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Jamie McGuinness - pre 2012

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Living my dreams, following my passions

Jamie is the founding owner of Project Himalaya and has been trekking in the Himalaya for 20 years (I started young!) and has written guide books including "Trekking in the Everest Region", speaks Nepali, was the first Kiwi (New Zealander) to climb Broad Peak in Pakistan and has climbed Everest five times.

Jamie says

I enjoy the challenge of organizing large expeditions, with plenty of help of course (thanks, Dawa, Sarki and the sherpa team), but what I really love is exploring. My first treks were all exploration for me, and I still love trekking new areas or exploring the nooks and crannies of familiar areas, for example the seven (!) 42 day Kanchenjunga treks.

My focus is now to provide the best support for climbers on big peaks, and to continue exploring with the best company, our previous trekkers. I also enjoy the challenge of photography.


Once young and invincible, I knew that if others could climb Everest, I could. After five summits now I have more appreciation, am far more in awe. I see Everest from Base Camp, even photos, it is so huge, high and forbidding, and I gulp.

Jamie on the summit of everest 2008

Jamie on top of Everest 2008

Jamie, professional photographer

I love photography and the intrinsic challenge. My photos have been used in newspapers around the world, and in major climbing magazines. Highlights include a 4 page double foldout panorama from the top of Everest in Geo Magazine.

I have images on this site, also on Google Picasa/Google+ and on Smugmug (jamie8848.smugmug.com).

Trekkers say


I wanted to write and thank you both for an amazing trip. From the beginning you’ve both been super helpful and informative, and to then see the trip run in a highly professional manner [Luke as leader], we can’t thank you both enough. I’m certain that none of us on the trip truly understand the effort and organization that goes into a trip we’ve just experienced. Given the weather earlier in the trip, you both did an incredible job to keep the original itinerary in place, efforts we really appreciate.

Jamie – thanks again for all the ‘behind the scenes’ work.

Andy Calder, Aussie Island Peak Private 2010


Me and Matt would just like to thank you for writing and posting all the information in the first place as this was a good catalyst for our research and it is great that someone is being so helpful and responsible and telling it how it is as we dont want to be with porters who dont have proper clothes and get abandoned en route etc. Also great to have the advice about the acclimitisation etc as it is apparent how short the itineraries are of companies all over the world when they are trying to jam in the numbers of people to maximise the time of work, so shorten ascent times. Unfortunately I am guilty of this I suppose as I am coming over for a month then going back to work but hopefully we've sussed out something that will work out well for everyone - about twelve days independently on the annapurna circuit including the thorong la pass over to marpha , then meet our staff there to do the dhaulagiri circuit and they are already on it before us so hopefully will be happy and acclimitised but we are going to check out the kit situation in kathmandu before we go on trek.

And after their trek:

I just wanted to say thanks so much for all the information at the time. We ended up having a really great trip to the Dhaulagiri circuit ... We definitely definitely agreed that we wouldn't have been happy to do the itinerary in reverse with a crew so were really grateful for all your guidance and tips. Thanks again.

Beth and Matt, 2010


Thank you for a very special trek. There were so many good things about it. The food was excellent, the organization smooth, the staff friendly and reliable, the tents comfortable and secure.....but the best was Dolpo itself. I had never seen such powerful beauty before. It struck me that in spite of your extensive experience trekking and climbing in the Himalayas, you had retained an enthusiasm and a passion for remote places. For me that made going to Dolpo with you and your group extra special.

Hester SS, Upper Dolpo Magic, 2008


Great to hear you're still at it! Am delighted you're still trying to get it "right". You have a sense about that, I now realize, others don't.

Dana Alford in 2007 about Jamie and a trip years ago


Anyways, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and patience in getting us to the North Col on that perfect HOT day in May. Your guidance was most appreciated and I always felt taken care of with the whole crew.

It was great fun being with an easygoing group and I learned a ton again up there....and not just how to get that oxygen mask ready for Eric!! I am still pretty thrilled at being on the Col and the pictures are great reminders. First time to 7000m for me was TOUGH but I am pumped to be able to have done it and still smile while I was up there!

Troy Smereka, CHE North Col 2006 lead by Joe Pilaar; climbing day by Jamie


... but more importantly for a fantastic trek. You deliver an amazing product, the best staff, truly memorable food and great accommodation.

Dallas Clark, Kanchen Gola Wild 2005


There were a few people on the staff that were truly great, memorable people, and it was a privilege to embark on such an adventure with them. You will never meet nicer, more accommodating people than the people of Nepal.

Megan Spindler, Kanchenjunga Double Magic 2005


The trek was totally fantastic – everything I had hoped for and more. It was tough, mainly because I had a nasty bout of gastro early on, then was affected by the altitude somewhat. However, I wouldn’t have changed a thing about the trek, it was really well organised and run and the guys did a fabulous job of everything.

It was just so exciting to see Tibet – what an amazing country, the people were great fun and everything ran so smoothly. Seeing Everest and coming up to ABC was a dream come true – although God knows what you guys thought of me sitting in the corner trying not to vomit.

I can definitely commend both you and the Explore Himalaya team on a really well-run and friendly trip – something I would definitely recommend to others. Thinking about my next trip to the Himalaya!

Belinda Boswell, Everest ABC 2005 organized by Explore Himalaya with help from Jamie


Hi Jerry

Jamie McGuinness sent me a note to say that you were interested in trekking in the Everest region and had questions regarding what is involved. We just came back after spending most of December doing just this on Jamie's regularly scheduled "High Khumbu & Island Peak" trek so it's definitely still very fresh in our minds.

If you are at all interested in seeing the Himalayas, Nepal and impressive peaks in general, or Everest in particular, I would recommend this trip without the slightest reservation. It is an absolute "must do" and unquestionably worth it. If you do decide to do it with a commercial guide, Jamie and/or Joel are definitely the people to do it with (unfortunately they didn't pay me to say that - but nonetheless it is true). If I could figure out how to take the time from work and how to convince my wife to let me go again - I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Stephen Kania, 2002


We would like to to thank you and Joel for 'persuading' us and getting us onto the India trip, for the flexibility of you and the other participants in bringing the start date forward (so we could get our return flight to UK) and for all your and particularly Joel's hard work in making the trek such a success for us. We know it can't have been easy at times, with all the snow, but we loved it and we hope to come back one day.

Peter and Susan 2002


"First of all: Thanks again for spending time on our never ending "waterfall" of silly and more serious questions.

We got your last e-mail and after we read your suggestions, we had a good laugh about the whole situation.

Finally, after endless visits to the library, surfing on the net, studying maps, chatting with you and long discussions, these not exactly first-time visitors to Nepal and normally quite-adventurous-orientated-lowlanders are going to trek.......the Annapurna circuit!

The whole idea is so simple and very suitable for the time of the year, that we keep on wondering why it never occurred to us... must be low-altitude sickness of the third degree (but fortunately not life-threatening). Maybe we should try to sleep a bit higher in the near future...

No kidding, we were kind of surprised about your suggestion but it is a real good one and we've decided to do it. What we appreciated even more is the fact that this way, after going through our questions for weeks, there will probably be not too much in it for you, as you told us that we can hire a porter-guide and his friend and pay directly to them. We could have signed up on a definitely more expensive trek, but you kept thinking with us and that's highly appreciated!"

Robert, Nina and Annette 2000


By the way, I wanted to say it's nice and refreshing to have someone speak honestly about doing things without guides etc, as everyone I've talked to here is connected to some company and only interested in selling an expensive tour and won't give advice for free. so thanks:)

Perry Judd 2000 on advice to go exploring rather than book a peak trip


Jamie is fluent in Nepali, very savvy in high mountain logistics, health, safety, mountaineering and other issues. He is personable, multi-talented, very knowledgeable about Nepali customs, language, history, and politics. He is an accomplished photographer and an incredibly strong climber.

Dana Alford, Kangchenjunga Magic 1999

My favourite self-portrait, from quite a few years ago - Jamie

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