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Wanda's Kanchenjunga Wild - Our crew

2013... yep, this is an old gallery; we are still organizing wonderful Kanchenjunga treks, see Our treks.

Thanks Wanda! These are from our Kanchenjunga Wild Oct-Nov 2001 explorations, a 42 day trip.

On a long exploratory trek, having good crew is very important - and we do! Meet some of them.

Here our porters are receiving a set of gear, wool socks, hat and gloves, new shoes, sweat pants and top, rain jacket pants and top. The porters have a really tough job, so we take care of them well, and some of them have come trekking with us several times. To my mind, they are the real heroes of the Himalaya.

At Ghunsa we have our first major sort of supplies for the exploratory sections.
Joel is counting, Prem helping and porters (with their rain jackets and pants on).
We use a variety of tents, everyone gets a single tent except couples.

Catering to a group for over a month is tough, but at every special occasion, out comes a cake! Sila (Mekh Bahadur: cook)
and Karma (stoves and kitchen).

When we went exploring, we travelled light - here the crew cook under a simple tarp, in in icy cold.

Here the crew gets to use the Mountain Hardwear Satellite tent, much better than a tarp!
Karma, Prem (sherpa) and Lobsang (general superstar).


Karma, Wanda, ?? and ??.

Jamie and Joel in the wonderful middle hills.

Sila (Mekh) hard at work over a kerosene stove...

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