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Shishapangma expeditions

With a great setup and strong crew the mountain should have yielded, but it didn't...

Here is what we planned.

Shishapangma Expedition

We are a team of eight plus myself, and some of us most definitely want to reach the main, true summit of Shishapangma.

The Shishapangma Skills Expedition

Assisted by guide Eric Remza, this is a full Shishapangma expedition with the added bonus of some training and discussions on preparation for attempting Everest.

Shishapangma Base Camp-ABC Support Expedition

A few friends also really want to climb Shishapangma, we provide base camp and ABC services, with a little extra backup too.

Expedition summary

... We were all beaten by the constant winds. We tried, really tried and at least we had fun doing that... A BIG thank-you to everyone for joining from Jamie. Do also read Alan Arnette's dispatches and see his photo galleries.

Jangbu jumps across in the Penitentes, the ice fins - Jamie

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