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Jamie McGuinness

A curious yak with Phu village behind - Jamie

Trekkers say

It was an outstanding success, one of the best I have ever done. There was a tremendous variety of scenery, and a great deal of cultural interest. For much of the route there were relatively few other trekkers and our journey was quite peaceful. The team looking after us were of exceptionally high quality. Kaji was thoughtful, intelligent, a very nice man, and worked tremendously hard to look after the clients and the rest of the team. Karma and "Saribung" Kaji were also very hardworking, skilled and lovely people to be with. The cook team were the best I have ever had and, under Dagelje's cheerful lead, produced an amazing variety of delicious and healthy food, both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Hygiene standards were very high. It was also very welcome when Dagelje produced flasks of hot juice on the trail on our tougher days. The porters were very strong, friendly and helpful. We have been on treks where we had to wait a long time at cold campsites waiting for tents and kitbags to turn up, but that never happened on this trip. All in all, the service of Expedition Himalaya was excellent, and I would happily recommend you to any other group.

Martin Plackett and team, private Upper Mustang-Saribung-Nar-Phu trip

2010 GHT galleries

We had a classic, fun exploratory adventure, check out Jamie's photo albums.

2010 GHT best shots Picasa slideshow by Jamie

2010 GHT the Best


2010 GHT Saribung to Phu Picasa slideshow by Jamie

2010 GHT Saribung-Phu


2010 GHT Manaslu Circuit Sama and down Picasa slideshow by Jamie

2010 GHT Manaslu 2

2010 GHT Upper Mustang Picasa slideshow by Jamie

2010 GHT Upper Mustang


2010 GHT Phu to Kang La Picasa slideshow by Jamie

2010 GHT Phu-Kang La


2010 GHT Barpak and Gorkha trek end Picasa slideshow by Jamie

2010 GHT Barpak-Gorkha

2010 GHT Luri Gompa Picasa slideshow by Jamie

2010 GHT to Luri Gompa


2010 GHT Manaslu Circuit Tilje and Larkya La Picasa slideshow by Jamie

2010 GHT Manaslu 1


2010 GHT Night Shots Picasa slide show by Jamie

2010 GHT Night shots

Upper Mustang

This is a land of sculpted canyons with wild rock formations, medieval villages, ruined fortresses, royal palaces and mysterious, ancient cave hermitages, Tibetan Buddhist gompas and soaring snow-peaks. It is a remote and starkly beautiful region, home to Buddhism as well as the remnants of the older, mystical Bon religion and Tibet's arid high desert bordered by some of the Himalaya's highest snow-peaks.

Glorious Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang - Jamie