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Ladakh: the Jumlam trek

Thanks Nicole, Charlene and Eric for entertaining us on the Zanskar Hard 2002 trip.

The Jumlam means middle way, an innocuous name for a wild trading - and now trekking - route
between Zanskar and Ladakh, beginning above Zangla and meeting more frequently used trails at the
Zarlung Karpo La or Hankar (if crossing the Rabarang La). Between them are neither villages,
 grazing areas or even trails. It is utterly beautiful.

The Jumlam is a journey of penance, we quickly lost count of the river crossings but Lobsang
mentioned 108, a suitably auspicious number. Yes, you can jump some, but not all.

Above: we begin by crossing the Char Char La, here we are climbing up to the pass,
check the horse in the bottom of the valley.

Old avalanche debris has partially melted away forming a natural bridge.

We lost count of the number of times we crossed the river in the first day
after crossing the Char Char La.
Sometimes jumping was possible and if not:

Lobsang actually carried people across occasionally!

You can see why you don't want it to rain while you are trekking thru.

Oh, the beauty - even without the fear of getting trapped, the gorges are truly impressive.

Charlene ready for a big, careful jump (her knee did survive).
(Even if her marriage to Eric didn't).

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