Jamie McGuinness, Project Himalaya owner-guide
Leader Jamie McGuinness
sirdar Bal Bahadur Lopchan
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Crossing the Larkya La

Crossing the Larkya La with some November snow - Jamie

Bimtang with its mountain backdrop

After crossing the Larkya La, we finish the day at Bimtang, with its huge mountain backdrop - Jamie

Saving data; use your phone in landscape to see the detailed itinerary and more photos.

Nepal visa note

Originally, I planned this as a 28 day trek which then means trekkers would only need the $50 visa however there are so many side trips that the trek has ended up as a 32 day trip, needing a 90 day $125 visa. The Tsum valley section alone is worth this additional cost, I can assure you.

Previous trek photo albums

Our 2023 album is still in process, instead here is a taster from 2010 where we trekked around Manaslu in reverse (as the end segment of our Upper Mustang via Saribung and Nar-Phu):

2010 GHT3 Manaslu

Detailed itinerary

We will not be publishing a detailed itinerary; here are some photos instead!

The rooftop dinner view at Bauddha on a stormy evening - Jamie

The terraces are so green! And, yes, she has a large load of firewood - Jamie

More green terraces with a stone trail up through them - Jamie

Check out the steepness of that drop! We are trekking through the main Himalayan chain here - Jamie

Above the steep hills are steep mountains - Jamie

An unusual chorten - Jamie

All flat ground is used - Jamie

Tsum trekking at its finest near Mu Gompa - Jamie

Larry and Owen (in the shade) with students (tawas) at Mu Gompa - Jamie

The higher reaches of Tsum - Jamie

The little lamas (tawas) at Mu Gompa - Jamie

The old stone roofs have probably been replaced with tin, post-earthquake - Jamie

A young mother with her child - Jamie

Fields spread down and those steepsided valley walls in the distance - Jamie

We experience many gompas in the Buddhist high country - Jamie

Round-faces snotty kids! - Jamie

Manaslu - Jamie

Between Sama and Samdo - Jamie

Samdo is a small village - Jamie

Samdo Peak in the background - Jamie

Approaching the Larkya La, spectacular trekking - Jamie

Climbing the last section to the top of the spectacular pass - Jamie

Like the stream, we descend today - Jamie

Autumn colours and the mountains - Jamie

The steep country of this part of the Annapurna Circuit - Jamie