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Everest Expedition 2008
Everest Icefall shots

We planned an expedition to Tibet but this was not to be, with the Tibet riots and Olympic torch shenanigans, so we climbed from the Nepal side. Originally we were a team of 11 climbers and two groups for BC support, this changed to six climbers and one team for BC support. Three out of our six climbers summitted on the 21st of May, 2008, plus Jamie and four sherpas.

See the expedition dispatches for a full account and many more photos.

Above, Andy Falgate walks back to Dingboche, Island Peak in the background.

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icefall ladder

Andy Falgate crosses a short ladder - Jamie

ladders in the icefall

Long ladders en route to C1, it is not normal to climb with a foot on each one,
but in this case it made getting off it easier - Jamie

climbing ladders

And the long ladders from the top; they do flex as you climb up - Jamie

Jamie corsses a deep crevasse

Jamie crosses a deep and ugly crevasses, note the ladders tied together - Jamie

The longest Everest ladder

This is a long ladder, plenty of movement even with all the ropes holding it in place,
and a tight handrail, and was the trickiest to cross in the 2008 season - photo by David Cole

Andy Faltage crosses a crevasse 

Andy Falgate cossing a crevasse between C1 and C2 - Jamie

Everest from near C2 

Everest's southwest face, still big and high from between C1 and C2 - Jamie

Just above Camp 2

David Cole on a half day trip from Camp 2, when were were not allowed to go higher due to the Olympic torch. Everest on the left, Lhotse almost centre - Jamie

Moutna Hardwear Space Station

Machine gunned? No, the altitude Altitude Junkies' Camp 2 tent has seen some action though. The snow floor was later covered in stones - Jamie


At Camp 1 Ron drinks a bullet, Phil Crampton's secret weapon - Jamie

There are lots more photos in the 2008 Everest Expedition dispatches.

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