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The huge north face of Kanchenjunga from Pangpema, the world's third highest mountain - Jamie

Crossing from Kangpachen to the Jannu BC side; you are lucky, the new bridge is a bit wider now! - Jamie

Snow Leopard tracks

To see the detailed itinerary and more photos use a laptop/desktop browser or tablet in landscape (and hit refresh).


Tipping is your choice, however we suggest ~5% of the trip cost, taken in rupees and near the end of the trek, providing everything has gone well, pool the money yourselves, then divide equally or roughly equally between the staff and hand over on the last morning together. The staff are paid above average wages, however these don't go far in the capital, and so tips money is the bonus that allows them to send their kids to (relatively cheap) private schools or travel home for the holidays.


One day I might write a detailed itinerary, until then, here are a few memorable photos.

Dawa drinks a tungba, the local millet beer around here - Jamie

The green middle hills - Jamie

A good dal bhaat at Ghunsa - Jamie

Kangpachen sunset - Jamie

Tashi Delek and Namaste!