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To see the detailed itinerary and more photos use a laptop/desktop browser or tablet in landscape (and hit refresh).

Detailed itinerary

We trek in the pleasant standard route in to Lo Manthang and avoid the four wheel drive track as much as possible. We get to altitude quickly but then stay at the 3800m level for a few days, including a day at Lo Manthang to have a look around at the amazing, ancient gompas here. Most groups spend two full days here, however we spend only one as we may return early, let's see.

Leaving, we head into the unknown (for myself) and explore up the route to the peak, taking our time to acclimatize thoroughly, and to explore. With Base Camp in place we have four or even five days for exploring and climbing, and kicking back between too. There is the main peak and also subsidiary peaks that are probably straightforward.

Heading out, we take the adventurous alternative route back on the other side of the Kali Gandaki River, assuming the route is passable, which is dependent o some river crossings. From Tetang there is the choice of the more direct, easier way down to Jomsom or a wild trail with incredible views to Muktinath-Ranipawa, of Annapurna Circuit fame. As a hill climbing reward from there a jeep can take up back to Jomsom, or there is another less-known trekking route...

Day 1 - arrive Kathmandu - 1350m

Our staff meet you at the airport, Jamie will meet you at the hotel and introduce you to Thamel, if you are not already familiar with the place. We have a trip briefing starting 6pm this evening and head out to dinner together.

2 - Fly Pokhara 827m

We fly to Pokhara in the afternoon and relax in the warmth near the lake.

3 - Fly Jomsom, Trek Kagbeni ~2800m

It is an early morning flight to Jomsom, to beat the later morning winds, and after meeting the crew, we stretch the legs with the less than three hour walk to Kagbeni, a delightful village well worth exploring. We are trekking up the massive Kali Gandaki valley with Dhaulagiri and Annapurna towering behind us unseen. It is said that the Kali Gandaki is the deepest gorge in the world, with these 8000 metre peaks beside.

4 - Trek Chele 3050m

We leave the busy Annapurna region for the more exclusive area of Upper Mustang.

- Jamie

5 - Trek Syangboche 3850m

... lunch in shady Samar. We have a choice, the easier road route or the more adventurous via Ranchung cave gompa.

Spectacular - Jamie

6 - Trek Dhakmar 3820m

The gorgeous colours and formations - Jamie

7 - Trek Lo Manthang 3800m

The last functioning walled city in the world...

8 - Lo Manthang

Those gompas!

- Jamie

9-21 exploring and climbing!

- Jamie

22 - trek Tangge 3240m

This is the day that trekkers fear, the reason this route is not frequented. It is roughly a 9 hour day and for much of it, waterless too - but absolutely stunnning!

23 - trek Tetang 3040m

24 - rest Tetang 3040m

25 - trek Muktinath 3760m (/Kagbeni 2800m)

26 - trek-drive Jomsom 2720m

27 - fly Pokhara-Kathmandu

You could leave Kathmandu on a 9pm or later flight tonight.

Day 28 - trip ends

Optionally leaving after 9pm allows for possible domestic flight delays.