Bali - Bal Bahadur Lopchan, star guide and organizer Da'Gelje Sherpa - Expedition Himalaya co-owner


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Celesta and Namgyal check out the mountains - Jamie

Trekkers say:

Thank you for a very special trek. There were so many good things about it. The food was excellent, the organization smooth, the staff friendly and reliable, the tents comfortable and secure.....but the best was Dolpo itself. I had never seen such powerful beauty before. It struck me that in spite of your extensive experience trekking and climbing in the Himalayas, you had retained an enthusiasm and a passion for remote places. For me that made going to Dolpo with you and your group extra special.

Hester SS, Upper Dolpo Magic


Our trek went brilliantly, crew were great, food excellent, and we were unbelievably lucky with the weather!

Clive Carlyle, Upper Dolpo to Jomsom private group


... A month doesn't go by (literally) where I don't think of it and Megan and I often go back to great stories from the trek. It was a privilege to be in Nepal and to be led by a top notch group of guides, sherpas etc!

John Carmellini, written 2016 about our 2005 Kanchenjunga Double Magic


The fifth highest mountain in the world, Makalu sits on the border of Nepal and Tibet and, in mythology, is considered the daughter peak to Chomolungma-Everest. It is a striking peak of pale granite, a very different colour from black-grey Everest and Lhotse, which are next door. More info sometime!


For this trek Dawa 2 might be the leader.

Da'Gelje (Dawa 2) on top of Everest!
He is often called Dawa 2 in the Expedition Himalaya office as the owner also has the same name.
A version of this photo was the cover for Action Asia - photo by Jamie


You MUST have a good level of trekking fitness. We don't set out to make the trek tough, but there some famously big ascents at the beginning, and let's face it, all longer Himalayan treks are tough!

Trek style

We trek standard Nepal expedition style, with you carrying a day pack, porters carry the gear and we have a kitchen crew to cook for us. So in some ways it is basically a standard camping trek, however we have our list of carefully thought out details such as better jams, tent systems that make our trek service basically the best custom service available. More details on request.


The GHT map Makalu Region NP102 covers the trek and is the best map as Jamie personally updates it. This is readily available on Amazon and from other map shops, and in Kathmandu. There are plenty of other cheaper maps available in Kathmandu, less accurate though.

Jamie's Flickr photo sets - explore them!

To see the detailed itinerary and more photos use a laptop/desktop browser or tablet in landscape (and hit refresh).


A couple of photos... More to come sometime.

Sunset above Makalu Base Camp - Jamie

High wind sunset on Makalu - Jamie