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Shishapangma Expedition 2003
The team

Shishapangma is still waiting its first Australian ascent to the true summit, the Main 8027m Summit. We successfully ascended the 8008m Central summit (bump) but snow conditions were too dangerous to get to the Main Summit.

We had an entertaining team of people, a memorable and successful expedition,
and were the only commercial team to summit in the autumn of 2003.

Most of the pictures were taken with a Minolta 7i digital camera and touched up in Adobe ImageReady 1.

Yes, that is Shishapangma above, from Cho Oyu.

Nicola Tsang
expedition nurse - summitted
Nic has trekked and climbed in Nepal and Ladakh previously.

Nigel Finnerty
Ex NZ navy, 'Niggle' has previously climbed Island Peak and is a manager in a large New Zealand company.

Phil Mansbridge
'Harrods boy' is HR manager of group leaders for Exodus.

Andrew Lock
Joined for BC-ABC support. He is Australia's top mountaineer with 9 of the 14x8000m summits climbed.

Richard Pattison
After climbing Denali this was the next step. Works with numbers in the city (London).

Kyle Richardson
Camp 1
Our 'bank teller', or large commercial property analyst from Sydney.

Dawa Gyalgen
sherpa - summitted
 Mr nice, he has summitted Everest etc and is one of the most self-assured and nicest people I have met.

P. Pasang
sherpa - summitted
He suffered a chest infection but climbed regardless and cooked some great meals too.

Jamie McGuinness
guide - summitted
Jamie speaks Nepali and really enjoys working with the team.

cook and sherpa - summitted
Temba has incredible energy and is competent doing anything: cooking, climbing, organizing. A Star.

kitchen crew - Camp 1
Polite and hardworking.

kitchen crew, porter - Camp 1
Another star, up for the dirtiest jobs and enjoys carrying loads.


The fresh-faced, shorn and chubby-cheeked team.

David Kisler suffered a bad chest infection and debilitating diarrhoea and returned from ABC.

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