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Kanchen Gola Wild 2002 - the middle hills

Thanks everyone for joining us. This was a totally classic trip enjoyed by everyone.

One of the joys of a long trek is beginning in the middle hills. Most people would rather fly into say, Lukla for the Everest region, than take the arduous walk in. In the Kanchenjunga region there is no airport in the hills and the beginning is relatively gentle, and just wonderful in the warmth, the forests and the villages. Experience a little of it here.

Once a few days in we stepped away from the normal trail to Kanchenjunga
to explore the Olangchung Gola region. But first we had to get there.
This used to be a major trade route, but with the road to Taplejung this once busy trail
has been neglected. So it was overgrown but spectacular.

The middle hills of Nepal, close to Suketar-Taplejung, ie at the beginning or end of the trek.

A bridge with character, all part of the adventure of trekking.


One of the highlights at the wonderful village of Olangchung Gola was visiting the historic gompa, the second oldest in Nepal
(above and below).

The kids of Olanchung Gola were model kids; fun, honest and never a pain (until it came tome to leave the village).
A moment after this pic Nicola fed these kids a vitamin tablet each (Jamie had forbidden giving them anything to spoil them)
and they thought they were sweets. After sucking them they tasted so revolting that they actually got their friends
to scrape the tablets off their tongues, one of the funniest moments of the trek.

Peter treks thru the forest below Ghunsa

Forest moss

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