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The mountain is proving tough, but there is still a chance?

1 Oct - events

It was an eventful afternoon with a couple of people down with food poisoning (not from the kitchen but from Depot Camp, and in contrast a few people thinking a slow summit push might work (3-4 days).

2 Oct - Up and down and in the same place

Well, in line with checking conditions on the mountain, Clive, Gordon and Francis with support from Pasang Gombu and Nima Tenzi headed up to our lower Camp 2. Although a little windy, the snow conditions were OK; lets see how strong the winds are tonight.

Eric and Jen are staying at Depot Camp and will make plans tomorrow morning.

Janet and Anne are staying at Camp 1, minding camp there. They are in a position to go up or down.

Martin, Ursula, Joe F and Joe C stayed at Camp 1 last night and today returned down to the comfort of ABC, below. Alan and myself and mark and Julie didn't leave. We did have visitors though. Jagged Globe and the army team are bailing, leaving ABC over the next couple of days. Blair F and quite a few others are heading up tomorrow, some for a look, others to clear the last of their gear and get out. For the most part ABC is pessimistic about chances this year.

However there is still a chance, and we will support everyone on our team who wants to try. Lets see what the next forecast bring too.

Never ask anyone to pose; Martin, Mark above, Alan Arnette and Tristan - Jamie

Joe F, Joe C and Ursula just back from Camp 1, with soup, salsa and buns as a snack - Jamie

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