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2010 Project Himalaya Everest Expedition 8848m

Some background to our Tibet (north side) Everest Expedition

Above, Everest rises above all other mountains - taken from the drive in from Shegar

2010 Everest 

Our team is small, three climbers (detailed in the next dispatch) with myself as guide-manager, three climbing sherpas, and half a dozen kitchen crew. We are also providing support for a second team on the north side.

Why is our team so small? Late in 2009 it looked like the south side expedition we are providing full support for would be big and complicated so I cancelled my own expedition. Later the complicated parts postponed and so I went back to running a north side expedition myself, but had already lost three possible bookings. Sometimes that is the way it goes.

Jamie also works as expedition consultant for Explore Himalaya (Nepal) and we have a team on the south side as well, so I have been busy for several months working with the sherpa teams on the preparation for these three expeditions. A BIG thanks to Dawa Gelje, Sarki and the crew, and the Explore Himalaya office team.

2010 Project Himalaya Everest Expedition team

Our Everest team L-R: Eric K, Fernando D, Barry C and Jamie McGuinness - photo by Melissa on Jamie's camera

Check out the first real dispatch, Kathmandu to Tingri, and I also have a page in the works mentioning a few friends I met in Kathmandu prior to the start of the expedition.

Project Himalaya Everest

We have an extensive history on Everest and our Project Himalaya teams have summitted every time. Jamie has personally summitted four times, three times from the north and once from the south side, but the expedition is not about me - it is about the climbers who book with us. See our 8000m history for more details.

We are not the most expensive, nor the cheapest; instead we really try to run good expeditions focused on success and safety for mountaineers with some previous experience.

2008: David Cole holding the cake, Anselm also summitted

Looking back to 2008: David with the summit cake. Anselm and Andy (not visible) also summitted.

Everest from the north side

Yaks carrying up some of our loads - Everest in the background - Jamie

Current Everest forecast by Mountain Meteo Services - thanks!

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