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Everest Expedition 2008
Top climbing shots

We planned an expedition to Tibet but this was not to be, with the Tibet riots and Olympic torch shenanigans, so we climbed from the Nepal side. Originally we were a team of 11 climbers and two groups for BC support, this changed to six climbers and one team for BC support. See the expedition dispatches for a full account and many more photos.

Three out of our six climbers summitted on the 21st of May, 2008, plus Jamie and four sherpas.

Above, Andy Falgate walks back to Dingboche, Island Peak in the background.

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Andy climbs a ladder in the icefall

Andy Falgate crosses a ladder in the icefall at around 5850m - Jamie

The Yellow band

20 May: climbing up the Yellow Band at around 7500m, fixed ropes are very useful - Jamie McGuinness

resting on the Geneva Spur

20 May: we rest on the Geneva Spur at around 7800m, about level with the summit of Nuptse - Jamie

Jangbu Sherpa on the summit of Everest

21 May: happy Jangbu Sherpa, his first Everest summit - Jamie

Pasang Gombu and Andy Falgate on Everest summit

Pasang Gombu and Andy Falgate on the summit, late, note Andy isn't even wearing a down jacket, the day was so still - Jamie

Anselm Murphy Everest summit

Anselm Murphy on top - David Cole with Anselm's camera

David Cole on the summit of Everest

David Cole on top of Everest! Photo by Anselm Murphy with David's camera
This is one of my all time favourite shots.

Hillary Step

Andy contemplates how to descend the Hillary Step - Jamie

Hillary Step ropes

Trust the fixed ropes? Just grab a handful and clip onto the best at the top of the Hillary Step - Jamie

South Summit 

Looking at the South Summit, Lhotse behind with its three summits visible, and Chamalang in the distance - Jamie

Pasang Gombu with a heavy load

Pasang Gombu carries a heavy load down - photo by David Cole

Pasang Gombu rescue

Pasang Gombu leads out in the rescue of Sultan from Oman (from the Peak Freaks team) - Jamie 

There are lots more photos and the story in the 2008 Everest Expedition dispatches.

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