.

+2007 Everest Expedition - Tibet

Guide-assisted with full support, surprising flexibility, comprehensive and reliable with rescue planned for, spare oxygen, email and plenty of other services. Above all we are dedicated to safety and success.

Follow our dispatches live from the mountain!

14 Apr-9 June, 57 days, includes Lhasa -- +Jamie McGuinness with +Namgyal Sherpa -- US$24,500
Team: +Philippe G, +Kirsti Samson, +Kevin C, Gavin Attwood, Johan
Climbing sherpas: Pasang Gombu, ++Ngima Chhiri, Kami, +Mindu, Nawang Geden, Dawa Gyalgen
Cooks: Sarki and Tawa
Tibetan kitchen hands: Dorje, Chudim, Lotto and Da'Nuru

5 June 2007, Kevin on the summit of Everest - Ngima Chhiri

5 June 2007: Mindu (left) and Kirsti Samson on the summit of Everest - by Jamie

Everest ABC Trek 6400m - Tibet

We touch Everest on the highest trek in the world!

15 Apr-6 May, 22 days -- expedition-style -- Jamie McGuinness and Namgyal Sherpa -- US$3360 -- closed
Team: Anna Gatta - see the dispatches.

19 Apr-9 May, 21 days -- expedition-style -- local leader + Jamie for part of the trek -- closed
Team: Adam A, Toni U, Rami V, Karen L

Thanks for joining. As it turned out I (Jamie) wasn't able to meet the team for the trek or at ABC as I was on the mountain, sincere apologies for this.

Lhakpa Ri 7045m & North Col 7010m - Tibet

In the shadow of Everest we climb high!

15 Apr-6 or 9 May, 22 days -- expedition-style -- Jamie McGuinness and Namgyal Sherpa -- US$4950
Team: Marlon S, Shehan C, Phil G

See the Everest Expedition dispatches. Oh Phil; his sore shin wasn't shin splints, that common paratrooper complaint, but a fracture! You tough soldier!

Amazing Annapurna Trek - Nepal

From the Hindu villages of the middle hills to Buddhist Manang, Tibetan monasteries, soaring peaks, yaks and even hot springs, the Annapurna Circuit is a trek par excellence. Naturally we take the Pisang high route and Tilicho (lake) for the best of Annapurna.

18 Mar-14 Apr, 28 days -- teahouse trekking -- Kim Bannister -- US$2280
Team: Eric & Kari**, Joni, Catherine, Richard & Suzie, Allan, Pam & Geoff

What a fantastic trek this was, and a perfect group of trekkers, with Tashi & Kiran along as co-guides (Tashi giving us daily photo lessons), many laughs, endless stories and beers on the table every night we were low enough to justify it. We nearly lost Joni, but he held on and we all made it over the pass together, with Richard out-doing us all on his yak (which kicked me, the bugger). One of those treks which makes you feel that we have the best job in the world! Thanks, all!

Rolwaling-Khumbu-Makalu Traverse *exploratory

Yep, all the way across with a few mountains in between too! Private trip but mountaineers are welcome to join.

Dates: 18 Mar-7 May, 51 days -- light expedition style -- Nicola Tsang -- approx US$2900
Team: Nicola T***, Tremaine

Due to late heavy winter snows Nicola and Tremaine headed to easier regions, Mera Peak and then might try some of the high passes.

2007 India Winter

Chadar Trade Route Expedition - India

This trek has everything you could want of a winter expedition, with challenging days trekking, the beautiful gorges and monasteries of Zanskar, and time built in to ensure you get the full taste of this ancient kingdom in wintertime.

6-31 Jan, 26 days -- expedition style -- Joel & Lobsang -- US$2880
Team: Mark

Amazing. The Chadar is never the same any year, this year it was incredible. Mark and I had stunning weather and perfect ice conditions all the way into Zanskar, and our usual team of Lobsang, Stanzin and Norbu did the usual professional job. We had five days in the kingdom of Zangla, witnessing a comical winter auction with the monks at Karsha, and being interviewed in Padum by an Indian army officer from his bed... and we had some sublime mornings walking through the frost smoke rising off the Zanskar.

On our return the Gods who reside in the Zanskar presumably woke up to the fact that a couple of upstart trekkers hade dared to penetrate their domain, so they threw us a few curve balls, but minus 35C nights and a bit of bad ice never really slowed us as we came home via Lingshed where the monks appeared to be having a yak's worth momo fest.

For me personally, it was an incredible start that marks my 20th year trekking in the Himalaya, thanks Mark, the guys, and whoever it is up there who watches over us.

Team from left: Joel, Lobsang, Mark, and the porters and crew, with Nima the lodge owner at Hanumil

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