Jamie McGuinness, Project Himalaya owner-guide
Leader Jamie McGuinness
Lobsang, star organizer


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Part of the satisfying 6230m summit panorama - Jamie

2014: looking to the huge Takling area, lets explore! - Jamie

Saving data; use your phone in landscape to see the detailed itinerary and more photos.

Tsomoriri generates spectacular storms, here we didn't get a single rain drop despite the fearsome clouds - Jamie

Way off the beaten track - Jamie

A woolly hare poses for Demet - Jamie

Waking in the morning to a dusting of snow at black wolf camp - Jamie

Trekking cross country, exploring as we go - Jamie

Exploring the region (yes, it was grey and cloudy; there was flooding and a particularly heavy monsoon south of us) - Jamie

2014 Pangpo La exploring; Ram Lal and the superb horse team find a way though - Jamie

Shapely pinnacles - Jamie

Exploring with the horse team - Jamie