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The huge north face of Kanchenjunga from Pangpema, the world's third highest mountain - Jamie

Crossing from Khambachen to the Jannu BC side; I have heard the bridge is a little wider now - Jamie

Trekkers say:

Dear Jamie
This is just to say a very belated thank you – we had a great trip, so thank you for arranging and all your input. Our team were brilliant, cheerful, fun and so hard working. The food was excellent – far better than my expectations. The scenery was spectacular and every bit as good as we were expecting. ... [I am] Sure I will do another one at some point.

Nick B, Simon Q and James H, Kanchenjunga private


It is critical to bring the right gear. Most importantly do bring sturdy trekking boots, we are trekking over rough terrain. These must be almost new (no old boots!) and should be relatively tough and strong, ie not the very lightest models. You must be prepared for some light snow, although we hope the trek is snow-free.

See Scarpa UK's trek range to get an idea of the choices. Fabric and leather boots trekking boots work, as do all leather options. You want to balance light weight with toughness and support, and each person weighs these values differently.


You MUST have a good level of trekking fitness. We don't set out to make the trek tough, but it will be as we are trekking across plenty of passes. Let's face it, all longer Himalayan treks are tough!


For the first half we trek standard Nepal expedition style, with you carrying a day pack, while porters carry the gear and we have a kitchen crew to cook for us. So in some ways it is basically a standard camping trek, however trekking is our life and we want to be comfortable so we have our list of carefully thought out details such as the best quality jams and sauces, tent systems, filtered coffee etc, that make our trek service the best available.


The GHT Kanchenjunga map NP101 covers the trek, as do a number of other locally available maps.

To see the detailed itinerary and more photos use a laptop/desktop browser or tablet in landscape (and hit refresh).


In 2005, Jamie and team were the first commercial trek group, perhaps the first trekkers ever, to cross the Lumba Samba to Thudam and to the Arun River. We took a local guide from Olanchung Gola who admitted when he looked lost atop the Lumba Samba, that he had only crossed this route as 15 year old kid. He was now 30...

Since then, Jamie has crossed this area several more times and our crews many times, as part of Great Himalaya Trail treks.

Dawa drinks a tungba, the local millet beer around here - Jamie

The green middle hills - Jamie

Behind, the huge pale granite face of Jannu - Jamie


More photos to come!


Tashi Delek and Namaste!