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Everest Expedition 2005
top shots

We had a successful expedition with Paul and Julian summitting, and no injuries or deaths, nobody left early either.
Here are the team and some of the best shots. See the expedition dispatches for a full account and many more photos.
Above, Makalu from ~8450m just before sunrise.

Dawa Gelje on top!
Julian's shot is strangely reminiscent of Hillary's classic 1953 shot of Tenzing Norgay on top,
but with a modern touch; Dawa is holding Chinese survey apparatus. Makalu by his left hand.


Dr Julian Thompson, UK - summitted

Moe Memon, USA

Sukhwinder Sukhi, India

Paul Boslooper, Holland - summitted

Jamie McGuinness - leader

Da'Gelje - summitted

Duncan Chessell

Temba (cook and climbing sherpa)

Da'Wangchu - summitted

Namgyal Sherpa - summitted

Dorje (Tibetan kitchen hand)

Da'Nuru (Tibetan kitchen hand)



Julian and I climbed to 6400m here exploring and acclimatizing in a valley near base camp.

Everest ABC at 6400m, the lower tents and the cold-looking north-east ridge of Everest; the summit is barely visible in the cloud to the right.

The view from 7700m, and the horizon really does look curved at these altitudes.

Lhasa, Sera Monastery

This is part of Everest Base Camp, a windy, gray place that has little to recommend it.

We have a Buddhist 'puja' to to show respect for the mountain.

Moe feels well again! Fried spam with mustard.

Duncan Chessell; Dunk joined us part way thru the expedition - photo by Julian.

The abseil coming down from North Col to ABC - Paul Boslooper.

A cold, bleak hell, Camp 3 at 8210m. It is also a tent graveyard;
the photo is taken on the level, the tent really is pitched on quite a slope.

Paul Boslooper's classic shot of the second step, at around 8600m,
note the new ladder

People are still claiming firsts: the first rubber chicken on top of Everest, with Da'Ngima.
This was Michael's best summit shot! For photos of our summitteers see the full dispatches.

Humphrey M (Ireland) a few steps away from summitting - by Julian

Above the clouds - by Julian

Climbers (center-right) coming up from the south side, by Julian.
Many people call Everest an easy peak; does this look easy, and there is much more difficult terrain.

Rod Mackenzie has an amazing 360º panorama from the summit [needs QuickTime].

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