Jamie McGuinness Lobsang, star organizer


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Crossing the Zarlung Karpo La into a remote and wild valley, note the horses at the bottom - Jamie

Trekkers say

Great trip, I have lots of photos to sort out!

Phil Robinson, Ladakh Peaks & Passes 2015


There are so many adventurous memories of this trekking experience to be imprinted into my mind to last me my lifetime!!

Esther Tan, Kang Yatze II 2014

Why Project Himalaya?

In a nutshell: healthy, tasty meals; caring, experienced crew; quality camping gear, and more. We really care and offer amazing service in every well thought out detail, our trek service is better (or at minimum equal) to any other company so that you can just turn up with the right gear and enjoy.

A delicious, healthy dinner coming up

Lobsang serves a delicious meal of assorted flavourful but non-spicy curries - Jamie

Experience level

The Dzo Jongo scramble is optional, however it is straightforward, no specialist gear needed, and at that point we are in a stunnign valley that begs to be explored. Do discuss other options with Jamie.

See what everyone is wearing here on another scramble at a little over 6000m on a cool, windy day - Jamie


To see the detailed itinerary and more photos use a laptop/desktop browser or tablet in landscape (and hit refresh).

Detailed itinerary

See the Ladakh Peaks & Passes for more detail on the first section of the route.

What a backdrop, heading up to Nyimaling - Jamie