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Leader Jamie McGuinness
sirdar Bal Bahadur Lopchan
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Crossing the Larkya La

Crossing the Larkya La with some slightly unusual November snow - Jamie

Bimtang with its mountain backdrop

After crossing the Larkya La, we finish the day at Bimtang, with its huge mountain backdrop - Jamie

Saving data; use your phone in landscape to see the detailed itinerary and more photos.

Previous trek photo albums

In 2010 we trekked around Manaslu in reverse (as the end segment of our Upper Mustang via Saribung and Nar-Phu):

2010 GHT3 Manaslu

Mouse over for controls and none of these photos are repeated below.

For our 2007 Manaslu trek start, we couldn't drive as far as we hoped due to deep mud on the road so we started walking before Arughat during the main Dashain festival which was really special, and hence the festival portraits beginning:

2007 Manaslu start

The second part and second album is our fantastic Tsum Valley exploration:

2007 Manaslu Tsum

And the third part is our continuation of the Manaslu Circuit after Tsum, including our explorations and 6000m climb above Samdo:

2007 Manaslu 3 Wild

Detailed itinerary

We will not be publishing a detailed itinerary however do check out Kim's Kamzang itinerary, which is a literary work of art and essential for getting the most from the region. Do also see this slightly dated but still trail-relevent info for Tsum and Manaslu from the Dengates. We'll bring a printout and also bring the various guide books and notes.

The rooftop dinner view at Bauddha on a stormy evening - Jamie

A great Manaslu low country camp - Jamie

The terraces are so green! And, yes, she has a large load of firewood - Jamie

More green terraces with a stone trail up through them - Jamie

Check out the steepness of that drop! We are trekking through the main Himalayan chain here - Jamie

Above the steep hills are steep mountains - Jamie

An unusual chorten - Jamie

All flat ground is used - Jamie

Tsum trekking at its finest near Mu Gompa - Jamie

Larry and Owen (in the shade) with students (tawas) at Mu Gompa - Jamie

We will have mules rather than porters - Jamie

High country trekking to the Tibet border, I love the spaciousness - Jamie

High altitude exploring on the trail to Tibet - Jamie

This is the Gyala La - will we find an official concrete border post at our different pass? Let's see! - Jamie

The little lamas (tawas) at Mu Gompa - Jamie

The old stone roofs have probably been replaced with tin, post-earthquake - Jamie

I wonder if we can catch this view when it is fine? - Jamie

A young mother with her child - Jamie

Fields spread down and those steepsided valley walls in the distance - Jamie

We experience many gompas in the Buddhist high country - Jamie

Round-faces snotty kids! - Jamie

Manaslu - Jamie

Between Sama and Samdo - Jamie

Samdo is a small village - Jamie

Samdo Peak in the background - Jamie

Approaching the Larkya La, spectacular trekking - Jamie

Climbing the last section to the top of the spectacular pass - Jamie

Like the stream, we descend today - Jamie

Autumn colours and the mountains - Jamie

The steep country of this part of the Annapurna Circuit - Jamie